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TTAC reader Michael Banovsky has launched a new service that offers a novel promise: an interesting vehicle delivered daily to your inbox.

Banovsky’s Car of the Day reaches deep into the annals of the automotive world, in the pursuit of profiling the obscure: everything from the Anibal Podadera to the Zimmer Quicksilver and all points in between. My own favorite is the Toyota Origin: a limited-edition, Lexus IS-based retro-looking oddity that had suicide doors and cost $70,000.


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19 Comments on “An Interesting Vehicle Delivered Daily To Your Inbox...”

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    I was hoping there was to be a new type of post here daily!

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    I personally think car reviews need to be done in a long-term fashion where the reviewer reports on the summer and winter capabilities, pros and cons of a vehicle.

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      A great idea. But this is more about a collective discovery of interesting vehicles. There’s just enough to keep it short while telling a story, and if readers want to learn more I always include sources.

      This little side hobby is definitely not in reviewing cars. I did enough of that! M!

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    Looks cool! I signed up.

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    The minute I get an uninteresting one, I’m going to demand a refund.

    P.S. Thanks in advance for wasting about two hours of every day.


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    Kyree S. Williams

    Say, that *is* interesting…especially to see that it’s a Toyota. I’d thought it was some kind of Soviet Union product.

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    its me Dave

    I subscribe to the daily update for the same purpose. A little bit of car pr4n delivered daily.

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      Same here, but this will be a great addition to my BAT fix as well….great idea Michael.

      I remember seeing a Zimmer on the cover of C&D (I think?) back in the ’80s. Reminded me of a Stutz Bearcat.

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    Compaq Deskpro will get you there without the emails, for those who prefer the blog format.

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      Yes, yes it will. If you’ve been reading from the start you’re aware that I used to include the link with every email; I’ve since changed the # to link to /index/, a little overwhelming at first but very fast to search.

      One of the reasons I don’t link directly to the Archive (blog) is that it doesn’t increase sign-ups. Since sign-ups (and the newsletter itself) is the most novel thing I’m doing, I decided to make such links easily available to subscribers but more difficult to reach for those who don’t know how to get there.

      With a huge amount of experience online building sites like, one of the most surprising revelations was that sharing (and asking people to share) doesn’t really have an effect at this scale. The “Forward” links at the bottom of the emails will be gone tomorrow, solely because nobody ever really clicked on them…

      It’s constant evolution and I want to create the best possible experience for readers—if they’re not clicking or not using something, it goes away. Seems simple, but… Best, M!

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    Only 1 year till that Origin is clear of Canadian import restrictions. I wonder if it’s actually possible to find any of the 1000 in Japan anymore — sweet car.

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    I’m all for learning about weird stuff like the Toyota Origin and Sbarro (guess it’s not just mall pizza) Windhound, so I signed up.

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