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Just kidding, no they won’t!

This is the RS6 Avant. Importing it would help Audi cement it’s dominance of the American car market. Considering the legions of Americans who previously bought cars like the Audi S4 Avant, BMW 540i Touring and Volvo V70R, it’s a sure bet that Audi will incur the significant homologation costs to import this low-volume, niche market wagon.

After all, a six-figure, turbocharged gas guzzling wagon might be more relevant than America’s future best-seller, the Mazda6 SKYACTIV-D. This one’s no oil burner. It’s got a twin-turbo V8 making upwards of 560 horsepower, but it’s only available with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Even though it remains unaffordable for nearly everyone, its presence on U.S. soil will supposedly have a positive impact on our daily lives, if you are to believe the slavish devotions of the automotive enthusiast press.

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36 Comments on “If You Guys Write Posts On Audi Forums Indicating Your Interest, They’ll Totally Bring This Wagon To America!...”

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    A few points I’d like to make:

    1) I once postulated on this site that the lack of respect and professionalism in the comments is a direct reflection of the lack of respect and professionalism in writing and editorial style of some of the authors. I’ll offer it once again, with the qualifier that I understand that the article was likely driven by a desire for more spirited comments and thus advertising revenue, so by me responding, there I go doing my part.

    2) The RS6, I’m sure, doesn’t really make any money for Audi on either side of the ocean. It’s a publicity stunt that sells in the handfuls, or maybe the dozens. Given that the three German automakers seem to stay up late at light copying each other’s ever-smaller ridiculous niche vehicles, and given that Merc offers the E-Class with a similar package here in the US, The RS-6 may actually be coming here, and in all reality, will probably be offered in brown, just like the E-Class.

    3) If it does come, it will be come for no other reason than to retain Audi’s funk-cred, which it has been losing for years as it has gone cookie-cutter mainstream to the point that the A6 is a dead ringer for the A3 when viewed at different ranges, which is just sad. If the RS6 gets mediocre bloggers all bothered and writing about the car, then they will have achieved their goal, so by you responding, there you go doing your part

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      Once again on point #1. Don’t try to be Jalopnik. we all came here after years there watching the same degradation happen. More interesting takes on cars and car life, more frivolous but well written stories, and more objective industry insight please.

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      O stop crying. The post is highly relevant. And regarding point #3, that is like saying the Lancer EVO brings legitimacy to the rest of Mitsubishi’s lineup. And like Derek said, anyone just talking about the car, be it commenters, or bloggers, is of no value to Audi’s bottom line. The folks with the scratch to actually buy these cars are not trolling or writing for TTAC and take no direction/are completely uninfluenced by said parties.

      There is a huge gulf of understanding in the realm of car blog commenters on how the auto industry and the minds of auto consumers work, and its high time folks got called out on it. Its one thing to like the car, its another thing to use it as a device of anger in manufacturers not making terrible business decisions. I can only imagine how + what a company that was run by the internet would look like and how many hours it would be in business

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      I take articles such as this as tongue-in-cheek. It’s one of the reasons I like TTAC. They aren’t afraid to make fun of others, but they make fun of themselves as well. And while I don’t always like the direction of the articles, the quality of the writing is generally quite superior.

      Keep up the good work!

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        Thank you. I’m not going to pander like everyone else and implore that Audi bring this car here when it has no chance of coming here and makes little financial sense. I also put my money where my mouth is and bought a wagon, which most people cannot say they did.

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      #1 = +1

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      +1 to #1

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    Maximum snark, I see. :P

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    Not that it matters really, but the RS6 will definitely have an 8 speed auto from ZF rather than the dual clutch transmission (which can’t cope with the torque). I’d certainly prefer the M5!

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    No Cadillac ATS wagon either but a functional ATS coupe and a new CTS-V wagon for the US. Maybe the CTS will finally get a lower output V8 with 450 HP.

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      @ NormSV650

      The CTS-V wagon would be a success if you could actually call the CTS Wagon a wagon. But you can’t, it’s a joke. Sorry, but I need my utility vehicles to have some actual utility.

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        The CTS-V wagon was an immediate success in that they barely had to seel any to justify the development cost over the sedan V and regular wagon.

