Piston Slap: A Grey Market Global Ranger?

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
piston slap a grey market global ranger
H.Y. writes:Hi Sajeev, the global Ford Ranger is still sold overseas now. What are the challenges for a person to import a modern used Ranger these days?
  • how much addedcostsontopofthepurchase/transport price?
    • 25% truck import duty? even with a 4-door model ?
  • how much paper work? US customs, EPA, State safety inspection, DMV plate?
  • what if the truck has a broken or no engine/transmission, would that make the import any easier/cheaper?
    • if it has no engine, install a local used engine in the US?
  • does it matter if the truck is from Mexico,Thailand, South America…? any easier rules?
    • RHD personal vehicle is allowed in the US?

Sajeev answers:

Importing a Global Ranger? Oh hell no! As per NHTSA:

“As a general rule, a motor vehicle less than 25 years old must comply with all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) to be imported on a permanent basis.”

There’s a reason why I imported my Sierra. Well, aside from the sheer stupidity of wanting a brown jellybean-shaped hatchback from London: it was also over 25 years old. It just comes in like any other car, and depending on your state, obtaining a title involves extra paperwork, classic car insurance and a (sometimes) basic vehicle inspection. No need to get federal approval over emissions tests, crash standards, noise regulations and who the hell knows what else?

So it’s time to give up. Instead buy one of the Last Great Compact Trucks in the USA: especially since I got 30.1 MPG in my 2.3L Duratec 5-speed Ranger on a recent trip to San Antonio/Austin/Round Rock in mostly highway driving.

The time, money and stress you’ll avoid makes you forget about that cool Global Ranger. Console yourself with one of these 25 year old beauties: it sure worked for me.

Send your queries to sajeev@thetruthaboutcars.com. Spare no details and ask for a speedy resolution if you’re in a hurry…but be realistic, and use your make/model specific forums instead of TTAC for more timely advice.

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  • Tinn-Can Tinn-Can on Sep 17, 2014

    What about something like the explorer sport trac? It's pretty much what I want out of a small truck only it is a ford so all the pieces have a tendency to fall off or break... Not a big fan of the pieces falling off or breaking...

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    • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Sep 19, 2014

      @bunkie Not Global Rangers different vehicle

  • Hank Hank on Sep 18, 2014

    After traveling in SE Asia and seeing diesel global Rangers every day...I'm a bit ticked with Ford's decision.

  • Art Vandelay That rust isn't terrible honestly. Floor pans commonly need some love on these and I have seen waaaay worse. Car looks complete and original. 65 fastback V8, he'll get that price.
  • Redapple2 Love that year fastback. Is the auto tran rubbish?
  • Jeff S The question is how long will Ford offer the Mustang as a pony car? Dodge is sun setting the Challenger at the end of this year and it is doubtful if the Challenger will come back as an EV. Rumors are the Camaro name will be used on an EV and that will mostly likely be a crossover. There is not enough market for a Detroit muscle or pony car. It is sad to see not only the last of the cars like the Camaro and Challenger go but to see most cars go. Soon this site will have to change its name to The Truth About Trucks (TTAT).
  • Oberkanone Does GM build anything to compete with this? Does GM build any competent hybrids?
  • Dukeisduke So, it'll be invisible, just like all other Gen 6 Camaros?