By on August 2, 2012

This makes Hugo Chavez happy: GM wants to more than double its production in the Caribbean worker’s paradise of Venezuela. At least that’s what Chavez told Reuters:

“Asked to provide journalists with the details, Venezuela’s Industry Minister Ricardo Menendez said GM planned to increase its production of cars in the country to 120,000 units per year, up from almost 50,000 now.”

The minister claims that GM furthermore plans to use Venezuela as a production and export hub for auto parts, to be used in Venezuela “and for export to neighboring Brazil and the Caribbean.” We would know a Caribbean island that needs parts badly.

Chatty Chavez added that Renault also is interested in building cars had also expressed an interest in building cars in the oil-rich nation.

P.S.: I hereby apply for tghe post as Venzuelan Propaganda Minister. Free sample: “Venezuela – We put the car in the Caribbean”

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8 Comments on “GM Wants To Double Its Output – In Venezuela...”

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    Athos Nobile

    LOL, he might as well give them the currency to achieve that. But not only to GM, also to the remaining CKD sites and all the suppliers too.

    GM has two sites in Venezuela, and although I see with good eyes that there are plans of manufacturing parts and exporting, the amount of red tape and paperwork necessary to deal with the government for anything in the industry is ridiculous.

    Renault has been interested, and they are very serious about it. If you want to know more just send a PM.

    There’s not to much to see here, this is all to prop up himself and his government for the upcoming elections.

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    Volt 230

    Nice move, GM, remember Castro in 1960, when he nationalized over all foreign companies, Chavez is a disciple of Castro.

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      Athos Nobile

      GM has been Nº1 in Venezuela for at least 30 continuous years. Despite the risk, it makes perfect sense to further their leadership.

      Chavez hasn’t touched the American companies… yet. I doubt he will, as you mentioned Castro, he might have already told him that it’s a no no. He also wouldn’t want to badly upset its main oil customer (and the only one that pays the whole bill at that) to lose a secure income.

      But think for a second that he does nationalize GM. To whom would he give the factory? The Chinese? the Iranians? each one present its own set of challenges. And if he expropiates… he has to pay for the factory, money that they doesn’t have ATM.

      If it ever happens, it won’t be this year.

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    Maybe they believe the continuing questions about his health.

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    schmitt trigger

    Even the crafty and long suffering Cubans can no longer properly maintain their ’57 Chevys.

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    I have been to Venezuela twice, very beautiful women, great climate and cheap gas. But Chavez does have a few screws loose.

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    el scotto

    OMG! With the bailout, the tinfoil hat types would go crazy with GM making vehicles in the country of an “American Enemy”. Think of the “indignation” from the tinfoil hat brigade and and the flame wars on the internets. I’ll sip my sweet tea and watch the loonies rail against one looney.

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