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TTAC’s authorial corps have been the lone contrarian element in their praise for the Toyota Camry – but not even Jack Baruth could have imagined a Camry XSE like the one that debuted at the SEMA show.

The “Camry” seen here is little more than a tube-framed dragster with the V8 engine and driveline out of a Toyota Tundra, along with a nitrous oxide system. The 850 hp dragster is said to be good for a sub-10 second quarter-mile. If it weren’t a one-off concept that is in no way street legal, it could almost be Toyota’s Hellcat.


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19 Comments on “We Can’t Rent This Camry, But Maybe We Can Track It...”

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    Appliance on steroids, Nice!

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    I realize it’s not really the point, but all those cubic dollars, and they just broke 10’s?

    Yeesh, the suspension on the back of that frame must be horrid.

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      1. Tundra V8 + NOS isn’t going to compete with 2000+hp dedicated drag race builds
      2. It’d probably go faster without that Camry costume it’s wearing.

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        No, there is something else wrong.

        There are Pontiac G8s hitting low 10’s that are street legal and doing it on about 800 HP.

        I have to agree on a purpose built, tube frame setup, something is wrong with these track times.

        You can visit sites like Drag Times for authentication of a number of cars, who remain street legal, that can hit these numbers.

        One other thing, I don’t want to confuse street legal with actually being drivable on the street. It’s one thing to comply with local laws to drive around with a license plate – it’s another to have a car that can function in day-to-day use.

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        To put 10’s in perspective, the ZR1 does them in stock form, on DOT-Slicks.

        People have been doing dumb shit like this for SEMA for years, and the concept is cool, but I just wish that since this was an ‘official’ effort, they took it seriously and didn’t just bolt together some pieces.

        A for concept, D- for execution.

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    Well…we can certainly file this under “Answer to a question that absolutely no one was asking”. Hoo-boy!

    I guess TV ads that run thru wedding receptions and have BB King sign their guitars were just the warm up act for this.

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    The Hellcat is a car that already existed, with lots of extra power and a bit of performance modifications. (And it can be bought and driven home.)
    The Camry is a front engine, front drive unibody sedan. A RWD Tundra drivetrain on a tubular chassis with a Camry body on it is NOT a Camry.

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    Toyota realizes their car is the definition of snoozefest, so they do this as a joke?

    Is this what ‘meta’ is?

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    Fitting end to a soggy TTAC Tuesday. Must be the elections.

    Time for a recharge with some kei car, Renegade and Trax news!

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    Nick 2012

    Off topic, but when can I haz my 2015 Charger SXT comparo?

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    The ultimate Q ship.

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    Being in praise of Toyota products is indeed contrarian in the mainstream press, and it’s probably why I no longer care about the opinions of others for my vehicular choice.

    One of the benefits of having a library membership is that you get C&D, Motortrend, and R&T for free on your Zinio app. The scorn I see heaped on anything that isn’t European nor a performance car means those publications spend no more than 10 minutes on my iPad before I delete them. I’m not looking for the best driving car, I’m looking for the most comfortable car that I can drive for decades, and they’re as useless as looking for timeless style advice from GQ or Esquire.

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    How stupid

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    The perfect next vehicle for “Street Outlaws”…Farm truck and Azian?

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