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Opel Cascada

It’s being revealed that Opel registered the Calibra and Cascada names with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December. While some have speculated from the fact that Opel was the registrant of record that General Motors is considering returning its European brand to the United States, more likely the use of Opel was to hide a possible plan by GM to use the nameplates on Buicks. When GM sold Opel’s Astra as a Saturn before shuttering that brand, Opel had been the registrant for that name as well. The automaker has the option of using any of its wholly owned subsidiaries to register trademarks for its use. The Opel Cascada is a two door, four seat convertible that shares a platform with Buick’s Verano and the Chevy Cruze. Calibra isn’t currently being used on an Opel product but in the 1990s Opel used it on a two door coupe version of the Opel Vectra. Of course, many trademarks that have been registered never end up on production vehicles, but the idea of giving Buick dealers a convertible and a coupe to sell isn’t unrealistic.

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33 Comments on “GM Trademarks Opel Nameplates Calibra, Cascada in U.S....”

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    My wife’s been despairing as to what to buy when her beloved ’06 Solara wears out. Alas, this doesn’t seem like a viable replacement either.

    All she wants is a convertible with a usable back seat and trunk. Every drop-top on the market right now, outside of crazy-expensive MB, BMW, and Volvo products, has a tiny trunk and/or pointless back seat.

    I have a funny feeling a convertible built on the Cruze platform isn’t going to exactly have class-leading rear-seat space or cargo room.

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      Have her wait for the new Audi A3 cabrio coming this spring, should be in the mid-thirties.

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      With deference to your wife, her view of the Solara convertible is extremely charitable, and almost any other convertible will be an improvement. I’ve driven Audi A4 cabriolets and many Mustang convertibles, as well as the Solara coupe(which as a couple I liked very much). I rented a late model Solara convertible, when a Mustang wasn’t held for me, and I could not return it soon enough: poor mileage, tiny rear windshield with rear headrests blocking what little vision to the rear there was, lack of power compared to a six cylinder Mustang. And yes, I’m familiar with spouses who love staying with cars with no redeeming characteristics, you do what you need to do to keep peace in the family.

      I’ll link to one of several videos about the 2015 Mustang convertible(available next Fall, with powerful four cylinder and possibly a V6), and my other candidates are pre-owned BMW 3-Series and pre-owned A4 or A5(depending on the family budget)

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      Just get a newer Solara.

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    The joy of open air motoring. In a stubby eyesore that comes all the way up to your neck.

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    juicy sushi

    A properly done Calibra could be a cool car. And if it got them back into the DTM as well then even better. Now if only the DTM would fix itself (not bloodly likely)…

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    The G6 convertible was kind of like America’s Cascada. A four-seat convertible based on a sedan. Of course, if the Cascada came here, it would be much more impressive, as the Cruze/Verano is a much better vehicle overall than the G6 was.

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    Please don’t call it the Buick Cascada…why can’t it be a Reatta instead?

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    I don’t care what GM calls this, or what nameplate wears it, but Wifey and I want one!

    That’s one sharp car, indeed.

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    As long as they don’t call it the RDG 1.8SC or somesuch. At least they’ll be using model names, but Calibra sound too similar to Caliber, and wasn’t there a Cascade truck not too long ago?

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    This thing could take the 30-something single female demographic by storm.

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    Rod Panhard

    Don’t look for them to use “Calibra” anytime soon. It’s too close to “Caliber” as in Dodge. Now, if they’re thinking of selling a special ladies undergarment in the Golden State, than Calibra is just the ticket!

    As for “Cascada..” that reminds me…I’ve got to run the dishwasher.

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      … and they all sound a lot like “Catera” Perhaps they could bring that duck out of retirement and he can get this Caddy, I mean, this GM yet to be identified car to zig

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    Dodge brought back the Dart. Why couldn’t Buick recycle, er, repurpose, er, reuse… whatever… Skyhawk, Skylark, Riviera, et al?

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    I think there is a niche here where money can be made.

    The C70 and Saab 9-3 convertibles are both gone – and both were quality nightmares.

    The VW Eos is overpriced with an entry point of around $36K.

    The MX5 is probably the best of the lot, but isn’t practical if you need a shred of a back seat.

    You’ve got the Mustang and Camaro convertible – but there is a stigma with the Camaro in particular – and if you don’t want 300+ HP but a softer vehicle, neither fit the bill.

    The Corvette convertible isn’t exactly affordable for the masses – nor is the A5 from Audi or the coming 4-series from BMW.

    The GM G6 hardtop was a steaming pile of crap. The Chrysler 200 is – well it still is it’s old sad self under the slightly improved sheet metal and the very nice Pentastar V6.

    There is definitely a market for an under $30K, 4 passenger (beyond in an emergency) convertible with a modicum of a trunk that is actually assembled to offer a shred of quality.

    Shoot, I’m not even asking for diesel, awd, manual, and brown!

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      “There is definitely a market for an under $30K, 4 passenger (beyond in an emergency) convertible with a modicum of a trunk that is actually assembled to offer a shred of quality.”

      I’m expecting a Hyundai or Kia concept car any day now.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Damn. I wanted it to be called “Riviera”.

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    Huh. Soon you’ll be able to listen to Cascada (German dance music group) in your Cascada (convertible originating from Opel, GM’s German subsidiary) in the U.S.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Ironically, Cascada means “waterfall” in Spanish, and it just so happens that Buick’s current grille motif is called “the waterfall grille”. So it was meant to be.

      As a side note, I must say that Opel’s sudden design coherence is very Volkswagenesque. Previous schools of Opel design failed to impress and even spawned hideous stateside sycophants like the 2004-08 Malibu…

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    I always did think the Calibra was a nice looking car, ever since I saw a Chris Goffey review on YouTube.

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    Also might note that dude looks like a complete wanker while driving that thing.

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