Junkyard Find: 1975 Dodge D100 Pickup

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1975 dodge d100 pickup

Since many Dodge D-series pickup parts fit my ’66 A100 van I’m always on the lookout for members of the species while visiting the junkyard. Today’s D100, which I found in a Denver self-service wrecking yard a couple of weeks back, is a little too new to offer many bits for my Dodge, but it’s still interesting enough for this series.

Growing up in a Navy town, ex-Navy D100s of this vintage were common sights on the street. Most of them were still in their government-issue gray paint with the Navy serial numbers still visible, but some got rattle-can paint jobs like this one.

The sensible Slant-6-and-4-speed drivetrain was about right for a truck like this— you weren’t going to go fast, but you’d always get there.

I didn’t grab any parts, but I did get this magnet for my toolbox.

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  • Kkop Kkop on Nov 23, 2014

    There's actually a surprising number of these (mostly W200) around in Europe, virtually all are ex-US Army vehicles.

  • Gadsden Gadsden on Dec 01, 2014

    My dad had a Dark Brown '74 Plymouth Scamp with the Slant 6 that was the first car I ever changed plugs in, at around age 9. Doesn't get much more malaise-y but always wanted to own my own Slant 6.

  • 28-Cars-Later Somebody had Mark VIII wheels for sale on CL, I should see if they are still up there for a future Mark VII (my own or someone else's that's worthy). Geez I need a bigger house.
  • 28-Cars-Later This being ostensibly a Cali car, the juice may be worth the squeeze for the more intense Bimmer people but otherwise seems high. Spend more and get one in the right configuration and better shape. Unless you have a motor and the know how, but the time you fix the stupid in this its going to cost just as much... if this was a 'vert maybe but m'eh.
  • Lou_BC I kinda like the blocky lines. The snout has a star wars stormtrooper look so that means it won't hit anything.
  • ToolGuy I respect the work this individual has done from the starting point he was handed ("I have been involved for about 6 months repairing this car acquired form my sister who received it from our dad"; "The car was an oily mess when I received it, had a clogged catalytic converter, and hesitated intermittently on the highway after extended driving (> 20 miles)")...But there is no need to show prospective customers the "before" or "in process" photographs. Very few customers want to see or know how the sausage is made.And rather than show extreme close-ups of the dents, call a PDR shop, and bump up your selling price.
  • Ajla "launched as the GX550 offering a 3.4-liter" I know some people rip on pick up or performance car buyers for insecurity but it is funny that premium vehicle buyers need inflated designations like this because "GX340t" won't get their d*cks hard. Although Lexus isn't alone in this, it's even better here because they went from GX470 to GX460 back in 2009 and no one died over the decrease. The IS500 and LC500 are still matched to their displacement but maybe they'd sell more if it was called LC650? 🤔