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There are some vehicles that I know will get picked clean within days of showing up in a self-serve wrecking yard. For example, the Toyota Land Cruiser— say, this ’71 or even this ’85. Sixth-gen Honda Civics go the same way. But this 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT? Apparently, the hunger for 3000GT/Stealth parts is high in the Denver area.
The instrument cluster had already been grabbed when I first saw this car in September, but otherwise the interior was fairly complete. A month later, not much remains.
Suspension, engine, bumper— all gone.
Even the very 1990s plastic cladding panels will live on in some other GTO.

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9 Comments on “Junkyard Find: Mitsubishi 3000GT Stripped In Feeding Frenzy...”

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    I had a Stealth, 91, manual. I can see where owners would be in need of parts. Mine needed a transmission when I got rid of it. The engines are also a bit suspect. The oil pump is a regular maintenance item. Hard to get good oil pressure even with 20w-50 on a cold day in Michigan. It was a fun car, though. I’d do it again.

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    Please don’t use that font again. I’m addicted to porn and it’s making me horny. I’m trying to cut back.

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    I know some won’t care, but it would be interesting to see that 2004 Sunfire in a month. It had a lot of good parts and is ‘newest’ model for the yard, to see if it gets picked clean.

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      It’s likely to be grabbed by a repair shop if that yard deals with them (I’m honestly unfamiliar with public yards and repair shops). It’s at the edge of repairing but with a shortage of body parts I could see it being picked over. I wouldn’t be against a restoration of one of the convertibles of that model.

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    I love how the fenders are peeled back.

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    In past year or so, most 93-02 Corollas and 92-00 Civics I see are picked bare. And are usually wrecks, instead of ‘give-ups’.

    Local yard had a ’96 Infiniti I30 for sale and saw it on the street a week later. These and same body Maximas are also ‘turkey bones’ after set in parts yards.

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    This is a prime example of the need for Junkyard Finds needing to go to ‘yards ‘off the beaten path’…

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    In Utah where I live the Subaru Outbacks are the ones picked clean- it’s rare to find a late ’90s Outback with an EJ25 after a few days with the engine still in place, even if there’s no way to tell whether the head gaskets are good. Curiously, I see a lot of standard Legacys go to the crusher with their EJ22 engines in place, even though it’s a much more robust engine and a super easy swap for a faulty EJ25.

    Post-2000 Outbacks are rare as hens’ teeth and usually go to the crusher as bare skeletons.

    The G20s in the self-serve yards I go to are usually pretty intact when they go to the crushers.

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