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If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on an Audi RS6 Avant, now you’ve got your chance. Bring a Trailer is listing this 2003 example, said to be imported by none other than Paul Walker, with bids up to $57,000 USD. Sure, it’s not a brand new one available from an Audi dealer, but it’s also the fast wagon of choice for Daniel Craig in Layer Cake.

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15 Comments on “Here’s Your Chance To Buy An Audi RS6 In America...”

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    Except for the part about it being a gray-market out of warranty high performance Audi, it’s perfect.

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    Dan R

    Just how much travel do those wheels have?

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    Another awesome movie reference. When I was reading Barks piece on the SS, this was the car I kept thinking did (slightly) stealthy speed better. I thought these had all been stolen by now.

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    Seriously. Do Watch ‘Layer Cake’ It is an awesome movie. The RS6 Avant is bad-ass

    If I had a kidney to give, I would for this one, but I would need the other one for maintenance. So, hard to shift gears as a freakin’ ghost.

    Whoever gets it, you shall be enshrined in the cool-wagon-hall-of-fame.

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      +1 on Layer Cake. It was the answer to anyone questioning why Daniel Craig was taking over the James Bond franchise. Sits nicely with Guy Ritchie’s classics, Lock Stock and Snatch, for smart British gangster movies.

      While this is definitely one cool wagon, the one-off BMW E46 M3 Touring that’s kept in the M basement still tops my cool wagon list. But that’s obvious from just looking at my avatar.

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        Layer Cake is a great film but it’s a better book.
        The sequal, Viva La Madness is EVEN better. Supposedly being filmed with Jason “Audi Or Nothing” Statham in the Daniel Craig role.

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        Not sure what magazine it was in, but I read about a tuner who took an M5 and a 5 wagon and did the obvious. Even after selling the no-longer M sedan, it was insanely expensive. But he had an M wagon with a kid seat in the back.

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        I made a few friends watch Layer Cake when Craig was announced, and they all got ‘it’ pretty quickly. I remain convinced he is a Top 3 of the Bonds, and the perfect Bond for a post 2001 world.

        The intro to that movie is one of my favorites ever, the soundtrack is AMAZING: She Sells Sanctuary, Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head, Ordinary World… the tone of the movie is amazing.

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    Take it from a long term C5 A6 owner, you don’t want to be a long term C5 A6 owner. A few of the 98-’04 gens are still running around, but I see FAR less of them than a couple of years ago. I suspect once those $2K repair bills start coming, that’s it for most owners.

    The factory tech in these cars was also pretty much nonexistent, with US market cars getting perhaps the crudest factory NAV ever offered. You can however easily swap in the NAV head unit from the previous gen A3/TT/R8, which is a major advantage over say the E39 M5.

    So yeah, save your money, and buy a supercharged B8 S4 instead, and then let APR or StaSIS go to town on it. With even a stage 1 reflash, you’ll easily outrun the old RS in a straight line, and in the corners, no contest.

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    At my college senior year, a professor had a bright fire engine red B7 RS4 Avant. I was unaware until very recently (today) that this was never brought into the US. I have no idea where he got it from, but it was cool as f*ck!

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