Jeep Returns To Tokyo Motor Show After Eight-Year Absence

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
jeep returns to tokyo motor show after eight year absence

The last time the Detroit Three turned up at the Tokyo Motor Show was in 2007. One recession later, Jeep returns to Tokyo to represent the Motor City.

Jeep will join Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat on FCA Japan’s stand when the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show kicks off in late October, Automotive News reports. Jeep will also be sole representative for U.S.-born manufacturers, as Ford, General Motors and Tesla sit out of this year’s festivities.

The off-road brand is currently No. 7 in import sales in the Japanese Domestic Market, having rose 21 percent to 2,298 units between January and April of this year. Though still behind the likes of Mercedes, BMW and MINI, Jeep is outperforming fellow domestic competitors Ford (1,625 units through April 2015), Chevrolet (313) and Cadillac (297).

Jeep’s presence at the show is also a boon for the show’s organizers, seeking to standout against bigger shows across the sea in China; the 2013 edition overlapped the show in Guangzhou, as well as the Los Angeles Auto Show.

[Source: Jeep]

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  • Cornellier Cornellier on May 22, 2015

    Interesting slingshot effect for those people when the car drives off suddenly.

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on May 23, 2015

    That's a tremendous load on the Renegade's roof rack anchor; I wonder if it's really rated to do that?

    • See 1 previous
    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on May 24, 2015

      Maybe not. The anchor is only as good as the roof itself, and rollover standards probably make it strong enough for a guy and his girl. If the dog jumps in the hammock though...

  • Brumus Brumus on May 24, 2015

    I really wanted to dislike the Renegade (pictured) but like it. I really wanted to own the Impreza/Crosstrek, but can't bring myself to buy one of the damn things.

    • See 2 previous
    • RideHeight RideHeight on May 24, 2015

      @Brumus Yes, although I don't need it I think AWD is critical for the Soul if it's to keep any sales momentum. And a stick-shift option is always good though decreasingly in demand.

  • EAF EAF on May 24, 2015

    Where is user "Lie2Me" ??? He was all about this Renegade.