Hypercar Documentary Previewed At Second Annual Jalopnik Film Festival

hypercar documentary previewed at second annual jalopnik film festival

Are you a movie buff? Do you love films about the automobile? If so, and if you’re in New York during the early days of November, the second annual Jalopnik Film Festival will be held between November 5 and 6 this year.

One of the headlining films for this year’s festival is “Apex: The Story of the Hypercar,” a production of TangentVector and Drive. The film follows the development of several hypercars — like the LaFerrari, 918 Spyder and P1 — and those who bring the vehicles to life.

Shot in 4K Ultra HD, “Apex” will be shown as a 30-minute short preview prior to its full debut sometime next year.

More details on the festival can be found here: How To Get Your Tickets To The Second Jalopnik Film Festival.

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  • JMII Nobody in the US was going to buy the more expensive Alfa version anyway. Google tells me Alfa has less then 180 dealers in the US vs Dodge that has over 2,400. And nobody cares how it drives or the quality either, as mentioned its a me-too CUV that apparently the world can't get enough of.
  • IBx1 Maybe if they focused on making good cars instead of anonymous consumer-grade automatic blobs they wouldn't get platform-shared.
  • IBx1 Looks fantastic, especially the front aero feature, but it sounds like an Oreck and no EV will ever have soul.
  • Tane94 are both eligible for federal tax credits? That's the big $7,500 question.
  • Jkross22 Toenail says what?