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2014 Chevrolet SS in Red

Wednesday, General Motors issued six recalls for a total of around 720,000 vehicles, all assembled within the last five years.

Autoblog reports the following have been recalled:

  • 2010 – 12 Chevrolet Equinox/GMC Terrain/Cadillac SRX; 2011 – 12 Chevrolet Camaro, Buick Regal, Buick LaCrosse: Bolt used to secure height adjustor actuator in vehicles with powered seats may loosen on its own, if not fall out, allowing the seat to move freely; 414,333 recalled.
  • 2013 – 14 Cadillac ATS, Buick Encore; 2014 Chevrolet Caprice/SS, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac ELR; 2014 – 15 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra: Incomplete weld of seat hook bracket assembly, may require track replacement; 124,008 recalled.
  • 2011 – 13 Buick Regal; 2013 Chevrolet Malibu: Single-bulb burnout of turn signal failing to notify driver of issue, reprogramming needed; 120,426 recalled.
  • 2014 Chevrolet Impala: Bad electric ground on power steering module of belt-driven electric steering models — caused by misplaced paint — may lead to sudden loss or reduction of steering power; 57,242 recalled
  • 2014 – 15 Chevrolet Spark: Improperly fastened lower control arm of Korean-built models could lead to separation from the steering knuckle; 1,919 recalled.
  • 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon Denali: Incorrect retaining nut in interior roof rail could puncture or tear roof-mounted airbags upon deployment; 22 recalled.
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27 Comments on “General Motors Issues Six Recalls For 720,000 Vehicles...”

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    Total Recall.

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    Wow. Bone simple stuff botched on some pretty expensive vehicles. At this point anyone who willingly buys GM is exhibiting an abuse syndrome.

    Kudos to “misplaced paint” for corporate nyuks.

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      Not Toyota Bubble to pop at GM:

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      “At this point anyone who willingly buys GM is exhibiting an abuse syndrome.”

      I disagree. It’s a matter of priorities. I bought a new Sierra 2500 long bed/crew cab/diesel in the midst of all of the recall news a few months back. Why? Because a stock Cummins Dodge runs 0-60 slow enough to require a sundial to measure it, and the Powerstroke F250 drives like crap. I didn’t go into it expecting the most reliable or most durable truck in the world, but I don’t care. That wasn’t a priority.

      Similarly, I considered a 996 911 Turbo when I bought my C5 Z06. I bought the Vette instead of the Porsche because, for me, I find it more enjoyable to drive. i’m not arguing technical merits here; I’m saying that the Z06 makes me laugh like an idiot and the Porsche did not. Thus-in spite of the truly staggeringly awful interior-Corvette.

      I’m anticipating buying a (relatively) practical sedan car next year. Cost? Don’t much care as long as I get change back from $150k. The only concrete criterion are that is has to carry 4-5 people and a reasonable amount of stuff, and I have to really, really like driving it.

      I’ve considered everything from the MK7 GTI to a RS7, and the short list is basically three cars; the updated-for-’15 Chevy SS, a (used) CTS-V (since the new one’s not going to be out for a while), or maybe a Charger if they stick the Hellcat in it. The Mopar is probably a nonstarter because-as good as the ZF box is-I don’t really want an auto, but 700HP makes up for a lot so I’ll consider it if it happens.

      Otherwise it’s probably going to be the SS. Why would I chose a $45k Chevy over a $110k german übersedan?
      1. Magneride is THAT good. No, seriously, it is. There’s a reason Ferrari licensed it from GM. Don’t believe me? Go drive something with it. It is THAT good.
      2. It weighs considerably less and the weight distribution is much better.
      3. As good as the Audi turbo V8 is-and believe me, I’ve driven a number of cars with it, it is VERY good-it’s still not as responsive as a naturally aspirated engine, or one with positive displacement forced induction (i.e. the CTS-V). It’s very close. Indeed, it’s close enough that most people wouldn’t notice, and a lot of the ones that did wouldn’t care. But I notice. And it gives me an eyetwitch.
      4. Clutch pedal.

