By on August 20, 2012

Black taxis are a menace, in China and elsewhere.  The criminal taxi element and Chinese rip-off artists joined forces and created a whole fleet of fake taxis, Carnewschina reports.

The regulation Jettas were painted in the regulation colors of the Hefei taxi company, equipped with fake taxi meters and fake license plates.

Police in Hefei impounded the fleet of 156 taxis, and ordered their destruction. City workers received assistance of legal taxis drivers who finally could what they wanted to do for years: Take sledge hammers and smash the fake taxis to bits.

Fake license plates were torched.

Fake taxi meters went to the dogs.

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28 Comments on “Fake In China: Destruction Of Bogus Taxi Fleet Ordered...”

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    Seems like a waste of cars to destroy them utterly. They could just repaint and sell them to the public.

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      Freddy M

      I dunno, all that demolition seems like it can be very theraputic. Gimme a sledgehammer and point me to the line. I’m next!

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      Years ago, somebody donated a junker for one of our high school fundraisers. We charged people $10 for one minute with a sledge hammer. We made over $1000 as I recall.

      There’s a demand out there for therapeutic destruction.

      Disclaimer: I seriously doubt any school district would approve something like this nowadays.

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      I suspect it’s mainly that people carefully disassembling or repainting cars does not make for an interesting story or photos, particularly when a government agency wants to make sure it gets some attention.

      Besides, I don’t see all that many people in the photos, and it’d take a serious amount of rage to take sledgehammers to 156 cars.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Nice to see that lunch is almost ready in the fifth photo.

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      stay classy.

      a “moderated” site shouldn’t contain, or tolerate an endless procession of racially/ethnically/sexually insensitive remarks. you could say it’s a reflection of society, or that it was meant in jest, or even turn around and accuse the complainants of hyper-sensitivity. none of this changes the original point; it’s sophomoric and detracts from your journalistic integrity.

      i know you guys are out to garner high ratings, but some lines should not be crossed.

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        I wouldn’t call it racist or insensitive. It’s a fact that some people in China (especially southern China) eat dogs. Whilst the government in China tried to outlaw the consumption of Dog meat in 2010, no-one really expected the law to change people’s behaviour. Google ‘2011 Yulin Food Fair’ and see what I mean.

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        I only have to walk 5 minutes from where I live in China to pass a restaurant where they sell dog meat. I cross the street so that I do not have to pass the place.

        Every so often, there is a story in China of a truck full of dogs on its way to the slaughterhouse. In order to free the dogs, they have to be bought by dog lovers. One of many examples:

        Stray dogs, such as the one in the picture, end up as dinner on a regular basis.

        This is a perfect example where the truth is being suppressed by suppressing allegedly insensitive remarks.

        We will not allow beneficent censorship on TTAC. Please read the FAQ.

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        Atlas, did someone eat your dog or are you naturally this hypersensitive? Someone call the police!

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    Ditto: At least part them out first.

    For example: cut the windshield seals with a box cutter and remove the glass intact. 10 used windshields are worth a good bit of money.

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      Nothing goes to waste in China – once the photographers are gone

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        Bertel why did you shut off commenting on the Santana post by Marcelo? I found the slant-eyed descriptor very offensive and the descriptor certainly had more to do with where the cars are built than the cars themselves. Maybe you don’t find slurs offensive but you should consider that many of us had to live through being called those slurs while people taunted us, beat us, while growing up so those terms are very hurtful. Just because your Brazilian friend has “no hangups” about race because they’ve never had to actually deal with being on the receiving end of real racism doesn’t mean that it’s not problematic to use these terms. If your wife had actually been on the receiving end of years of taunting and discrimination she’d likely find these just as offensive as many on TTAC do. Maybe you’re not a racist yourself but you’re behaving very insensitively by leaving this kind of post up-racial slurs or the similar are insanely hurtful for people who’ve actually been impacted by racism and just because you know lots of people who haven’t been it doesn’t justify it. I’m well aware of the context Marcelo may be posting from-when I traveled I made a bunch of latin american friends who thought using terms like that were just funny but they don’t get the context where you’re getting the daylights beaten out of you while everyone else calls you those names. So yeah, us minorities who live in places like the US might have hangups but that doesn’t mean we aren’t justified in it-you keep mentioning people who *haven’t* been oppressed with these words since childhood not being bothered by them but why would someone from Asia who’s never actually been hurt with these words find them offensive? It’s the context that hurts and you’re ignoring the fact that these words are very strongly linked to very negative contexts for many people.

        It’s disappointing that you don’t get that. Slurs are offensive not because of the words themselves but because of the very negative actions that they are associated with-the words themselves may just refer to people of a particular ethnicity but the reason why they’re so offensive is because of the very bad things people did while using those same words and those words do hurt. When people call me an oriental it doesn’t actually hurt since by the time I was growing up nobody used it as a slur anymore, but they certainly still used slant eyes and that term brings up a lot of very bad memories. That same kind of pain would apply to people who actually had oriental used as a slur against them so your defense of the post is plainly ignorant of the discomfort and distress you’re causing people. I don’t understand how you can take so much offense at people suggesting you’re a racist when you don’t care that you’re causing just as much offense to everyone who’s had to deal with having much worse done to them with these same words.