        Could Audi justify the same? Apparently not. I don’t know enough about the scale of their products to comment.

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        It has more utility than the sedan, and a LOT more than the coupe. So it is the one to have, if you are going to have a CTS-V. There is no downside.

        I’ve said this before, and I will say it again now – how is it that allegedly Cadillac only needed to sell some tiny number of CTS-V wagons for it to pay to make them, yet any other manufacturer seemingly faces insurmountable obstacles in bringing the already existing wagon version of sundry sedans to the US? Assuming Audi is bringing the sedan version of this car to the US to compete with the M5, why would they not be in the same boat as Cadillac? Bring over a few wagons for those of us who buy them, at a suitable premium price.

        Note that not only did I buy a station wagon, I bought a NEW, rwd, manual transmission station wagon. Not brown, but I might have if given the option. I like a nice, rich, metallic brown.

        Finally, I had never heard of Jalopnik before I started spending time here, but enough with the snark for snarks sake. Derek, I generally like your style and usually agree with you, but sometimes you do come across as a twerp kid.

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        I think the difference is that the cadi wagon was already here, it was an engine swap. The A6 avant isn’t already here, so it’s starting from scratch? I don’t really know. I own a wagon, but my wife vetoed the cadi before I even looked.

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    I could write equally snarky comments every time the love is prophsized on this forum by the writers about the grossly overrated, stone age Panther platform cars.

    But I don’t, because I respect their opinions.

    Try respecting ours. I owned a V70R and would own another high performance wagon if one was sold here. I will admit the $100k price tag on this is too much for my wallet, but I’d go for an S6 Avant, or hell, even an A6 Avant 3.0T SLine. But you know, I can’t buy one of those. The E350 wagon is about as dull as dishwater, and actually has worse dynamics somehow than an ML350.

    For the most part, though, as I just wrote on another forum, these wagons have got about 90% of the cargo capacity of a 2 row SUV and about 200% better dynamics. Which makes more sense, this or a Cayenne Turbo? Thank you. Now where is the outcry against that? I’ll be waiting.

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    Not that it matters, can’t afford it.

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    We are talking Audi here. Most of their models sell fewer than 1000 per month. An RS4 Avant would fit in their line-up just fine.

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    Eh, can’t afford it anyway. Actually, in theory I probably could, but it’d be a bad idea. What I’ll want in a couple of years is a $35k wagon with a stick that drives reasonably well. No, not diesel. I don’t pay much attention to what goes on in the RS6’s price range.

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    How does Cadillac recoup its CTS-V wagon costs with eight sales but none of the Germans can make the numbers work? I’m assuming that Audi already federalizes the RS6 sedan.

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      Chicago Dude

      If you buy an RS6 wagon with a $$$ profit margin, you definitely wont be buying a Cayenne Turbo with a $$$$$ profit margin. That’s a loss for VWAG.

      If you buy a CTS-V wagon with a $$$ profit margin, you definitely wont be buying a Cayenne Turbo with a $$$$$ profit margin – for VWAG. That’s a win for GM.

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      GM hasnt been about making money for a very long time. Its, make cars, coddle UAW, maybe or maybe not turn a profit, get bailout when coffers run low, wash, rinse, repeat

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      They don’t already federalize it. As far as I know there is no RS6 sedan. The CTS-V, as I understand, required 5 units to be sold for GM to break even on the car. I assume that number isn’t nearly as low as Audi.

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        That explains it. I don’t believe that VAG is managing the Audi product offerings here to boost Porsche sales but I would buy that BMW is omitting 3-series touring options to boost X-series sales.

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        The CTS-V *wagon* required five units to break even. The CTS-V bits and the CTS wagon were already developed; the five units paid for the cost to adapt the one to the other, which IIRC involved a few hours of track time and a different rear swaybar.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the internet dudes want this car here so they can buy it used in many many years. That’s why Audi mostly shouldn’t listen to them — they aren’t buyers.

    Still, I don’t completely understand why we haven’t seen an RS6 saloon here since MY 2003. They’re basically handing the market to M5 and E63.

    I for one appreciated the snark.

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      Yeah, there’s no buyers.

      Try finding an allocation for a $100,000 E63 wagon and let me know how that works out. Or find someone who has one and try paying them $10k to give it up, it might work.

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