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Not to be outdone by the bull from Wolfsburg, BMW’s adopted super-luxury brand, Rolls Royce, offers its “most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history.” The Wraith, a car “with just a hint of the noir,” as Rolls says in an email.

The car looks a little bit like when a Plymouth Barracuda went to 4th base with a Phantom. It’s the Rolls version of a fastback muscle car. The V12 engine makes 624 bhp and propels the big bruiser from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

In the gizmo department, the Wraith has a Satellite Aided Transmission (a.k.a., clever, clever SAT:) Via GPS mapping, “the correct gear is always pre-selected for the road terrain ahead.”

In Europe, the car will cost €245K ($320k) – downright approachable, compared to the Wolfsburg bull.

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26 Comments on “Wanna Wraith?...”

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    I guess it all comes down to what you consider “luxury”. I’m happy with cooled/heated/massage seats and lots of technology, but I personally don’t like wood grain or hood ornaments.

    I prefer carbon fiber or piano black trims to wood.

    As far as interior feel, the Rolls Royce cars are MASSIVE. I was in a Phantom and it was like being in a truck. No shortgage of leg or even “standup” space. The Ghost is big too. Problem: they are so gawdy. When you drive one here, people assume you are a limo driver or doing a Wedding.

    If you really wanna show off how much money you’ve got, drive a Lamborghni or Veyron here.

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    I had been waiting a long time for the Ghost coupe.

    I am not disappointed.

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    Too bad these weren’t out when the time came to replace my Golf TDI. I had my wife’s permission to buy whatever I wanted…

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    The BMW 7series coupe knock down kit edition. I do dislike rolls under BMW – with its day coat wearing assembly line workers – in all of its fake Britishness, but I despise the gaudy headliner with sparkly stars. Why would one want a McMansion feature in a car? What’s next a non functioning “French balcony”, some glue on stonework, an infinity pool?

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    Simply put – that is a beautiful automobile.

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      I think it looks okay, even if garish (that’s what ballers, real or pretend, want).

      Then again, it looks like a coupe version of the Maybach in many respects, that was placed into an extremely high pressure compression chamber, and even has a similar “look at me” two-tone profile, just like the Maybach if it’s wearing the correct exterior colors.×782.jpg

      For that kind of money, meh…

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    Satellite assisted transmission? This is one of those cars that will be useless when the zombie apocalypse is upon us.. But for now, I’ll take one in black please..

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    Well this looks largely stunning. Though I wouldn’t have it in cranberry/premium beige. The interior is very impressive as well with so many trees. But ditch the chintzy pinhole constellation ceiling, as it’s not a 98 Town Car limo.

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    Well that’s out then. It would be lurching and bucking very un-luxuriously if I drove to Mom’s in it.
    On the way to her house, I can’t even get reception to my phone.

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    Are my eyes deceiving me? Are those suicide doors?? In 2013???

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      Designed so that the Hilton, Spears & Kardashian target market don’t have to reveal their lack of underwear. The photo set focus on the rear seats is intriguing, I can’t imagine even Her Majesty The Queen would be able to scramble out from there without flashing her bloomers.

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      Chicago Dude

      Does RR currently have any other suicide-doored coupe on sale?

      If not, I saw this thing last week in front of the W Chicago downtown while walking back the office after lunch. The valet had just pulled it in front and got out. The suicide doors were real.

      I wouldn’t call myself a RR fan, but that car was awesome.

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    These automobiles have lost their inbred panache. When looking at the big Turbo Bentley cousins of the day, you could see the aggression in them, and conversely, the elegance of the Rolls. While I will admit they have been improved by German ownership, this has come at the cost of their soul. I drove the coupe with the W engine back when they first came out, and was amazed by its ability to propel itself to speed so quickly. But it had none of the charm of the ’72 Corniche my girlfriend’s father owned. I am obviously in the minority as Bloomberg says their sales are up 50% YTD. Those damn Germans are always making me look bad. Or, more likely, I just don’t get it. If I could afford to spend $300k+ on a car, I’d get a Nomad for the highway, a Lotus for track day, and a pagoda roof SL for me and my baby to drive. With some change to play Cypress while at the Concours. I should give them credit, though, because this looks like a nicely done coupe.

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    Rolls Royce finally found itself in the aero age; though I am also not sure about the suicide doors and the stars in the ceiling.

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    It’s by no means an ugly car, but I still feel it’s something of a letdown: the RR Phantom has unbelievable presence (mind you, it’s enormous) but it still manages to pull that off without being ostentatious or nouveau riche. (I’m looking at you, Maybach.)

    This is precisely the element that I feel the Wraith is lacking: It’s just a bit too garish, there’s too much hot rod in the rear view, and the oversized dubs wouldn’t look out of place on a blinged-out Escalade. And that inexcusable, gaudy headliner can now be had on a $16,000 Opel Adam as well. (Check it out, Americans…)

    The target clientele will undoubtedly love it (and possibly order it with gold-plated everything), but there’s still a whiff of missed opportunity about it all.

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    Elegance, defined.

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    If there’s one car made to be chauffeur driven while the owner entertains or works in the back it is the Rolls Royce. So how is it a good idea to remove the headroom and views back there?

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Rolls-Royces always have tremendous presence and attention to detail, and this Wraith does not disappoint. It looks like they’ve even gone and engraved the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot in the iDrive controller. I am impressed with Rolls-Royce for doing a fastback musclecar-type vehicle instead of trying to emulate the more-upright Phantom Coupé. And best of all, the punter looking to unload his gently-used BMW 6-Series will have something to move up to without going all the way to said Phantom.

    What gives me pause, however, is the satellite-linked transmission. I don’t know if the Rolls-Royce brand was necessarily the right testbed for something so new, because Rolls-Royce/Bentley drivers are even less patient than their respective BMW/Volkswagen brethren when things go awry. After all, these land-yachts are well into the six-figures, and they should work flawlessly…

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    Looks like something Boyd Coddington would have slapped his name on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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    Can’t wait ’til they get one in the (window) of my local dealer.

    I must say I don’t go for the two tone, nor for the stainless accents on the hood and windshield structure of the Phantom coupe and drophead. Too fussy. There’s an all black Phantom drophead in my neighborhood. None of that fussy stainless. Marvelously thuggish looking – my first thought on seeing it is always of Darth Vader’s helmet.

    If I won the Lotto and needed a Rolls, I think a navy blue one-tone over tobacco brown (or maybe more toward mahogany) Wraith coupe would be ideal.

    On the other hand, Bentley is said to be preparing a Mullsane coupe . . . .

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Yes, they probably are, considering that the Mulsanne is the replacement for the Arnage, and the Arnage had coupe (Brooklands) and convertible (Azure) bodystyles, and all three of them–despite using antiquated technology–were far more classy than the Volkswagen-derived Continental line…

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