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Shuffled off to the side of the Volkswagen display at the Canadian International Auto Show was this Golf, sporting a carbon fibre roof and side mirrors.

Back in September, VW announced a planned Golf ‘Carbon’ GTI that intends to use these carbon fibre bits plus fashion its front bulkhead and floorpan out of lightweight aluminium. While this car was devoid of GTI badges, it did have these same carbon fibre treatments. Sadly, VW would not allow TTAC to tear up the carpet and see if the floor was made of aluminium. These changes reportedly shave about 200kg off the weight of a normal GTI.

It may be one of a few special packages offered in 2014, commemorating the Golf’s 40th year. If equipped with the standard 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine, a Carbon GTI could fire off a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds.

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13 Comments on “Light On Top: VW Golf Carbon GTI...”

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    Does this go on the list as a good special edition or not?

    Carbon fiber is good….aluminum is good. Both sound expensive, particularly when paired with an engine from 2008.

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    Hey kids!

    Want to have a more expensive Golf and look like a bigger tool by telling people you have a GTI Carbon?

    Would you like to bore your girlfriend to tears explaining how much better and more expensive your Golf is, compared to the 12 other Golfs you see each day?

    We’ve got you covered.

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    Pretty sure that’s not CF but di-noc, a vinyl wrap. See:

    Not sure why VW would put either on a Golf that isn’t sitting the floor at SEMA.

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    mulled whine

    putting vinyl wrap carbon on the roof and mirrors, plus a chip in it would achieve the same for a fraction of the price, would it not ?

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    I’m confused. Wasn’t the rumored carbon-roofed edition in reference to the Mk7 GTI? Why would they do this to an outgoing base Mk6 Golf 2.5 in Canada? And VW “Motorsport” black wheels to boot…

    This has to be VW of Canada trying to drum up interest for the last batch of Mk6 Golfs.

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    Losing 200kg is a massive improvement. That would be about 15% off the mk6 kerb weight (I think that is what is pictured). If it’s a mk7 then it’s even more impressive since vw claim that is already 100kg lighter than a mk6. I would be very surprised if the cost of this makes any sense though, and the comment above about the show model simply being vinyl wrapped is probably true.

    Just chipping and wrapping it would not achieve the same effect as the weight loss would also provide a respective increase in handling, braking, fuel economy and even transmission and engine longevity. Oh, and you could always chip the lighter version as well :-)

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    A Caving Ape

    I’ll only believe a 2600lb GTI when I see it for sale. And then… I’ll think seriously about buying it. That car would be a blast.

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    Yeah, I saw that…and I ID’d it as a regular 2013 Golf with vinyl on it. Which is what it is.

    There are not going to be any special packages for the 2014 Golf or GTI…that’s going to be year 1 for the Mk 7 – why would they have a special edition for a first-year car?

    And the stunning level of re-engineering required to take a steel unit-bodied car and make structural parts of it out of carbon fiber…for a car that will sell for the price a Golf sells for…?

    Is it April 1 already?

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    Does VW expect me to believe that they tore 440 lbs out of the Mk VI Golf?


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    Claims are the GTI will weigh lots less. Seeing as how base Mk7s are just around 1,000 kgs versus the 1,200 – 1,300 the Mk6s were, a 1,100 kg GTI and a 1,050 kg Carbon version are very possible.

    I’m really REALLY interested in the new Haldex system for the front differential.

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    Yeah, that roof saves a few pounds…compared to a padded one.

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    It’s just a Mk6 Golf, and a very poorly equipped one at that.

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