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BYD’s F3 received worldwide acclaim for being a Corolla ripoff. When the new F3 was announced at the Beijing Auto Show, Carnewschina wrote: “The new F3 is design-wise slightly better than the old BYD F3 which was a copy of the old Toyota Corolla, the new F3 is a copy of the new Corolla but slightly less obvious. For BYD, we call that a huge improvement!” Come on, Carnewschina, the new BYD F3 has something the Corolla does not have: A remote control. Not a remote control for doors. You can drive the car remotely like a toy.

According to a new Carnewschina  report, BYD says it is handy for parking, or when it rains and you don’t have an umbrella to walk to your car. The distance is 10 meters, and the speed is limited to a 2 km/h crawl.

The rest of the car is run of the mill: 1.5 liter engine with 109hp and 145nm, 5-speed manual, or a 1.5 turbo with 154hp and 240nm, mated to a 6-speed manual or 6-speed DCT.  Says an incredulous Carnewschina: “This high-tech engine is, says BYD, developed by BYD.“

Probably because the F3 name is a bit tainted, BYD ditched the F3 and calls the new remote controlled car “Su Rui.” Which is Chinese  for “quick and sharp.”

China’s sharpest minds probably already are working on taking the speed limiter out of the remote control function,  for, well, starters.

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11 Comments on “BYD Launches Remote Controlled Car...”

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    Freddy M

    2 km/h parking lot speeds are still enough to ding panels and scratch paint jobs and even run over baby strollers being pushed by careless parents not paying attention.

    Unless… is there word that the car is equipped with a whole host of proximity sensors that will override the remote and hit the brakes when the car comes to within a foot or two of any object?

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    Wow…well, you can’t say BYD didn’t come up with something no one else OH WAIT, James Bond had one of these. But not in something as affordable as a Corolla!

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    2 km/h? Seems appropriate for something that, at least in this video, sounds like a John Deere combine on its last leg.

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    This would be really useful for the situations where an available perpendicular parking spot is too narrow for you to open doors easily – line it up, get out of hte car anddrive it in remotely, tweaking position in the spot as you go. This could be very popular in congested areas. Parallel parking, not so much – particularly with the self parking features available on vehicles now. The Ford system is very slick.

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      Nice thought, but everyone would need a remote for this to work. Otherwise you just blocked access to someone else’s car.

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        It’s already happening today in congested areas – although this would enable even tighter squeezes – so your point is valid.

        If you put it in tight to your driver door ( on passenger side of parked car) you’d actually open up space for the car on your passenger side. The car on your driver side is not impacted because it can be pulled out before needing the passenger door open.

        I think the convenience will be attractive to some – unfortunately a general lack of courtesy means it will end up inconveniencing others.

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    Time to ghost ride the BYD. Or – You locked him in the trunk? Then how come the car is driving away on its own?

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    What a great idea! This may catch on. I could have all kinds of fun with that gadget.

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    Now it looks like they’re copying Kia/GM interiors.

    Great solution to a problem that nobody really had…

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    Call me a racist, but I’m already concerned about the amount of accidents the drivers in this cars home market are creating from behind the wheel, better yet with a remote control.

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    It is amazing technology.!!! As the technology gets advanced we are getting more and more features and advanced cars .. remote car is one of them. To avoid accidents and road crash this cars are helpful. To controlling this cars is like playing games on computer . It Amazing . And thanks for sharing this great post!!!

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