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BMW executes on its plan to bring at least one new MINI to every show it graces. In Geneva, it is the MINI John Cooper Works Paceman, a.k.a. the MINI with the maxi name.  If we believe the press release, the car “combines mouthwatering sporting flair and inimitable style to usher in a new dimension in driving fun.”

What’s more, “the new model sees the compact Sports Activity Coupé concept wrapped up in an extra layer of muscular proportions and dynamically stretched lines.”wait, there’s …

… more: “The driver and passengers can lap up the resultant sensation of race competition and the interior’s characteristic sports car ambience from four individual seats.” Who writes that stuff?

The engine is the familiar blown 1.6-liter four-cylinder mill It still “develops output of 160 kW/218hp and peak torque of 280 Newton meters (207 lb-ft), which can be increased to 300 Newton meters (221 lb-ft) for short periods between 2,100 and 4,500 rpm courtesy of the overboost function.”

Tell you what, instead of trying to wade through the multiple pages of the short form of the press release, here is the long form, ready for download. 1 megabyte, so watch your smartphone cap.

Collegial hint to BMW: Those press releases are a violation of the Geneva AND the Hague Land War Conventions. Their mitigating factor is the class leading rich supply of pictures. In that department, you are the best, BMW.  Alright, we need to fill the space between the pictures, somehow …



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8 Comments on “Another Car Show, Another MINI: John Cooper Works Paceman – Yes, My Name Is Longer Than Yours...”

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    Please, make it stop. Coming next from MINI: every color is a different model – so this is the BLACK John Cooper Works Paceman – next auto show, we’re going to introduce the RED one!

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    MINI John Cooper Works Paceman
    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    Ok, so it does win by one character.

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    “Who writes that stuff”?

    The fops who write the dish descriptions for upper scale restaurant menus.

    First came to my attention way back in 1963, when a remodelled restaurant went from serving chicken and chips, to “Half a farm fresh chicken, lovingly deep fried then placed upon a heap of golden fries, served on a napkin and placed in one of our local craft produced wicker baskets.75 cents.”

    I understand the menu writer had previously been employed as a brochure writer for our provincial tourism department.

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    Hey look, it’s MINI’s GTI competitor, with a starting price higher than the GTI tops out!

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    Not to mention, there is no longer a cook in a restaurant, he/she is an “Executive Chef.”

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    For the sake of us older,less ‘techie’ reader..could TTAC publish REAL HP and Torque numbers…not the ‘newton’..”what the fuck is that”?? numbers.
    I have been reading everything on this site for a number of years and I feel that I deserve REAL American horsepower and torque info from your writers…
    If I’m being simplistic kick me off the site..but this is the second article that I have read that quotes these ‘newton’ numbers and its time to put a stop to it or publish both ‘newton’ and something every reader can understand!!

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