        I don’t see how you can honestly believe that so many people posted in complaint as being some sort of overly PC response to things-it’s not an overly PC response, that post was genuinely hurtful to many people-I know because the first thing I felt when I read “slant-eyed enchantress” was the same feeling you get when someone punches you in the gut. It has nothing to do with being politically correct and everything to do with being beaten by white and black kids while they used those same words. Defending this while simultaneously being indignant that people think you’re a racist is basically just defending your own ignorance and while that’s not racism clinging to ignorance is also a great way to let racism continue to exist.

        You really need to rethink this. And if this criticism gets me banned so be it, it’s not worth having to bear hurtful racial descriptors being the new standard here to continue talking about cars. I think we all have more self respect than that. If you really want to stick your fingers in your ears and ban anybody who tries to explain this to you, whether it’s American editors like oldwheelsnewyork or simply American minorities then so be it.

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        If you need to discuss something with the editors, there is a “Contact” link at the top of the page. Punishing the rest of us with a long, off-topic post is disrespectful, which is ironic since you seem to be concerned with matters of respect. Please don’t hijack a comment thread that has nothing to do with your concern.

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        tekdemon – take your issues any decision regarding a PC post off line, as suggested.

        Take time to realize, by polluting other threads like this one with an out of the blue PC rant – your quickly alienating folks that may have sympathized with your original gripe.

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        Tekdemon – SILENCE IN THE THIRD ROW!

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        Maybe if TTAC didn’t disable comments on the article in question, then tekdemon’s post wouldn’t have ended up here. I don’t care how Bertel tries to spin it, his rationale is BS. Tekdemon, don’t waste your time here. Complain to the parent company like I, and I imagine many others, have already done.

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        Good lord, I can’t believe how sensitive you people are. I laughed so hard when I read the comments on the aforementioned article written by Brazilian Marcelo, and admire Bertel’s courage to cry BS on all of you! In the USA, I’ve noticed that if anything is offensive, it is because someone TOLD you it was offensive.

        My mom and her parents were born in Mexico. I was born in the USA and I’m light-skinned. I went to school with many well-off Mexicans. I was called a “pinche gringo.” It was more fun to just surprise them when I spoke the language back to them.

        I am extremely proud of the Red White and Blue Stars and Stripes, but I’m so ashamed at what pussies we’ve become! Seriously, for a country with so many races, everyone makes such a big deal when someone who doesn’t look like them, makes an observation of their own group. It’s sickening.

        So as Bertel said before…


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    This is strange. China has lately been the capital of intellectual property piracy so fake taxis shouldn’t be a big deal. Btw, can’t wait until they finally get sued and lost in a major way to for stealing Western and Japanese car designs.

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      They weren’t paying licenses (fees) or taxes. The bosses didn’t get their cut. Be it China or America, Government or the Mafia, always remember rule number one. The boss always gets a piece.

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    A taxi is a car that charges a fare to take someone somewhere. They’re not somehow “fake”, simply because the owner/driver does not pay tribute to some tax feeding leeches, so that the latter can limit competition, fleecing passengers, in return.

    I cannot think of many results of widespread progressive indoctrination, more obviously and in your face idiotic, than believing that helping someone get to where he wants to go, while asking to be compensated for it, somehow needs to involve tax feeders.

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      Robert Gordon

      Taxi actually refers to the meter not the vehicle. It is short for taximeter. A Taxi-cab is the correct term to describe the vehicle/meter combo which charges based a measured increment of time and/or distance. If the meter is fake and the fare is arbitrarily derived then ergo it is a ‘fake’ taxi.

      In this case having fake meters would tend to support the assertion.

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    I propose we
    a) re-open a recently closed auto factory here in the U.S.,
    b) manufacture a whole bundle of Chinese taxi knock-offs,
    c) ship ’em all to China in containers.

    They flood our country with crappy knock-offs and we intercept what, maybe 5%? I say turnabout is fair play.

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    They’re still using B2 Santanas as taxis!?!
    They were getting old the last time I was in Shanghai in 2002…

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      They are only going to stop making them this year I believe. You can still go to a showroom and buy a new one.

      I agree, they are deathtraps and way too common here. but that also makes them very cheap to operate.

      As for fake taxis they are everywhere in China. The problem isn’t fake things, it’s the nearly complete lack of law enforcement. Sadly after talking to many people they seem to think that by showing the proper way to behave/not cheat/not steal people will do the right thing. They don’t realize that strict enforcement of lower level laws leads to an overall more orderly and less corrupt society.

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      Robert Gordon

      There are still FX4 taxis plying their trade in London, which are somewhat more superannuated than any taxi in Shanghia.

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    Why didn’t they sell them to the taxi company?

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    User amac has been banned from commenting for violating several chapters of TTAC’s commenting policy. He did so after a warning had been issued.

    A few commenters on this thread violated the policy, but stopped after the warning.


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