February Sales Way Down in Europe, Ford And GM Devastated

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
february sales way down in europe ford and gm devastated

The European car market goes to where it has been going for a while: To the toilet. February sales in the EU were down 10.5 percent year-on-year. Sales in February were 9.5 percent lower than an already disappointing January.

Except for the UK (up 7.9 percent), all other European volume markets were down, ranging from -9.8 percent in Spain to -10.5 percent in Germany, -12.1 percent in France and -17.4 percent in Italy.

GM and Ford, both down more than 20 percent, were hit very hard and are the worst performing of the major makers. Volkswagen is no longer walking on water, and sunk by 7.4 percent.

New Passenger Car Registrations EU, February 2013FebruaryJanuary – February %Share %ShareUnitsUnits% Chg %ShareUnitsUnits% Chg’13’12’13’1213/12’13’12’13’1213/12ALL BRANDS**795,482889,050-10.51,681,0731,858,270-9.5VW GRP24.623.8195,608211,205-7.424.523.8411,566441,404-6.8VOLKSWAGEN12.912.8102,617113,858-9.912.612.8211,478237,609-11.0AUDI5.24.841,19542,885-,30491,975-2.9SEAT2.32.118,41518,345+,00437,261+2.0SKODA3.94.031,00735,990-,91174,226-9.9Others (1)0.30.02,374127+1769.30.30.05,869333+1662.5PSA GRP12.613.0100,450115,668-,060237,141-14.8PEUGEOT6.96.754,54259,726-,388125,488-12.8CITROEN5.86.345,90855,942-,672111,653-17.0RENAULT GRP9.79.577,41484,599-,540165,350-7.1RENAULT7.27.657,37767,309-,275129,424-12.5DACIA2.51.920,03717,290+,26535,926+12.1GM GRP7.28.157,41072,309-,700144,395-12.9OPEL/VAUXHALL6.16.448,25857,306-,868113,408-5.8CHEVROLET1.11.79,13514,973-,79030,903-39.2GM (US)0.00.01730- GRP6.97.354,82865,087-,597133,177-14.0FIAT5.45.242,89846,044-,03994,058-5.3LANCIA/CHRYSLER0.71.05,4348,842-,57417,771-34.9ALFA ROMEO0.60.94,5767,862-,99016,478-39.4JEEP0.20.21,7662,094-,5754,222-15.3Others (2)0.00.0154245-,82665,591-,169146,226-23.3BMW GRP5.85.346,36147,539-,33798,811+2.6BMW4.84.337,83538,131-,97279,868+5.1MINI1.11.18,5269,408-,36518,943-8.3DAIMLER5.34.942,36443,159-,58890,628+1.1MERCEDES4.74.337,15037,969-,06179,916+1.4SMART0.70.65,2145,190+,52710,712-1.7TOYOTA GRP4.14.032,55035,364-,45684,138-16.3TOYOTA4.03.831,57333,848-,84279,456-14.6LEXUS0.10.29771,516-,6144,682-44.2HYUNDAI3.93.430,64630,040+,37562,418-0.1NISSAN3.53.428,14230,517-,13465,574-6.8KIA2.72.521,61322,134-,78743,743+2.4VOLVO1.71.813,20615,890-,46134,459-17.4SUZUKI1.11.28,94310,450-,35623,145-16.4MAZDA1.11.09,0728,550+,79516,844+11.6JLR GRP0.90.87,1406,786+,61716,428+13.3LAND ROVER0.70.75,9375,808+,38313,779+11.6JAGUAR0.20.11,203978+,2342,649+22.1HONDA1.10.88,9817,442+,38315,977+15.1MITSUBISHI0.50.64,2475,657-,70712,871-32.4OTHER**0.61.24,68111,063-,44425,542-31.7Source: ACEA

Data can be downloaded here as PDF, here as Excel.

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  • Mpresley Mpresley on Mar 19, 2013

    Anent Jag: when you sell only a little, a little more goes a long way on a chart. I wish them well, but see them as a likely casualty of too little for too much for too few. On the other hand, if Greece and Cyprus are in any relation to the rest of the EU, perhaps good times for all are not ahead. I would like a new GTD, though. Go Germany (and Mexico).

  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Mar 19, 2013

    I can see this going on for a couple more years in the Eurozone. It's a pity, but necessary, a broom is needed to go through and clean up the manufacturers. Also if the goverments look at the data they will hopefully see that their interference in trade/industry can increase problems. I can see PSA becoming part of the Nissan/Renault Alliance. Also as an outside chance I can Mitsubishi becoming part of it as well. Within a couple of years you will start to see the motor vehicle industry rationalise. The industry has tried to cut fat from their companies but it isn't enough. Like I stated you will see fewer and fewer manufacturers, the current model just isn't working. The Euro manufacturers will lead in this area. Their governments don't have the money anymore to support inefficient operations or create false markets.

  • Jeff S I haven't seen one of these since the 90s. Good find.
  • William Piper Ditch the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance for starters….Mitzu has probably benefited less than the other two partners and it has shackled any brand creativity moving forward.
  • Tassos I knew a woman in the area, a journalist (at least she claimed to be a reporter of some kind) who owned one of these tiny pickups with a manual transmission. SHe was only 40 at the time, but she must have been hard of hearing, because she would routinely forget to shift and we would go at fairly high speeds in very low gear, which made a huge racket, which did not seem to bother her (hence my deafness hypothesis). Either that, or she was a lousy driver. Oh well, another very forgettable, silly car from the 80s (and if my first and LAST VW, a 1975 Dasher wagon, was any indication, a very unreliable one too!)
  • Tassos Now as for the Z specifically, Car and Driver had a comparison test of the new Z400, a car that looks good on paper, with plenty of HP etc, but, despite the fact that the cars that win in those tests are usually brand new models that are more up to date than their aging rivals, the Z finished DEAD LAST in the test, to my ovbious surprise.
  • Arthur Dailey Sorry but compare that spartan interior to the Marks that Corey is writing about. 'A cigarette lighter'. Every Mark had 4 cigarette lighters and ashtrays. And these came standard with 'a 3.4-liter, 182-horsepower straight-six in the engine compartment and a five-speed manual transmission'. Those do not tick off many of the luxury boxes aspired to by 'the greatest generation'.Not sure about the 7 series but one of My Old Man's associates showed up once with a brand new 5 series circa 1977 and they gave him such a bad time that he traded it for a Fleetwood within a week.