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Devoid of any exciting product, Honda is trotting out its now-dead S2000 sports car for the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, with a host of cosmetic enhancements that make the car look like a cross between the Moss Motors catalog and a bad acid trip.

Modulo, the aftermarket accessory arm of Honda Japan, outfitted the S2000 with some of their own enhancements, including the awful retainer-esque chrome piece across the front bumper, and little winglets on the trunklid. The mechanicals of the car remain untouched, giving the Modulo S2000 at least one redeeming quality.

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38 Comments on “Revamped Honda S2000 Gets A Silly Moniker, Dental Work...”

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    Retainer on the front. Acne on the back.

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    Freddy M

    Oh Dear.

    To my knowledge that doesn’t even fit with any of Honda’s current styling cues. It’s more along the lines of what Mazda is trying to do now.

    And the back is just all sorts of ugly. Looks like a cheap aftermarket bumper and stick-on go faster parts.

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    Somewhere in there, behind the chrome dental retainer, underneath the devils horns on the deck lid, is a sweet ride, to me. Don’t make them anymore? All that means to me is that the S2000 now adds to the ranks of the sweetest used rides you can buy. Loved my S2000, selling it felt like selling one of my kids. Wish it was still in my driveway.

    Anyone notice, in the interior photo, that the inside handle on the left door looks to be backwards?

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      Freddy M

      Handle looks fine to me. But you had an original so you’d know what it’s supposed to look like.

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      If it’s not backwards, it’s certainly counter intuitive.

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        So, I have an extra owners handbook still for the S2000 that didn’t leave with the car(the new owner did get the original manual), and I looked up the inside handle. Don’t you know the handle in the handbook looks like the handle in TTAC, as ‘caltemus’ wrote, counter intuitive. It’s funny that as long as I owned my S2000, I didn’t notice that. My original point is that with inside handles of that design, the fulcrum point faces the driver, and the narrow edge of the handle faces away from the driver. Apparently, not on an S2000. False alarm for some.

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      Ruined one the most beautiful cars Honda ever made. It has that “chiseled” look that Honda’s and Acura’s used to have that I loved so dearly. I spose that it should not come as a surprise to me that they would allow this to happen given the recent direction of both makes.

      Snake….I tend to agree with you on the handle as you are in a better position to make that claim, but I would tend to believe the forward end of the handle is for your finger tips to pop the door open????

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      Honda used handles like that on Civic coupes and hatchbacks at one time. They look a bit funny, but the lever’s fulcrum is where it ought to be, at the aft end of the handle. The funny paddle shape just gives your fingers more surface area to grab onto.

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      I noticed the steering wheel is on the wrong side? ;)

      The door handle is designed like the one in the last generation Chevy Cavalier. Except that it doesn’t look like a phallic symbol.

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      Nicholas Weaver

      As a very happy S2000 owner: Thats the proper door handle. And it isn’t counterintuitive when you realize how far forward it is, its actually quite natural.

      But that bodykit, now thats a crime against nature….

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    Bringing an old and discontinued product to a trade show speaks volumes about your product portfolio’s trajectory.

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    That looks completely ridiculous.

    Honda needs to kill this off or update it. I loved my S2k when I owned one and it’s sad to see this thing just not getting the love it should.

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    Bringing a dead, no longer produced product to a trade show….. what??

    I feel like at this point, a Honda is something that buy because you need cheap reliable transportation. At least, I have no want to buy any of the useless out-dated cars they’re selling, not to mention they’re Pilot and Ridgeline (they still make that?) are the poorest excuses of anything that’s suppose to be utilitarian; especially when it comes to towing anything heavier then a small pop-up camper.

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    that’s just mean, Honda. add me to the list of ex-S2000 owners. a car that was nothing like anything else, yet could go hundreds of thousands of miles with minimal maintenance. but it was also a real sports car. I will have another AP1..

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    Did. Not. Do. Your. Research.

    Do a Google image search for “S600” and you’ll understand what this *concept* is referencing.

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      You asked and I did. Have no idea what you are getting at. The original S2000 grille is conceptually closer to that of S600 than whatever the heck this thing is. See below.

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    Honda S2000: Dork Edition.

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    Hey, for all you people said you would buy an old model available as a new car…

    The trim pieces are all cheeseball — what is with that orthodontic head gear up front? They should have just used faux carbon fiber to look all ricer’d out.

