What's This S#!+ About A TTAC E-Newsletter

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
whats this s about a ttac e newsletter

Have you noticed that lately we’ve added a little box at the end of most stories asking you to sign up for the “TTAC E-Newsletter”? Sure you have. You’re observant like that. But why would you possibly want to do such a thing?

It’s simple, really. Once a week or so, we’re going to send a wrap-up of the week’s best stuff to you. That way, if you’ve been busy, distracted, incarcerated, whatever, you won’t miss the topics and articles that stirred the most discussion and interest. If you decide you don’t want it, we’ll take you back off the list.

Some of the newsletters — as many as we can manage — will also have some “behind-the-scenes” stuff. Why didn’t we get Car X to review? What did So-and-So say to us when we exposed their political/textual/on-track maneuvering? That sort of thing.

As of yet, we haven’t actually sent any E-newsletters. We’re still working on the format. But if you want to be first in line, now’s the time to do it. And yeah, we’ll probably give something away to our newsletter readers. Don’t worry, it won’t be a new Aventador or anything like that. Maybe a new Aventador brochure. Assuming we can’t sell said brochure on eBay. What are you waiting for? Sign up already!

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  • Jimal Jimal on Aug 07, 2013

    Why have a news letter when you have a perfectly good website? Data collection? The ability to provide lists to marketing partners? I can't think of a good reason, and I work in marketing so I can think of all the bad ones. If I'm declining to take a Panera Rewards card I'm going to decline this as well.

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    • Jimal Jimal on Aug 07, 2013

      @Jack Baruth Jack, you have to check your Junk Mail folder for the entire e-mail string.

  • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Aug 07, 2013

    Wife: Have you got anything without E-newsletter? Waitress:Well, there's E-newsletter egg sausage and E-newsletter, that's not got much E-newsletter in it. Wife: I don't want ANY E-newsletter! Man: Why can't she have egg bacon E-newsletter and sausage? Wife: THAT'S got E-newsletter in it!

  • Noreaster Noreaster on Aug 07, 2013

    Hey, it's another way, maybe, for the site to make a few ad dollars. I signed up. I can always filter it out if I want to.

  • Redliner Redliner on Aug 07, 2013

    Will it be Top Gear style? ...This week on TTAC, Jack and McBIGbra take a Cadillac Brougham to the track, Alex gets in a trunk, and Sajeev licks a Lincoln.