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2015 Lincoln MKC

There are so many automakers chasing the segment, perceived to be red hot, that one is tempted to set up a keyboard macro to type out “compact crossover”. The next step in Ford’s attempt to revive the Lincoln brand is exactly one of those, the 2015 MKC.


Though it’s based on the Ford Escape, the relationship isn’t obvious, with the MKC getting all new sheetmetal integrating the latest version of Lincoln’s split-wing grille and the brand’s new signature, taillamps that run from corner to corner. Offered on the MKC but not available on the Escape will be the new 2.3 liter EcoBoost four cylinder engine with 275 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque (the base 2 liter EcoBoost is rated at 240/270). Available in either front wheel drive or all wheel drive, the MKC offers what Lincoln is calling Continuously Controlled Damping adaptive suspension.


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23 Comments on “Los Angeles 2013: Lincoln MKC, Gets Brand Specific 2.3 Liter EcoBoost...”

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    el scotto

    Please, oh please tell me they went and talked to the truck guys. Knobs and buttons for the radio and HVAC controls? Bonus points if said knobs and buttons can be worked with gloves on. A small but elegant design element for any vehicle.

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    That guy

    I may be alone here, but the Edge Concept looks more desirable to me.

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    The baleen nose puts the “krill” into “grill”. The fall in Lincoln styling has been precipitous. I can’t believe that it was just over a decade ago that I seriously considered buying a Lincoln LS, because I thought it was a really nice looking car. I wouldn’t even consider any of the current Lincolns regardless of technical merit.

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    Roberto Esponja

    Am I the only one that thinks ‘Oldsmobile’ when they see this front end?

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      Do you mean “this nameplate has reached the end of the line”? If so, then kind of. I thought Mulally would have killed Lincoln by now, but he still has a year to go. The last near-death experience was with Robert McNamara, but the ’61 Continental saved Lincoln. I don’t see an iconic design that can save it now.

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        @Roberto, I can totally see the old fashioned Oldsmobile Rocket between those grill haves. The overall design looks like an evolution of the S10 Blazer based Bravada.

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    Don’t like the Lincoln signature grill, but this will be a big seller for Lincoln.

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    How can the POS ego boost 2.3 be brand exclusive when the new Rustang is going to get it.

    Another Ford failure.

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      I think thats more of an editor issue than a Ford issue. Ford has never said the 2.3L ecoboost is going to be Lincoln specific. The Escape just won’t be getting the 2.3T. Look for it in plenty of other Ford and Lincoln products though, with varying HP numbers. It has comparable power numbers to the 3.5/3.7 V6 in this form.

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      POS indeed. Those that no not know not of which they speak should keep their thoughts (and typing) to themselves. I know it’s not easy, Chevy guys have been but hurt since the EB 3.5 came out in ’11, 5.0 too for that matter.

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    Looks quite good to me. I really like the exterior styling, pulls it off much better than any of the other Lincolns available right now. (But I seem to be the only person who doesn’t have an issue with their grill design in the first place, and here it seems to be executed much better than on the other MKsomethings.)

    It’s not really fair to judge without touching, but the interior seems sub-par.

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    What will Lincoln do once they have gone through all 26 letters of the alphabet paired with “MK”? Just curious. Or is that question based on the false premise that the brand will last long enough for that to happen?

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    Horizontal tail lights that “run corner to corner” is hardly a new “brand signature” for Lincoln. The previous MKZ had nearly continuous horizontal tail lights. Mark VIII certainly did. Town Cars from 1980-1997 had some form of red reflector running from corner to corner, as did the 75-79 Continental.

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      There’s a big difference between full width tail light reflectors and lighted lamps, especially if they’re LEDs. Then they can spell out messages to the car following, like, “You’re too close – back off”. THAT would be unique, at first. It would be easily copied, then the NHTSA will get in the act and mandate warning messages, so, never mind.

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