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Now that I’m done reviewing Bob Lutz’s new book, I’m going to give a copy away, just like we do with all the accumulated swag over at TTAC Towers. There may or may not be some greasy fingerprints sustained during an attempt to read this book while eating a grilled cheese sandwich. But the price is right. If you want it, all you have to do is give me the most compelling reason why you deserve it. Email your answers to editors at ttac dot com. Contest closes one week from today.

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48 Comments on “TTAC Giveaway: Bob Lutz’s New Book...”

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    I deserve it because I’ve never rolled an Opel on its roof.

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    Because I’m unemployed and need something to read beside job descriptions.

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    I have two Merkurs in my driveway.

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    I deserve this book because I want to grow up to be just like Bob.

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    I deserve a copy of this book because I appreciate that Bob Lutz wasn’t egotistical enough to frame his head with the “o” in “Icons,” but rather the other one.

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    Damn Brunsworks…. still, I’ll try.

    I deserve the book because Lutz’ trim Marine waist-line at his age makes him My Hero.

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    I only read non-fiction, so I’m not sure I really want to read this.

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    I deserve this because it will give me something to sit my beer on other than directly on the coffee table thereby preventing that wet ring on the wood and the resulting anger from my wife.

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    I’m almost out of toilet paper and this would do nicely…

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    He took 65 billion out of my pay check and all I got was a lousy, dog-eared book !

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    Because I drive a Corolla.

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    I deserve it because I bought Carl Ghosn’s EV instead of his. His book has no use preaching to the choir.

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    Because I’m an idiot who cares enough about what Bob Lutz says about me to read it but I’m not a big enough idiot to buy it.

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    Athos Nobile

    I drive the car that served as base to the last GTO. And have a Pontiac badge in my desk from a kappa.

    And also because it would be awesome to send that book down here. I’ll pay the postage with Tim Tams. And if you have to ask what Tim Tam is, you don’t deserve them.

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    Is the reason they surname hi-feature Chevys the LTZ because of LuTZ? If you think that’s why, then I deserve one as a companion piece to my Malibu LuTZ! The cover is even the same color … sorta … at the top …

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    Greg Locock

    I’ve got a table with a short leg.

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    Rod Panhard

    If I ever get the chance to ask Mr. Lutz about his career at BMW, I’d ask him it was his idea to add metallic gold and metallic green to the color choices for BMW motorcycles in the U.S. in 1972, and I’d also ask him if the rumor is true that it was his idea to put chrome panels on the fuel tanks and use chrome battery covers.

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      Those ” Toaster ” tanked BMW /5’s were really odd looking , I still have several (want to buy some old dead BMW Motos ?) including William Shatner’s 1973 LWB R75/5 in Irish Green .

      In spite of the invisible hinge in the middle of the frame , they’re pretty darn good Motos , easily capable of riding the twisty bits at imprudent speeds or blistering across America @ 95 ~ 100 MPH if you’re so inclined .

      I don’t know where my original post went but (too late dammit) I surly don’t _deserve_ this book but I’d like to have it because I’d read it and then pass it along as I do with almost any non technical book I get .

      So , who won it ? .


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    When I’m done reading it I’m going to give it to my dad or donate it to the library. That’s the best I’ve got.

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    It seems like it might have some heft to it, so I can hit people with authority.

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    Because I can’t wait to see who bob puts as #2 on his list of icons……..

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    Because I’m optimistic enough to think that he has a better ghost writer for this one than the last 2 of his books that I’ve bought.

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    This story warrants my receiving the book.

    In 1993, I was a participant in a long-lead “ride and drive” for the new 1994 model year Ram pickup on Baron Hilton’s 850 square mile ranch in Nevada. The ranch was posted at 25 mph because the roads were dirt and there were frequent rises for culverts. Bob drove at 60 because, well, he was Bob.

    One day, two reporters were leaving the ranch to go buy a newspaper. They came across another driver heading in the same direction driving at 30 mph. Inspired by Maximum Bob, they decided to pass at an estimated 60 mph. Visibility was zero because of the dust kicked up by the truck they were passing. Unfortunately, an old Chevy pickup was headed in the other direction driven by a young man who had the job of washing the 1994-model Rams. The result? One dead young man and one reporter in critical condition.

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    Just look at my avatar! It is Leslie Neilson but he always gets mistaken for Bob Lutz.

    But more seriously, I smoke cigars and have attempted J-turns with every vehicle I’ve ever owned (and a few that I didn’t.)

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    Love to read Lutz’ book. Fairy tales have always been a favorite of mine.

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    Because Lutz has occupied both categories.

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    You should give it to me because I already bought a copy and it would be a jerk thing to do.

    Just like me giving money to Bob Lutz.

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    I deserve it so I can burn it for heat. Despite that crock of sh*t global warming it still gets cold where I live.

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    Because I’d rather have a Dacia Sandero over one of Toyoburu twins….

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    I deserve the book because my Coles notes version of leadership tells me I should:

    -be ruthless
    -treat people good
    -have a big rock-steady vision
    -change course faster than the competition
    -think outside the box
    -don’t reinvent the wheel
    -be first
    -be second while avoiding the first’s mistakes
    -cut costs

    With this book, I can finally achieve inner peace. Then I can write a book about it and sell it to some sucker lacking inner peace. My Coles notes version of inner peace tells me I should…

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    Big Al from Oz

    I have a great story to tell. It involves Bob Lutz.

