Another TTAC Writer Makes Good

Ronnie Schreiber
by Ronnie Schreiber
another ttac writer makes good

Lord, Mr. Farago what have you done? Baruth just did a Lotus/Porsche comparo for Road & Track, Steve Lang is currently contributing to Yahoo Autos and Jalopnik, and Murilee Martin’s been writing for Autoweek and pieces for Car and Driver lately as well. Those writing gigs follow TTAC alumni Justin Berkowitz and Jonny Lieberman’s buff book editorial positions. The Learned Elders of TTAC continue to infiltrate and influence the autojourno world. I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the illustrious list above by becoming a regular online contributor to Hemmings Motor News. My first piece for Hemmings is a report on the Ridler Award winning car and the other Great 8 finalists at the 2013 Detroit Autorama.

Hemmings, the most prestigious collector and special interest automobile publication there is, must be doing something right in that they’re a print periodical that’s still making money in 2013. As a print publication they may have survived Newsweek, but this is indeed 2013 so HMN is expanding their online footprint. I’ll be part of that process, contributing news and comment about cars and car culture.

For those who appreciate what I do here, I’ll still be contributing my own unique musings on things automotive here at TTAC as well as editing Cars In Depth, my own site. While there is bound to be some topical overlap, the three sites have different missions so they really don’t compete with each other, or at least not enough so the nice folks at Hemmings mind.

In addition to my colleagues mentioned above, I want to thank my TTAC editors, Bertel Schmitt, Derek Kreindler, and Ed Niedermeyer for putting up with this loose cannon and perpetual adolescent. I’d never have gotten the opportunity at Hemmings if I hadn’t had a digital soapbox to stand upon here. This is a special place. Of course, particular thanks must also go to The Truth About Cars founder Robert Farago who encouraged me in the first place to contribute to TTAC and was willing to pay me for the privilege, no sarcasm intended. It’s genuinely a privilege to be part of this site, to have the colleagues I have here and of course to be able to interact with TTAC’s well informed and thoughtful commenters.

As with TTAC, I was a Hemmings reader before I was a contributor and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t jazzed about the gig. Hemmings Motor News is one of the great things about car culture. If you haven’t yet perused an issue or checked out their website (which of course contains Hemmings’ famous classified ads as well as the Hemmings Blog, Hemmings TV, links to their publications and a section of user generated content) I urge you to do so. If you’ve found what I write for TTAC entertaining and informative, you can follow my contributions to Hemmings at this link.

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  • Jim Sutherland Jim Sutherland on Mar 18, 2013

    Boy do I hear you on that Maverick comment Ronnie. You definitely are a kindred spirit when it comes to car shows and non-garden variety attendees. The formerly common and disposable cars like Mavericks and Vegas were not saved as collectors. Now they are rock stars at shows because of their scarcity.

  • Photog02 Photog02 on Mar 20, 2013

    Hemmings might not be the top in popular mindshare among the everyday folk but, as far as reputation goes, they are far and above the top. Congratulations! You are now supporting two of my favorite, and most respected, titles!

  • MrIcky I would like to compare the answers here against the answers in the recent civil forfeiture article- but I won't because research is hard. It's true though that currently a ticket has no punitive value on those with means and maybe an outsized punitive value on those without. That's not communism, that's just the way it is. Speeding tickets are too arbitrary anyway though: officer discretion, speed trap towns, excessively low speed zones in areas to increase ticket revenue instead of safety, etc. I could clearly see a case where expensive cars are selectively enforced over cheap cars because you only have so much time in a day to up the revenue. It's a gray rainy crap morning and I'm sure the government will do it wrong.
  • 28-Cars-Later Feels a bit high but then again... forget it Jake, its Clown World.In 2021 someone in Sewickley had an MY01 soft top in a manual with 54K otc which I am fairly certain was a 996 and not a Boxster - $20K. I already had my C70 at the shop being reborn and could have done the $20K but it would have been tight and just didn't make sense. Still...
  • SCE to AUX Q: Should Speeding Fines Be Based on Income?A: Yes. Rich people (the guy with $1 more than you) should pay less, because giving his income to the government means he has to lay off a worker at his business.Laws are for poor people./s
  • SCE to AUX "Volvo has suggested it’s capable of yielding 275 miles of range"Every non-US car's range estimate is based on WLTP - worth mentioning.EPA range never 'backs up' WLTP; it's always about 15% lower - so figure maybe 234 miles. Not great, except as a commuter.As for the interior - it's obviously a Model 3 clone, but the screen is substantially smaller. Incidentally, I suspect Tesla made the Model 3/Y interior so minimalist to save money - not just to be different. When you're trying to become profitable on EVs, every dollar counts.
  • Dukeisduke I know it really isn't, but the central display looks like it's being held by one of those cheap spring-loaded mobile phone mounts. Poor interior design.