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The vehicles we aspire to own have one thing in common: timeless design over mere transportation: Ferraris over Fiats. CUVs instead of sedans, or personal luxury vehicles in lieu of a hatchback. So why not treat yourself to a leather-wrapped charging apparatus? IMG_2492 Oh yes, it charges your smartphone/tablet with precision…but where’s the passion in that? Let’s charge things up with a review enhancement to id America’s “LX Dual USB Car Charger with Leather Grip” with a two-pronged (get it? nevermind…) attack:

  1. Rename this stunning work of modern art with a more fitting title: ZOMG LEATHER USB CHARGER!!!1!  or “ZLUC” for short.
  2. Go down memory lane: showing how much better automobiles from several decades work with a ZLUC in their cigar holes.

And, for this Lincoln-Mercury fanboi, what better starting point than the famous 1961 Lincoln Continental? IMG_2484 As you can clearly see, ZLUC is a fantastic fit in one of the finest automobiles to grace American roads in the 1960s.  The leather-wrapped goodness shows itself off against the strong aluminum elements of the Conti’s dashboard.  Also note how ZLUC is intended for Apple products ONLY… Android users?  No leather wrapped chargers for you. In fact, do yourself a favor and close this browser (probably not Safari, either) and peep those all-plastic chargers on eBay. Philistine! I’m just kidding!  ZLUC’s packaging lists the following items as worthy of getting their electrons massaged by the tender luxury of leather wrapping, in this order:

  1. iPad
  2. iPad mini
  3. iPhone
  4. Tablets & Smartphones

So you Android and Windows people can indeed continue reading! IMG_2498 The Continental Mark III was well-known for the time a C/D scribe made it from coast to coast with no money, only promises to gas station owners underwritten by the sheer class of this stunning machine.  So how dare you consider any non-ZLUC phone charger to duplicate this trip today? IMG_2485 Note how ZLUC not only adds to the Mark III’s faux stitching with its REAL leather wrapping, the contrasting color actually matches the wood grain trim!  And when not needed, it hides easily in the ashtray binnacle so mere mortals who live without leather infused battery charging shall not be violently jealous of your elevated status. Like you Android users! IMG_2499 Obviously the pinnacle of personal luxury design was the late 1970s, before there was a cure for disco fever with downsized machines “from here to eternity.”  And obviously the Continental Mark V was the baddest of them all: three inches longer than a Ford Excursion when Cadillac was downsizing their rides for some stupid energy crisis. How will ZLUC fare against the toughest American Hustler? Could it possibly fail? IMG_2486 ZOMG DAT LEATHER AND WOOD!  You are an absolute fool to not rest your tired booty after a long night of coke snorting disco dancing in the super-classy interior of the Mark V, and let your iPhone recharge via leather wrapped battery rejuvenation! IMG_2489 Quite honestly, you need multiple ZLUC’s for every cigar hole in a Mark V!  Why you need TWO of these beauties for the rear of both door panels. IMG_2491 Did I forget the 1980s?  Hardly.  Yes the 1990s had mobile phones, but never such uncharted luxury as a USB charger wrapped in the same quality leather as the finest German machine of the era. Yes, the ZLUC smells as good as it looks! But I digress.. The futuristic center stack of the 1993-1995 Lincoln Mark VIII looks rather fantastic in its so good it’s almost not faux wood trimming, complete with ZLUC’s matching brown leather wrapping.  Also note the high-tech technology of the blue LED light on ZLUC’s face, proving it’s ready to take your mobile device to the next level… …with luxury in mind! 971620_10151508996138269_1350646760_n Why that leather wrapped charger is so fantastic I will never use my factory installed car phone again…ever!


But how timeless is this classic for one’s cigar hole?  Let’s put it to the ultimate test. IMG_2490 ZOMG TESTAROSSA LEATHER USB CHARGER!!!1!  As the photo shows, Crockett and Tubbs only need a ZLUC in Cocaine White Leather to completely dominate the Drug Trade! Is there a better way to look moody and intense while charging your iPhone? I think not! Can you imagine the great selfies Crockett could post on Instagram if his iPhone was connected to ZLUC? Hashtag that’s what’s In The Air Tonight!

So can you, dear reader, put a price on such perfection?  You fool, the ZLUC is priceless!  Or $24.99 plus shipping, available directly at id America’s suitably upscale website. Well, what are you waiting for?  A leather wrapped invitation to buy one of these babies for yourself?


(id America provided their LX Dual USB Car Charger with Leather Grip in brown leather for this review.)

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16 Comments on “Product Review: LX Dual USB Car Charger with Leather Grip...”

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    If the leather wrap doesn’t convince your passenger that they’re dealing with a real classy cat, the molded aluminum V8 headgasket case for your iPhone will surely make the panties fly right off.

  • avatar

    My ’66 Lincoln Continental had five outlets (cigarette lighters), but had grey leather interior. These are brown, simply will not work

  • avatar
    Joe K

    Pretty leather wrapped shiney thing, but does it actually work? I know silly asking a question about function over form. I have yet to find one of these that put out enough power to actually keep up and charge the Android at the same time.

  • avatar

    Will it actually charge an iPad and an iPhone at the same time? or even 2 phones?

    • 0 avatar

      Admission: I never even tried to load this thing up. But if it charged a phone running two battery consuming apps (music thru headphone jack and navigation) it should hopefully charge two products if one isn’t running. At least.

    • 0 avatar

      It claims a 2.1 amp power rating, so it depends.

      A modern iPad (or equivalent non-Apple product, like the Galaxy tablets) wants a 10 watt charger (2 amps at 5V via USB), so all by itself that thing will manage “an iPad” at non-trickle charge.

      Devices with less stressful charge requirements (phones, generally) can both charge at full rates with such a charger (i.e. an iPhone 5S/C draws one amp, as do most if not all modern competitor phones).

      An iPad and an iPhone together will overwhelm it, and one or both devices will go to trickle-charging.

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    id america makes some rather unique electronics accessories. I bought their iphone case that models a car’s head gasket. very well made, always lots of positive comments about it. however, seemingly because it was made with real metal, it interfered with my phone’s signal reception.

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    Newer phones have Qi inductive charging. So much easier just setting the phone on it’s charging pad or not having to bother plugging it into a charging cable when you snap it into a car cradle.

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    I use a generic cheap-chinese-made version of this. I have two of them when I go on a road trip with my girlfriend or family so we can all charge our phones.

    The 12-Volt unlicensed plug-in charger is actually faster than the non-licensed AC adapter when you have iPhone5/5S or an iPAd.

    I think Apple’s authentication chip throttles back charge rate if it doesn’t sense licensed wiring.

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    I remember reading that some new in-car charging plug format was being proposed -/maybe by IEEE, maybe not — so that the tired cigarette lighter plug would be mercifully put out to pasture. Anyone know what happened?

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    Japanese Buick

    The small number of comments on this article tell me that it’s awesomeness has been overlooked by the B&B. Well done, SM!

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    Sajeev, I’m standing here baited, holding my MasterCharge in one hand and my wall-mounted rotary phone receiver in the other! What’s happens if I ACT NOW?! Do I receive at no extra cost yet ANOTHER fine leather wrapped, never-before thought I’d need accoutrement?? Possible a leather wrapped Royal Crown Air Freshener??? Gimme the number! HELP ME MR. POPEIL!

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