Junkyard Find: 1991 Chevrolet Corsica LT, With Iron Duke Power!

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1991 chevrolet corsica lt with iron duke power

Finding an example of the last of the GM J Bodies in the junkyard was fun, and now I’m following that find with another interesting piece of GM history: one of the final generation of cars to be powered by GM’s Iron Duke engine. Yes, you could get an Iron Duke in the 1990s!

GM’s marketers had renamed the Iron Duke the Tech 4 by this time, and the venerable 2.5 liter pushrod four— now with futuristic electronic fuel injection— was quite sturdy. Nothing wrong with pushrods, of course— just look at all the great pushrod V8s GM has made over the years— but the Duke was a noisy, thrashy, no-revving throwback that became more of an embarrassment to The General as the 21st century loomed closer.

Refrigerator-white Corsica with base engine and automatic? Ex-rental car for sure! This one only managed to get to 77,392 miles during its 21 years on the planet.

Will any tears be shed when the last Corsica is crushed?

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  • 19 Pinkslips 19 Pinkslips on Nov 20, 2012

    OK, 4cyl domestic quiz of the day: Which late 80's crap would you rather(not) drive? 2.5 105hp Powered Taurus 2.5 100hp Powered Dynasty or 2.5 110hp Powered Lumina

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    • 19 Pinkslips 19 Pinkslips on Nov 28, 2012

      @RatherhaveaBuick I think I'd go with the Cutlass Intl Coupe, Quad 4 with a 5 speed, what an odd car. Only thing stranger were the euro spec Pontiac Transports with the Quad 4 and 5 speed!

  • Peterj Peterj on Dec 11, 2012

    Fun fact about the Corsica. My brother in law had one of these when he was in college. It was alright for a college beater but had one terrific feature, the windshield wipers had the fluid sprayer attached to them. This allowed you to spray passerby's on the side walk if you held the button down! I of course loved this being a 12 y/o in the passenger seat.

  • Dave M. Although the effective takeover by Daimler is pooped upon, this is one they got right. I wasn't a fan of the LHs, mostly due to reported mechanical, NVH and build quality issues, but I though Chrysler hit it out of the park with the LXs. The other hyped release that year was the Ford Five Hundred, which, while a well-built car with superior interior space, couldn't hold a candle to the 300.
  • Art Vandelay I always liked those last FWD 300's. Been ages since I've seen one on the road though. Lots of time in the RWD ones as rentals. No complaints whatsoever.
  • Cardave5150 I've had 2 different 300's - an '08 300SRT and an '18 300C. Loved them both a LOT, although, by the time I had the second one, I wasn't altogether thrilled with the image of 300's out on the street, as projected by the 3rd or 4th buyers of the cars.I always thought that the car looked a little stubby behind the rear wheels - something that an extra 3-4" in the trunk area would have greatly helped.When the 300 was first launched, there were invitation-only meet-and-greets at the dealerships, reminding me of the old days when new model-year launches were HUGE. At my local dealer, they were all in formalwear (tuxes and elegant dresses) with a nice spread of food. They gave out crystal medallions of the 300 in a sweet little velvet box (I've got mine around the house somewhere). I talked to a sales guy for about 5 minutes before I asked if we could take one of the cars out (a 300C with the 5.7 Hemi). He acted like he'd been waiting all evening for someone to ask that - we jumped in the car and went out - that thing, for the time, seemed to fly.Corey - when it comes time for it, don't forget to mention the slightly-stretched wheelbase 300 (I think it was the 300L??). I've never found one for sale (not that I've looked THAT hard), as they only built them for a couple of years.
  • Jkross22 "I’m doing more for the planet by continuing to drive my vehicle than buying a new one for strictly frivolous reasons."It's not possible to repeat this too much.
  • Jeff S Got to give credit to Chrysler for putting the 300 as a rear wheel drive back on the market. This will be a future classic.