Charge! Electric Racers Attack Pikes Peak

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
charge electric racers attack pikes peak

The annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is quickly turning into a Nurburgring equivalent when it comes to bragging rights of electric vehicle makers. The venue is perfect for EVs: The track is 12.42 miles long, as cinch even for the most range-challenged EV. The track finishes at 14,110 ft, a height that deprives ICE-powered cars of oxygen and some 40 percent of their power. An EV just laughs at the breathless engines. I learn all those trivia today in Mitsubishi’s showroom in Tamachi, Tokyo. A descendant on Mitsubishi’s iMiev will be part of the electrified hill climb.

The last year’s winner was the Toyota TMG EV P002. It will defend its title. Across town in Tokyo, Mitsubishi fields its MiEV Evolution II all-electric racer. The sport appears to be one for mature men. Mitsubishi-driver and two-time Dakar Rally overall champion Hiroshi Masuoka is a relative youngster at age 53. Toyota’s driver Rod Millen is 61. Pikes Peak legend Monster Tajima, himself 63, won’t return in an EV, but will arrive with a 670hp hachi-roku.

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  • Electric cars accelerate faster than ICE cars. No turbos, no superchargers, JUST PURE TORQUE. Problem is, their discharge rate is usually never high enough to compensate for their shortage of gears and their MASSIVE curb weight so they end up running out of steam and not having very high top speeds. The way I see it, Tesla needs to make a VEYRON KILLER (so my shares increase in value!).

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    • Rpn453 Rpn453 on May 18, 2013

      "Electric cars accelerate faster than ICE cars." What an absurd statement. Which electric cars accelerate faster than which ICE cars?

  • Schmitt trigger Schmitt trigger on May 16, 2013

    The competition will be electrifying, and sparks will certainly fly. Sorry...bad coffee today.

  • Dukeisduke I know it really isn't, but the central display looks like it's being held by one of those cheap spring-loaded mobile phone mounts. Poor interior design.
  • Fred Remember when radios were an option? Do you know you can use your phone to listen to any radio station in the world? This is just a whole waste of time.
  • Pig_Iron ASTC 3.0 AM radio was successfully demonstrated at CES. It is a common standard shared with terrestrial television, so the audio equipment is commonized for broadcasters. And no royalty fees to pay, unlike HDRadio which has been a less than stellar success. 📻
  • Art Vandelay Crimes that are punished with fines encourage abuse by those enforcing them. If it is truly dangerous to the public, maybe jail or give the offenders community service. People’s time tends to be very valuable to them and a weeks lost work would certainly make a high earner think twice. If it isn’t a big danger why are police enforcing it (outside of raising money of course). Combine it with a points system. When your points are gone you do a week imitating Cool Hand Luke.
  • Cha65697928 High earners should pay less for tickets because they provide the tax revenue that funds the police. 2-3 free speeding tix per year should be fair.