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Two and a half weeks ago, I asked the B&B to help a veteran improve his own life. and you came through.

Here’s an excerpt from the thank-you note, as seen on Gearbox Magazine’s GoFundMe page:

In the last few years, I have lost 5 people from my immediate family and cried a lot. So when this vehicle was presented to me, I did not cry tears of joy and I feel bad about that.

I turned around and saw the Suburban you all so amazingly donated for me to get and did not believe that was the vehicle! Then they said “This is what we all got for you.”

I was in absolute and complete shock!

I don’t even really know what my reaction was, because I was having a real hard time believing it was really happening… especially to me! Things like this just have never happened for me. Ever!

I could not ask for a better vehicle to help get me out of my situation than this 1998 Chevy Suburban. It’s perfect!!

As I drove it to work and other places that first day, I remained in shock. I still am having a difficult time believing that this really is mine for keeps. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and realize it was all a dream!

To all of you from the office and from other countries and everywhere else… from the bottom of my heart, I thank you with every ounce of energy and gratitude I have! You all have proven to me that there is still good, love, kindness and greatness left in this world. You have renewed my faith in people!!

I sleep much better in this vehicle than before! I still need to figure out how to operate the seats in order to have more room for stretching out and storing my things, but I’ll figure it out.

Now, thanks to all you amazing people, I can start to look for a much better paying job than being a janitor!

Now begins the process of getting myself back on my feet… and I now have the tools in my toolbox to start doing that!

Because the donations from the B&B and elsewhere were more than double what was requested — and because they arrived in hours rather than the week that Brian and the rest of the crew had set aside — it was possible to get John a Chevy Suburban in good working order. Having slept in both a Suburban and an old Mercedes sedan myself, I can attest to the fact that you’ll get better rest in the latter.

By now, all the B&B who volunteered to help out should have their TTAC Racing shirts, except for those of you who declined the thank-you gift. Again, my most sincere thanks to all of you who helped, and to the Gearbox Magazine crew, who gave their time, energy, and money into helping someone get to a better place in his life.

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    Well done < i hope this is the start of good things for him, glad to see the B&B pull together to help someone who needs it out.

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    Good call on the ‘burban, as much as we like to hate on GM, the trucks are as reliable as all get out. Interior is junk, but for someone that needs basic transportation, they can’t be beat. A TBI SBC and a 4L60 are dependable and can be worked on by just about anyone.

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    Hamilton Guy

    As soon as I read the original article, I went to the funding page to make a donation, but was already too late. I would still like to help this chap out. Is there not something supplementary that we could do for him? Like try and get him out of sleeping in his car by raising whatever is required for security or rent deposit for a decent apartment? We seem to have some good boots on the ground there in Phoenix in the Gearbox guys who could coordinate it. Would be nice to help this chap get properly set up if possible.

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    I agree, the end of this story shouldn’t be a veteran living in a bigger vehicle. I also realize that TTAC isn’t a charity site and that this kind of call to action can’t happen on a regular basis. Maybe Gearbox Magazine can take on this cause a little longer.

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    schmitt trigger

    Refreshing news indeed!

    And with gas at historically low prices, it will not cost him much to drive this vehicle which is not precisely renowned for its fuel efficiency.

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    Is this a one time event? Any thoughts on making it a recurring program ? “Standard issue” might include a used van and a few 12v necessities (12v power pack, 12v heated blanket, 12v lunch box stove usb charger).

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