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Devoted readers of my personal site, if any such individuals actually exist, know that I’m currently in Malaysia for the purpose of compromising the international dignity of the United States by acting like a member of the “Duck Dynasty” in a time-trial series. The past week’s been fairly intense, to put it mildly. (And if I put it anything other than mildly, I couldn’t discuss it in a family-oriented publication like TTAC.) Today, however, I was visiting a few shops in Shah Alam, Selangor, to discuss a seat in the Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race and things got weird.

The car in the photo above is a lime green Audi A5 2.0T. I happened upon it by pure blind chance.

I want to repeat that, just for the record.

I flew a total of 12,700 air miles over the course of twenty-five hours, then drove four hours from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, then drove another hour to a cluster of obscure race shops in a corner of Selangor, Malaysia, and happened to drive right by this car. Occurrences like this make me strongly question my belief that the entire universe is ordered along logical principles.

Why is it so ZOMGAMAZING that I happened to find this car? Well… Long-time TTACers know that nearly three years ago, I sold my Audi Exclusive S5 in 1973 Porsche Lime Green. If you’ve forgotten the car, or never heard about it, here it is:

The Internet fame accorded to that particular car, the ease with which I sold it, and Audi’s passive-aggressive reluctance to even discuss doing another one for me all led me to believe that nobody had ever done anything quite like it before or since. It’s quite possible I’m wrong about that.

When I saw the A5, I immediately stopped my car, jumped out, and started photographing it. This led to an extremely unpleasant conversation with the proprietor of the garage, who told me I didn’t have the right to take pictures in a public street. My American sense of photographic freedom did not at any point intersect with his Malaysian sense of privacy. He wouldn’t tell me anything about the owner and he wouldn’t put me in touch with said owner. After a brief standoff, I agreed to leave but did not agree to delete the photograph.

What does the photograph tell us? Well, it’s a pre-facelift A5, and I’m guessing it’s a 2010 model. The interior is black, not brown. My quick impression was that the black roof was a vinyl decal. “Wraps” are a big deal in Malaysia — a few hours later, I had the chance to talk to the proprietor of a shop that wraps GT-Rs in brushed-metal foil — but I don’t believe this was a wrap. The car had the shine and depth of real paint.

Whether it’s factory paint is another matter, but I’m inclined to think it is, for this reason: it’s not Porsche Lime Green. Instead, it’s the “Viper Metallic Green” that was popular on the Euro-market Scirocco. When I started the order process for my Audi, this was the first color that was suggested to me, because it was already in the VAG paint bin. I insisted on the proper Lime Green and got it, but I can see how Audi might have steered subsequent punters to the metallic green. I don’t think it looks as good, but then again, I wouldn’t, would I?

Naturally, I am more or less dead certain that this car was inspired by mine. Perhaps the owner will see this and contact me to let me know. What are the chances, really, that I would just happen to fly and drive to the precise spot where the only other lime green Audi coupe in the world was sitting? It boggles the mind, it really does, and it piques the curiosity. If you’re the owner, holler at your boy here. I’d like to talk to you about the car — and I have a set of snow tires to sell you.

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24 Comments on “I Flew Twelve Thousand Miles To Accidentally Meet My Biggest Fan...”

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    I loved the anecdote, but the thought that I’m left with after reading the article is, “Wait, you can’t take pictures of a car that’s on a public road?!? Wow.” In any case, I agree, it doesn’t look as good in Viper Metallic Green.

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    Another Audi model, similar to Jack’s old car, exists in a similar color? While of course the owner simply MUST be a Baruth worshipper. How could there be any other explanation?

    I’m not sure if the audacity of that assumption makes me like the author less or more.

    • 0 avatar

      He refers to his ladyfriend as Vodka McBigbra (and gets away with it!!) Definitely makes me like him more (and if my wife is reading this, I’m only kidding honey!)

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      Especially when said author theorizes that it’s a standard factory color…

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      I’m going to postulate that the owner probably has seen Jack’s car before. He sold it three years ago and for almost 2 years thereafter, he never_once_shut_up_about_it. Kinda like the guy who breaks up with a girl and talkes more about her after she’s gone than while she was around.

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    Definitely prefer yours over the Mountain Dew Green shade of this one.

    Although the color still looks best on a 70’s Porsche. These brighter colors just don’t go as well with plastic look of todays cars as they did with the metals of old.

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    Wow, there are 2 people in the world who would paint their car that color…

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    Aggravated assailant?

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    The Audi 5 has really grown on me over the past year, even despite its functionally-bland styling that seems to be the hallmark of German cars.

    I’d buy one today if I could swing it.

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      The thing about a lot of German cars is that they’re chided for being too boring or slowly evolutionary, but in person, many of them are subtly stunning in a way that their more garish (today, mostly Asian) competitors just can’t match.

      Eye of the beholder, of course. I think the A5 is (and always has been) a fantastic looking car.

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    Reminds me a lot of Audi’s Java Green (Google “Java Green Audi” to see what I’m talking about).

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    Malaysia has a pretty strong car/tuner culture, so I’m not super surprised to see a twin to your Audi over there. As expensive as the A5 is over here, in Malaysia that car is ungodly expensive (huge import tariffs on cars to prop up Proton). So whoever owns that car must be a well to do man of means with a Baruthian flair.

    Next time you’re there, eat at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen (, my in-laws’ American restaurant. Might help with the homesickness!

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    Athos Nobile

    You have a website? Where’s that?

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    slow kills

    Have we ruled out color blindness?

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    Could the photo of Jack’s car possibly be from VIR?

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    That car has been in a nasty accident. The shut lines on the door and the trunk are all out. As I look at the photo the glass for the tail light is high on the left and low on the right.

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    I think you may have fallen through a time space continuum portal and landed in your parallel universe causing a wrinkle in the time warp. That wasn’t a wannabe, that was just you a few years ago… I hear that happens a lot in Malaysia

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    Snow tires in Malaysia are probably a tough sell. Any pictures of new acquaintances? I especially enjoy your framing techniques. Man Ray comes to mind.

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    Didn’t know about the personal blog. Bookmarked.

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