      So, you know… I’ll put up with GM’s stupid advertising, their crappy dealerships, their iffy-at-best interiors and their recalls. I won’t argue that-for most people-there are usually better choices from other manufacturers. But nobody else does exactly what GM does, and most of the time, what GM does happens to be pretty much exactly what I want. Putting up with their crap is preferable, to me, to putting up with a car that’s not exactly what I want.

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    The one on the Regal and Malibu almost seems like they are being sarcastic.

    I think they did decide just to clear out the basement.

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      Recalled for a light bulb?

      Subaru should recalled the girlfriend’s 2012 Forester as she didn’t know her brake light was burned out with nk warning. Glad a class action suit made the news against Subaru as the Forester sips 2 quarts of oil between changes with no warning and now coolant. The car is wholely under engineered as the power windows up slow as you add more windows. She in enjoying the Buick Encore on trips across town and uaig the Suby locally until the lease is up.

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        We are going to agree on this one Norm. Don’t know if it was the GM lawyers or MBAs behind this particular recall but a lightbulb is one I have not heard of before. How about roadrunner horn that sounds too much like a moose?

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        It’s not being recalled for a “light bulb”.

        The issue that the car should go into a fast flash mode when there’s a fault, and or when a bulb is burned out for the turn signal. The body control module isn’t going into fast flash (hence the “reprogram” part of the bulletin), and especially on the Regal the turn signal and stop are one unit at the bottom of the lamp assembly and is rather small….which is stupid cheap and lazy on GM’s part.

        So sorry but the Forester uses a separate turn and stop bulbs so no recall for that but nice try.

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          Thank you SC5door…

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          That has to be some sort of international standard–I can remember that cars would do things like dimly lighting the green dashboard indicator or doing a slow blink. I never encountered the fast-blink until I started driving Hondas twenty years ago, and now all the manufacturers do it.

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        It has nothing to do with the bulb itself it has to do with the flasher module not being properly programed to sense the lower current on the circuit that has a non functioning bulb. That means that it continues to flash at the same rate and thus does not alert the driver that something is wrong. This is something that has been done with OE flashers for decades. Only back in the 60’s and 70’s it was a simple mechanical flasher and a burnt out bulb lowered the current through the flasher to the point that the bi-metalic strip wouldn’t heat up enough to flex and then turn the power off. It also told you if a brake light was out before they started letting mfgs do the stupid separate turn signal.

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          I would consider this a feature, not a defect.

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          My dad had a 2007 Caliber that experienced some left-fender damage, busting out the turn indicator on that side. He didn’t get it fixed for a while. It did flash at a faster rate, but it also chimed every time he hit the switch…

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            Do any other American makes have the chime which sounds if the signal is left on past a certain amount of time or distance traveled, a la GM? I didn’t think Chryslers did, and it sounds as if the BCM was getting mixed signals.

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      I guess I’ll have to check my turn signals periodically (heh) until I get the notice (2013 Malibu).

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    They might as well institute some sort of Free Maint. plan for all their cars. I mean, the cars are coming through their dealers for these “recalls” anyway. Turn it into some sort of “We’re with you… every step of the way” kind of thing.

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    GM customers just like going to see their dealer/salesman. Once i get to know the service people on a first name basis it is time for me to buy a different brand of vehicle.

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    The SS was recalled for what?

    The pool of gasoline under it in the picture? ;-)

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    Now the circle is complete!

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    It’s funny to see GM commercials boasting quality and innovation on television. Although I don’t entirely equate recalls as entirely qualitative, it’s obvious GM has no control over its suppliers, QA, QC and assembly line. Too many new changes for a company that was making crap not too long ago. I think their problem is going to get worse and taxpayers are going to have to donate more cash to these suckers.

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