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It is possible to make cars in Europe and to nevertheless survive quite nicely. The secret: Sell a lot of them elsewhere than in Europe. Case in point: BMW. Despite a disappointing month in its home market Germany, BMW had a best-ever global July, following record sales in the first half of the year.

BMW 7 month results 2012
Jul’12 Jul’11 YoY Y2D 12 Y2D 11 YoY
Asia 36,128 29,950 20.8% 274,058 219,204 25.0%
China 23,092 18,858 22.5% 182,048 140,472 29.6%
Europe 60,855 62,350 -2.4% 497,932 499,749 -0.4%
North America 33,076 31,975 3.4% 227,696 210,876 8.0%
U.S.A. 27,152 26,120 4.0% 185,715 169,641 9.5%
Group total 135,537 129,102 5.0% 1,036,088 962,493 7.6%

With strong sales in the U.S. and very strong sales in China, BMW lifted the July number to 135,537 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles, up 5% compared to the previous year. January to July, deliveries climbed 7.6% to 1,036,088 vehicles. EU woes notwithstanding, BMW sales chief Ian Robertson is “confident that we will continue to make solid gains throughout the second half of the year.”


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14 Comments on “BMW: Crisis, What Crisis, Anyone Seen A Crisis?...”

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    {Caveat: This is my opinion. There are many like it and many not like it, but this one is mine.}

    Seriously, BMW. WTF. You let Chris Bangle rape yo backside some time ago, but I forgave you, girl.

    Now you roll on up with a standard 4 banger, and expect me to just pretend that nothing’s changed?

    Ain’t that just like a skank. I can get yo displacement, power and refinement from Sonata, in her cheapest threads, ya dig, so why should I pay dirty money to get wrapped up with you?

    You used to be one sweet ass, refined and smooth as all hell. Now you just ‘nother snorin’ bitch, trying to impress Lordy only knows who at the EPA with yo carbon footprints and city creds.

    It’s over now, ho. Get yo ass out! You ain’t nuthin’ but an overpaid Altima, tryin’ too hard with a heads up display and other high tech accessories that will only inevitably do nuthin’ for my pimp hand and cost me mo’ money when they break on me, girl.

    Sheeet. You know all those fancy accessories are going to break, too (laughter)…probably soon as yo next birthday…..(laughter)…

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      Haha, you serious?? Funny post reminds me of a wigger i used to go to school with.

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      In the rest of the world, the 3-series has been an almost entirely 4-cylinder car since its inception in the 70s. A LARGE percentage of 5-series have also been 4-cylinder cars. Get over it. If you simply MUST have a six, buy the 335i, it is not that much more money. Otherwise, the Turbo-charged, direct-injected four makes more power, dramatically more torque, and is dramatically more fuel-efficient than the old N52 six. It doesn’t sound as good. Oh well. And I say that as the VERY happy owner of a 2011 with the six. I would be perfectly happy with the turbo four under the hood. In fact, the turbo four is what I miss most about my previous car, an ’08 Saab 9-3 Combi.

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        Well put my friend, all these people are crying like BMW quit making the inline 6. It’s still available why all the whining?? Then again the turbo 4(N20) is a masterpiece with enough power for roads in the US. When BMW quits making an inline 6 and quits offering a manual transmission then it’s time to panic!!

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      Great post. BMW is the dirtiest trick though, and her new johns will forgive her sex change to FWD next.

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    BMW’s done well but the competition is growing. Audi are strengthening all the time and JLR will double its range by 2020 without sacrificing too many margins on smaller models. Have they peaked?

    BMW ought to come up with a fresh model Range and brand to grow. If it used Triumph it would at least slow Jags growth.

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    This is rather too bad. I was hoping to see BMW wither and die. Guess it won’t happen for a little while longer.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    With BMW, it’s not the four or six cylinders under the hood, but the a$$hats behind the wheel.

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    A couple less cylinders and a questionable styling detail and BMW is garbage? Looks like they are doing all right despite the nay sayers.

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    BMW spent the last 40 years positioning themselves as a very expensive high class brand in the US so the idea of diesels and four cylinder models rubs the local market the wrong way.

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    el scotto

    Love em, hate em, tell the porcupine joke; BMW is every automobile marketers target.

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