Junkyard Find: 1972 Mercury Monterey Coupe

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1972 mercury monterey coupe

After seeing this ’72 Ford LTD Brougham coupe a few months back, it seems fitting that I’ve spotted the Mercury sibling to that car at the very same San Francisco Bay Area self-service wrecking yard. The images of this rust-free 42-year-old big Ford coupe should result in bitter tears flowing from Sajeev’s eyes, not to mention much wailing and gnashing of teeth among Rust Belt Ford lovers who haven’t seen such an unoxidized Mercury since the start of the Ethio-Somali War. Here we go!

Actually, this car isn’t quite as cherry as it looked at first glance, despite the straight bumpers and not-particularly-bashed bodywork.

That’s due to the engine fire that ruined the underhood area and much of the dash.

Still, compared to replacing rusted-out quarter-panels and floors, how hard could it be to fix this damage?

50 years in AAA! It’s a safe assumption that the original owner of this car drove it until it caught on fire.

Why buy one of these instead of a same-year LTD? You got much more rococo with the Mercury!

Let’s hope that someone salvages those nice bumpers, grille, and taillights before The Crusher eats this car.

W.C. Fields was a popular counterculture figure of the late 1960s/early 1970s era, for reasons that probably made sense at the time.

I’ll bet the original owner of this car was a fan of the “Road Hogs” sequence of If I Had a Million.

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Dec 02, 2014

    I'm guessing there's some difference between the Monterey and Montego? Montego = more sporty? Is this larger than the Cougar? I really don't mind the styling at all, nor the excess-crateyness of the front. I think Ford was the place to be in the early 70s*. *Except for some Olds models.

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    • 1000songs 1000songs on Jan 13, 2015

      @Roberto Esponja We had a diarrhea brown 1972 Mercury Montego - no vinyl roof. As I recall, it had a black, vinyl interior and no air conditioning - perfect for those 10 hour car rides to visit family in Morristown NJ. That car was a spectacular piece of crap.

  • Bob Cooper Bob Cooper on Dec 11, 2022

    Where is this Monterey located?

  • 3SpeedAutomatic And this too shall pass.....Ford went thru this when the model T was introduced. It took the moving assembly line to make real money. As time progressed, it got refined, eventually moving to the Model A. Same kind of hiccups with fuel injection, 4 speed automatic, Firestone tires, dashboards with no radio knobs, etc, etc, etc. Same thing with EVs. Yep, a fire or two in the parking lot, espresso time at the charging stations, other issues yet to be encountered, just give it time. 🚗🚗🚗
  • Art Vandelay 2025 Camaro and Challenger
  • Mike Beranek Any car whose engine makes less than 300 ft-lbs of torque.
  • Malcolm Mini temporarily halted manual transmission production but brought it back as it was a surprisingly good seller. The downside is that they should have made awd standard with the manual instead of nixing it. Ford said recently that 4dr were 7% manual take rate and I think the two door was 15%.
  • Master Baiter It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future. It will be interesting to see if demand for Ford’s EVs will match the production capacity they are putting on line.