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Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

It’s finally time to vote for your choice of The Worst Automobiles Today. Find out how below.

Readers can choose one vehicle via our system below. We’ll tally the votes below after the poll closes at 11:59 A.M. on January 9th, 2013. The top 10 cars will be singled out for this prestigious honor bestowed upon them by our readers. In the interest of disclosure, TTAC exercised its editorial powers regarding the nominees list; pursuant to previous rules, we have combined blatant badge-engineering cases in a single category, while a couple nominees were stricken from the record, mostly due to weak arguments largely rooted in personal vendettas against the vehicle. Despite that, it’s still up to you in the end.

This poll has been removed.

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  • R129 R129 on Dec 11, 2012

    I voted for the Mitsubishi Galant, because it has no positive qualities whatsoever, and there is absolutely no good reason to buy one. They're not even that cheap! I would also like to point out that the Galant is a much, much worse vehicle than the related Avenger or 200, because those have at least had some worthwhile updates. I'm not sure how many of you have actually driven the latest Avenger or 200, but they are not bad vehicles to drive (especially with the V6), and the interior materials are better than many other vehicles in that class. If given the choice as a rental car, I'd place them above the outgoing Malibu or Altima for sure. And let's not forget, you can buy a new one for the price of a similarly equipped compact car. On a similar note, a friend was cross-shopping the Chevy Aveo and the Jeep Patriot back in 2009, and she went with the Patriot. Out the door, it was less than $14,000 brand new, so not a bad choice if you ask me.

  • Niky Niky on Dec 11, 2012

    I still don't get why some of these cars are on the list. The E150 is still, to my mind, tge best way to get ten people cross-country in comfort... Age be damned. And the Mazda2 may be underpowered and tinny, but it's the only car in the class that even pretends to like being driven. The steering in the Fiesta is execrable. The Fit nearly as bad, and the Koreans have worse steering than an arcade machine that's been hammered on by preschoolers. Not surprised the ForTwo is getting votes, but is it worse than a Kia Sedona? No... Not really.

  • Acuraandy Acuraandy on Dec 11, 2012

    FWIW, in maintaining consistency... FISKER. KARMA. :)

  • KixStart KixStart on Dec 13, 2012

    When do we move on to arguing about the results of the voting?