Junkyard Find: 1988 Pontiac LeMans

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1988 pontiac lemans

Back when I saw this red ’88 LeMans at a California wrecking yard last year, I figured that would be the last Pontiac-badged Daewoo LeMans I’d ever see in a self-service wrecking yard. After all, these things sold poorly, were built like crap, and mostly lasted about five years before being stuffed into the nearest car shredder. But no, here’s another example that I saw in Denver a couple of weeks ago.

This won-pinching Korean managed over 150,000 miles before expiring, which is pretty impressive.

It’s no ’64 Catalina, that’s for sure.


There can’t be many of these hubcaps left in the universe.

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  • Jeff S Jeff S on Nov 23, 2014

    I think you need to take this car as other cars like this in the context of the time that they were inexpensive options to a used car that many could afford. These types of cars were designed as disposable. I do agree that it this car should not have been named Lemans, a name that had a history of Pontiac performance ("wide track"). There were cars that were much worse than this car such as the Yugo. As for taking care of a vehicle and keeping it running a long time that is just smart unless you have lots of money and can afford to buy a new car every couple of years. There are limits to how long you can keep a car made today with manufacturers shortening the time of how long they will provide many parts for a certain model. It becomes harder to keep a vehicle as it gets older as donor cars disappear and parts become much harder to get, but with the internet you can still find rare parts it becomes a matter of how much are you willing to pay. A collector car you might be willing to pay more for a part than a used up econo box that has at best scrap value.

  • Jfinftw1982 Jfinftw1982 on Nov 25, 2014

    My grandmother bought one of these new in 1991. She put 16,000 miles and sold it in 2009. I don't think that car had a chance to get crappy.

  • Louis Faiella What idiots!!!Do you think that stupidity will sell cars?Then later on they will modify the "code" and all numbers will have exceptions.The only way to create brand loyalty is to use a name and maybe an associated number at best.AH the good old days of a mercury Cougar XR-7 GT!!OR a Lincoln premiere, OR a Cadillac Coupe Deville, memorable .....YES!!A4/A5/A6/A7 etc ............Not so much.
  • MRF 95 T-Bird This Eldorado looks very restorable. They tend to be popular with the low rider and donk crowd or just fans of 79-85 E-body cars. Replace the problematic HT4100 with the Oldsmobile rocket 307/350 or the non 8-6-4 368 Cadillac V8 and buff out the paint and you’ll be good to go.
  • 28-Cars-Later Here's one: What are the chances of more Giorgio based products in USDM or Canada?
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  • Wayne they could have just added a prefix to the electric models, POS A-4 etc.