    In 1995 I bought a Jeep Cherokee and by the end of this story you will see it was one of the poorest decisions I have made involving the purchase of a vehicle. The decision was driven by emotion with little logic.

    When I was a teenager I loved pickups, particularly mini trucks. As in the US, Australia was invaded by them. I used to buy US mini truck mags and I relished them.

    I read a comparison review of mini trucks in one mag and it highlighted the Jeep Comanche as the best possible small pickup. It had just removed the anemic Chev V6 and they dropped the AMC 160hp six into it. I wanted one, but in Australia we didn’t have one.

    So, a decade or so later I bought a Cherokee Sport. The engine and gearbox combo worked very well and it had nice torque down low.

    After owning it for a few weeks we had some rain and it filled the foot wells in the front of the Cherokee. I took it back to the dealer to rectify the problem and align the rear tailgate better as it had up to a 3/8″ gap down to nothing between the tailgate and the sill. I got it back with dry carpet and was satisfied with it.

    Another few weeks later the vehicle had to have more warranty work, the park brake release button blew out and ricocheted around the cab, whenever I turned left the 4×4 selector panel light illuminated the wrong drive combination, the rear fibreglass tailgate cracked at the base of the glass.

    But it had rained again and the front foot wells filled up with water again. Not happy I returned the vehicle for repairs. This time they wanted the vehicle for over 1 week.

    During that period at work a guy came up to me and asked how I went fishing on the weekend and I told him my vehicle is in for warranty work and I didn’t go fishing.

    As he knew my vehicle and the TJM alloy bar I had we decided to go and look at my vehicle to see if it was indeed on the beach.

    After a quick inspection it was evident that it was on the beach as sand had gotten into place it normally wouldn’t have been and sitting on the top of the gearbox, structure etc. I had not even off roaded the vehicle by this time.

    I also found half a dozen prick punch holes used to drain the vehicle to drain the water out of the foot wells at the same time. They didn’t use protective covers and the fenders were scratched by the brass snaps on overalls, greasy footprints on the door trim.

    No I was really pi$$ed off. I expressed myself disbelief to the service manager who denied anything had taken place and wanted me to talk to the manager. I expressed that I was dumb founded that any tradesman would use a hammer and punch to drain my the water out of my vehicle, let alone taking it on a beach for fishing.

    I talked to my father and my uncle who lives in LA actually had Robert Lutz private fax number (so I’m lead to believe). I typed a tirade that went for several foolscap and faxed it off.

    Within a week I had a response in writing from Rob Lutz’s office apologising and offering to assist as much as they can. Rob Lutz’s office must have contacted Doug Croker the CEO of Chrysler-Hyundai Australia at the time and he rang me at work to try and resolve the issue with the Jeep and the poor service I had received.

    I had a 3 Series BMW as a courtesy car the vehicle had a complete respray, new carpet front to rear, extended warranty, tow package put on new tailgate, new door trims, essentially whatever I pointed at.

    I can’t thank Robert Lutz or his office enough for the support I was given. His letter also pointed out never to contact him again as it was a Chrysler Australia issue.

    I got rid of the Jeep after 15 months and 90k on it, what a bucket. The diff was on its way out when I traded it in a 3.2 diesel D22 Nissan dual cab 4×4.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Sorry the Nissan was a D20 3.2 diesel 4×4 dualcab. Nice truck, reliable. But a truck to drive.

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    Because Lutz is an American and so am I.


    Thank you inadvance.

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    I deserve the book becuase I live in the Metro Detroit area, and one still see Max Bob out and about. Just four days ago, I beat him in a race on Hines Drive. True, you can only go 40 MPH on it, but I was in front of him the entire time :-)

    He was driving a shiny, brand new 14 Viper, right behind my GTI….couldn’t miss him or the car.

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    How about giving us all a chance to read it? Start a TTAC library. I mean Canadians are Socialists, and use the metric system. OK fine I am still mad I got dirty looks for ordering a black coffee at Tim Hortons.

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    Johnny Canada

    Because I’m just down the road from you in Hamilton Ontario. Cheapest postage, right? And we all know TTAC is about cheap. Just think of the savings that could be passed on to the contributing writers.

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    I’m trying to think – has Bob Lutz ever made a good car that sold well? He’s credited for the E21, the LH cars, and the Exploder, but I’m not sure even those should be particularly lionized as successes.

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    Eric the Red

    Because I will read it.

    And if there are any particularly fascinating nuggets of information I will feed them back to TTAC in different “reader posts” such as, Bob Lutz would have done it this way —–(fill in the blank).

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    I deserve it because I’m confident I can pull off a single Lutz without twisting my ankle.

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    Because I managed to read every page of `Overhaul` by Steven Rattner. A minutia-filled, 320 page book that took one of the most intense, political, survivalist periods in automotive history and distilled it into a boring dissertation of how he was right, had to continually buy everybody else`s lunch and the name and company of every person he came in contact with in that year.

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    ? WTH ?

    This is my THIRD attempt to reply , the other two went God alone knows where .

    So , who won the book ? .


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