Ram Reveals Rumble Bee Truck Concept at Woodward Dream Cruse

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
ram reveals rumble bee truck concept at woodward dream cruse

At a time when some question the overall value of big auto show media previews, car companies continue to look for new ways to reveal new product and concepts.

The domestic car manufacturers have long had large displays set up near the huge annual Woodward Dream Cruise, held every year in mid-August. At this year’s Dream Cruise, held this past Saturday, for the first time one of them decided to use the event to show off a new concept vehicle the Ram Rumble Bee truck.

Not only is the Rumble Bee the first concept vehicle revealed at the Dream Cruise, it’s also most likely the first concept vehicle to use an insect as interior trim. The knob that selects the 8-speed transmission’s gear has a real bumble bee embedded in amber (Chrysler says it’s a bumble bee, but it looks more like a common honey bee to me).

The Rumble Bee concept hearkens back to two previous high performance vehicles, the original Dodge Super Bee muscle car, circa 1968-71, and the limited edition Ram 1500 Rumble Bee pickup from 2003.

Based on a two-door standard cab Ram 1500 R/T, the Rumble Bee has a custom matte pearl yellow paint job with black stripes and decals. The Ram badges are blacked out. The pickup’s cargo bed is covered with a body color tonneau that incorporate a spoiler at its back edge. The hood has scoops and the front fascia has an integrated splitter.

Inside the truck is black leather and yellow detail stitching. The seat backs are embroidered with Rumble Bee and the seating surfaces are a yellow/black honeycomb fabric. Under the hood is the corporate 5.7-liter, 395-horsepower Hemi V-8 coupled to ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission. The truck sits fairly high on its 24″ wheels, also in black. True to the Rumble Bee’s name, there’s an exhaust bypass that can be activated by a button on the dashboard.

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  • Pinzgauer Pinzgauer on Aug 20, 2013

    This is the bizarro world truck version of my School Bus Yellow Boss 302. I love it. Its great that it came with exhaust cutouts, I had to install them from aftermarket on the Boss.

  • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Aug 23, 2013

    The wheels I could do without! Otherwise, this piece would find a home in my "if $$$ were no object and I could have lotsa cars" garage (along with a Hemi-powered Challenger, a loaded-up 300 SRT-8, a JGC SRT-8, an '87 GNX, a '67 Shelby of some kind...) Had a neighbor with the previous edition of one of these trucks. Exhaust wasn't too loud, and he just wanted something fun to commute to the local Chrysler plant. Unfortunately, very soon after he retired, he developed pancreatic cancer and died 8 months later. He drove that thing right up until he couldn't any more, and after he died, it went into his son's loving care! My regret is that I didn't ask his wife if I could have done a raucous, crazy-sideways, block-long burnout in his honor! She would have approved! :-)

  • Redapple2 Ford. Too many stories to ignore. They used to have near honda quality. Jeez.EBFlex speaks more truth.
  • IanGTCS I like that he took the time to clean the car before listing it. Too expensive for me but if it was cheaper I'd be pretty tempted. Sure, I don't have the space to for it, the time to work on it or the skills for the body work. But something about these has always spoken to me.
  • Analoggrotto Keep the gasoline one going for ol' times sake. And give the electric car it's "Miata" moment: simple (minimize the attention to electronics), affordable, reliable, light (for an electric) and practical (as far as small wheelbase 2 seaters go) - all relative to electric cars and a sports car's context. However, this may not all be possible at this relative early stage in the electric car's life cycle.
  • Duke Woolworth Shorter folks find sitting in a car with a belt line so high to be undesirable. My wife would have been fine in ours if the seat was inches higher or door sill lower.
  • Fishdaddythehiphophalibut The mullet of crossovers. All good until the back, why does it look so bulbous? Looks like mix of CRV and BMW X6.