Ford, Toyota Missing Amid Subcompact Crossover Boom

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
ford toyota missing amid subcompact crossover boom

What do Ford and Toyota have in common as far as subcompact crossovers go? They’re the only ones without such a thing in their respective USDM lineups.

Detroit Free Press says that while “city-sized” crossovers like the Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade and Buick Encore — the last one being the catalyst for the current mini-CUV boom — are doing well for themselves in the United States, Ford and Toyota are nowhere to be seen. Kelly Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer explains:

The small SUV trend is undeniable. These vehicles are hot, with the potential to easily sell in the tens of thousands or more. Neither Ford nor Toyota has shown any plans to jump into this space, which seems crazy given the revenue both companies generate from their other SUV lines.

Though Toyota is tight-lipped about its product plans in this segment, Ford has the EcoSport to consider. That said, the latter is taking a “wait-and-see” approach in bringing the subcompact to the United States, according to analyst Jeremy Acevedo, adding that Ford could bring the EcoSport up to USDM spec if it made sense to do so.

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  • RS RS on Apr 08, 2015

    Some may want the size, others are shopping them on price. Regardless of size, what does Ford or Toyota offer for SUV/CUV in a similar price range? IMO, the attraction of these is ergonomic - with better ease of entry/exit and slightly higher seating positions vs small sedans/hatchbacks/station wagons. That becomes more important in smaller vehicles. It's also why this category of vehicle is here to stay.

  • Rental Man Rental Man on Apr 08, 2015

    One would think that Toyota slotted they has the next generation Daihatsu Terios that already sells as a Re-badged Toyota Rush / Cami for this duty. The current Ford EcoSport is not ready for 1st world countries. It was set for developing countries.I'm convinced Ford is working as fast as they can on the updated or next generation of this car based on worldwide demand.

  • APaGttH APaGttH on Apr 08, 2015

    Scion has it's covered for Toyota. They're offering up Scion customers a new C-segment five-door hatch and a rebadged B-segment four door sedan...the exact things their target demographic doesn't want to buy. Subcompact CUV? We don't need no stinkin' subcompact CUV

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    • Subcompact Culture Subcompact Culture on Apr 08, 2015

      @rdclark Well said. And yes, I agree: Subaru would kill it in this segment. And I'd be first in line to buy one (I have a WRX now). We almost bought a Crosstrek, but decided to get something faster (traded in the Forester). I truly wish Subaru would bring over something—anything—for the U.S. B-segment! And I don't know if I'd say Fiat is selling a ton of vehicles. YTD, they've moved 11,038 500 and 500L models (7,995 and 3,043, respectively). Kia has sold 30,838 Souls this year—talk about a hit.

  • Rdclark Rdclark on Apr 08, 2015

    Maybe Fiat is selling all their cars within 50 miles of me, or maybe they're just eye-catching. Or maybe any number higher than zero is "a scary lot" of them. We rented a 2014 Soul when my wife's Mazda MPV was stolen. I loved it. She didn't, and drove the Scion. We bought her a Forester and we're both pretty happy. I don't need fast but I feel pretty strongly about agile. The Foz's turning circle is noticeably smaller than the Scion's, if you can believe it.