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    So they’re bringing back the S2000, albeit with that ugly retainer? I’d love to see them bring back the S2000 – enough that I wouldn’t even care about the “facelift” – but does it still meet safety and emissions standards?

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    bumpy ii

    The car itself is a pastiche of different model years. Looks like it started as an 02-03 (AP1 console, door pulls have chrome rings), but it has 04+ headlights and maybe 00-01 tails (can’t tell if the lenses have chrome trim or not). The early-style seats have new covers (IIRC the red+black was only offered on the solid-back seats), and the tonneau cover is a weird blend of the softop tonneau that no one ever uses, and the CR tonneau.

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    IF Honda is bringing back the S2000, it would appear that they are doing it with some mix-and-match of the same old factory trim they had in the earlier 2 generations, and then they used this accessory company to add some Pep Boys quality flash to the car for the show. I doubt the factory edition will include that chrome junk, I doubt you will even be able to buy it as a dealer accessory in the US. Probably just one of those cultural things we don’t get about the JDM.

    Bigger question… would you rather Honda brings the S2K back as it was before? Or wish they created a new one? I don’t trust what they would come up with, so I would prefer the old tried and true version personally.

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    Burger Boy

    The true beauty of the S2000 was the clean simplicity of the design. The car just worked well without gee-gaws. This update is just unnecessary crap for it’s own sake. I loved mine and wish I hadn’t been talked into selling it.

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    I believe the trunk lid was based on one of Jeremy Scott’s earlier drawings before he went on to Smart car fame.

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    It’s like Honda just soiled themselves. May the ghost of Soichiro haunt them like that kid from “Ringu.” Would love to see KIA launch a take-over bid on Honda.

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    Seriously, folks. What’s with all the venom regarding the chrome piece on the front of this thing? Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but it’s not like the Acura beak or the front of a Tribeca or a Juke or something. I also prefer it over the new LED fad, although it looks a little like they may have snuck a row of LEDs on the chrome thingy, unless that’s just a reflection. Either way, I’d take the front of this car over the front of the current (or probably any prior generation) Miata any day, as well as a bunch of other cars. It’s still pretty clean.

    Now the back is a whole other problem . . . .

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    I can’t tell whether this resurrection and uglification will increase or decrease the future value of my ’01 S2K. I think a case could be made for both outcomes…

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    As the owner of 2003 I’m glad to see the fake air inlets go.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Sad we can’t get a version of this here in the states. Styling wise this “new” version’s front should be symmetrical with the rear with bumper vents on each side. At least that would be an evolutionary style like Mazda has done with the Miata.

    Too bad Acura never used the S2000 RWD platform which to date has been Honda’s only RWD car for their own sports car or 3-series like sport sedan.

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    NOW Is it such a surprise that a lot of people buy BMW

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    “Climax”, really?!

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    Meh. Not an improvement in looks, but I have seen a lot worse.

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    I remember seeing my first S2000, dealer showroom on the 1 time in the 3 decades either of my Hondas had to go back to a dealer. It was gorgeous and left an impression. To contrast not sure if I’ll remember the first time I saw my first BRZ/86 passed one this past weekend. That latter memory is already blurred by the second one I passed on a work commute several days later. The S2000 was more cleanly styled than any RWD Japanese car made before or since.

    Flash forward to today, where I see this, as MM aptly put it, Pep Boys monstrosity. This thing is so ugly that not even CJinSD can defend it. I miss the old Honda.

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    HSC (vaporware) – check.
    HSV-010 (no road homologation) – check.
    New NSX (Wait until 2015) – check.
    S2000 (out of production)- check.

    Honda does an awesome job of showing off cars you can’t buy from them.

    They might as well stick a GT-R, BRZ, 370Z, Mustang or Corvette onto the turntable at the next auto show.

    At least you can buy one of those (as a secondhand trade-in) from a Honda dealer.

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    I think the car looks great, but unfortunately I know that the dual exhaust is fake, and that ruins the whole impression. If only they dropped a twin-turbo V6 into that thing.

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    I agree it’s ugly. Honda has always had a particular look to it. Generally on the ugly side. And that’s being said that I’ve owned three Hondas (one is currently my daily driver).

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