TTAC Contest: Win A Copy Of "Weird Cars" By Michael Banovsky

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
ttac contest win a copy of weird cars by michael banovsky

Michael Banovsky, a friend of TTAC and occasional contributor to this site, has just published his first book. And he wants to give TTAC readers a chance to win a copy.

Banovsky’s first book, titled “Weird Cars: A compilation of 77 avant garde silly, slow, experimental, failed, rare, ridiculous, revolutionary, obsolete, obscure, idiotic, and X-rated machines” is exactly what it sounds like. Based on B anovsky’s popular “Car of the Day” email list, the book plumbs the depths of automotive history to bring some of the most bizarre, arcane relics of the automotive world in a concise, well-informed digest.

To celebrate the book’s release, we’re giving away three copies of the book in paperback form. We want TTAC readers to go onto their local craigslist (or Kijiji in Canada) and find the weirdest car for sale. Post your result in the comments section. You can only post one car, and to keep everyone honest, we will verify how “local” the car is based on the address you send us to ship your book out. Since the Kindle edition costs a mere $2.99, we’ll set the distance radius for eligible car sat 299 miles from your address. The contest closes at 12:01 AM on February 3rd, 2015.

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