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You guys know that I want all of you to go autocrossing, right? Perhaps this video will help.

ProSolo is different from traditional autocross both in the obvious aspects (the drag tree) and in the course construction itself. Most ProSolos have higher corner speeds and more drama in the slaloms. It’s worth checking out, even as a spectator. That’s right: ProSolo is a decent spectator sport, too. After all, it’s easy to see who won — it’s the guy or girl who makes it to the finish line first.

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    So, say you get knocked out in the first round – do you only get 1 run for the day & entry fee then?

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    You get a minimum of 12 runs in three different sessions to see where you stand. 4 runs each time Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM. They take your best right side and best left side run to add them together to determine class standings.

    It’s only the Challenge session on Sunday afternoon that you can loose and go home after a single run. By that point the field is already down from 200+ to 32 driver’s for the main Challenge bracket.

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    Great question-

    A ProSolo has 3 rounds of in class competition- you get 4 runs per round, total of 12 covering Saturday and Sunday morning. After that is complete, the top 32 drivers in the event (the class winners + those closest to their classes winning time) are put into the challenge. Each Challenge round is one run from each side for each driver, so a driver who doesn’t get to the challenge will get 12 runs, a driver out in the first round will get 14 and a challenge winner would get 24. There is also a bonus challenge for anyone who doesn’t make the super challenge. The bonus challenge is a random draw of 8 drivers who compete for a free entry into another event.

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    What makes it ‘Pro’? Do I make money on it?

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    There is prize money at a Pro, but I think of the name as being Representative of the next level- No one makes a living at it :)

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    That looks very cool. I was wondering how my Leaf might do (since it pulls pretty good Gs), until I saw it wasn’t listed among the eligible vehicles. :(

    You can even run a Prius at these things.

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