By on August 1, 2012

When a common law couple finally stops living in sin and ties the knot, it usually is (in more ways than one) an anticlimactic event. And so it is today. Today, August 1, Porsche finally came home to Volkswagen.

Ferdinand Piech won the high stakes game of car cards and has completed his twelve brands. Porsche will add some 100,000 units to the annual count, Porsche can shed its huge debt load and will report a billion Euro profit, due to proceeds from the sale.

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20 Comments on “Finally Married: Volkswagen And Porsche...”

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    And nothing of significance changed. Sadly, my Golf GTI hasn’t even magically transformed into a 911 GT3.

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    Piech needs to talk to Sandy Weill about running a business that’s become a monstosity due to mergers/acquisitions.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the new 3.8 litre twin turbo Westfallia Camper.

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    Will VW Dealerships now sell Porsche badge add-ons? That would be awesome!

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    12 brands. And everyone fears Toyota is becoming the new GM.

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      Freddy M

      I guess the difference is that for the most part, badge engineering between the core brands is fairly acceptable for now. Sure there are notable “exceptions” such as Bentley CGT > Phaeton, and anything based on the Golf platform, but the brands more or less have their own unique identity and market and don’t really step on each others toes that much.

      How do you make a Ducati out of a Golf? Maybe we’ll see soon…

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    The Doctor

    The Treaty of Westfailure.

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    “Ferdinand Piech won the high stakes game of car cards and has completed his twelve brands.”

    So does this mean that he’s got enough brands by now, so that Alfisti can stop worrying about him forcing Fiat to hand him Alfa Romeo?

    Or is Piëch like Noel Gallagher?

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    Got a picture of the car the badge in the picture belongs to?

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      My best guess is that you may already have a very similar picture. It may be the European version of the Porsche 914 four cylinder from the 1970’s. Try the cover of Road&Track November 1969, or search eBay for
      a photo of the cover.

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    thats one fast cat

    I walked out to my garage and sat down on my 97 916 and looked lovingly at my 87 911. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry knowing that both brand’s equity and value — the virtues on which they were built — are now far in their rearview mirrors. Both companies now build faster, more complete products. But are they better? I can hardly wait for the 900 pound Ducati Panama using the engine from a VROD.

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      The court of popular opinion already returned the verdict. Until the Cayenne, Porsche has been associated in my area with hair plugs, Viagra, penile implants, thick braided gold chains nestled in greying chest hair, obnoxious/improper lane changes, 3rd string trophy wife/mistress, Rolex Daytona, doing lines of blow at regional sales meeting on the coffee table, etc. To non-enthusiasts Porsche became associated with mid-life crisis 20+ yrs ago. Cayennes were driven by the dentists’ wives dressed like stripper before the large sunglasses chicks discovered Range Rovers. Thanks to my parent’s cool friend Clifford (his alpha female wife has driven ford rangers for nearly 30 years), I was allowed to wheel various flavors of 911, a 928, 944, and my favorite his daily driver 912 – even at 17 I learned less sometimes can be more. The only thing cooler than discovering how the steering wheel “got funny when I took my foot off the gas in a sharp hard throttle turn” was “wow magnesium really does burn with white flame!” The self wrenching enthusiast who picked up used Porsche 356 or 911 in the mid to late 1970s went Miata long ago…….

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      A 916? Built in 1997? It’s not a Porsche but I’m sure it’s one heckuva car!

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    Old Guy

    In the new international corporate model, high-level ownership doesn’t seem to make as much of a difference as it did within US-market GM. Volvo has continued to make interesting cars under a variety of owners. The “Top Gear” boys still get worked up about Jaguarseven though they’re really Tatas, and Aston-Martins no matter whether that brand is owned by Ford or some Kuwaiti zillionaires. Maybe the secret is to let the gentlemen at Jaguar who cut out the hides for the upholstery while wearing neckties just keep doing it the way they always have.

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    Mr Nosy

    So if this old, but newly legitimized relationship leads to some automotive variation of “lesbian bed death”, will prospective Porsche buyers soon look forward to some sort of vehicle suitable for camping? A Cayenne Westphalia,perhaps? A Subaru Outback style Panamera? For the camper that demands performance,yet with sensible shoes.

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    Ferdinand Piech won the high stakes game of car cards and has completed his twelve brands.


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    schmitt trigger

    12 brands?

    Perhaps VW should change their name to Allgemein Motoren.
    Note: translation courtesy of Google translate…..

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    So what’s changed? the “couple” had been doing the dirty for years and fianally got legal, big deal.

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