TTAC Shirt Winners Announced!

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

We gave you two different chances to win. Time to announce the winners. We don’t have good email addresses for everyone, particularly some of our longer-serving commenters, so make sure we don’t miss you.

We picked these by pulling the comment numbers from the thread and using a random function in Perl to pick the lucky few. Some of you are no doubt already griping that Perl doesn’t have any true random function; it’s all psuedorandom. You fucking nerds, I bet you read Cryptonomicon and snorted when the “peeking into the ball hopper” was enough to let Rudy reverse-engineer the algorithm. I know I did. Anyway. The [s]ten[/s] eleven winners from the original post are:

route88 (Not random, he was First Post)










thegamper (not random, he posted too late and we reward misbehavior)

The [s]five[/s] eight winners from the followup:






DeadWeight (not random, he made a Bertel joke, plus he was the target of that Top Troll stupidity)

supremembrougham (not random, we’ve been stealing his content from his website)

EducatorDan (not random, he’s PrincipalDan)

We have more to give away, and we’ll do that in the upcoming weeks.

If you don’t hear from me via e-mail by Thursday, email us to get us your shipping information. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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  • Threeer Threeer on Oct 23, 2013

    ...and the camel jockey out in the deserts of Saudi Arabia will have to wait until the next contest...gee, I kinda feel like Linus at Halloween...I thought this was the MOST SINCERE desert in all of the world! Why didn't the great TTAC T-shirt show up in my patch of dirt?

  • Acd Acd on Oct 23, 2013

    This made my day. Thanks Jack!

  • Krhodes1 Krhodes1 on Oct 23, 2013

    Thanks guys! Really nice surprise in the middle of a crazy trip for work. Maine to Alabama and back in 30 hours, with 8hrs of work overnight.

  • BobinPgh BobinPgh on Oct 24, 2013

    Jack can we see you modeling the shirt? Better yet, when you make your underwater music video, make a scene underwater with the shirt.