About Those Annoying Ads: Have They Stopped?

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Update: We are in touch with the ad network. and we were told they are stopping the auto playing videos. Please report whether the auto playing videos have stopped for you. Please focus only on the auto playing part, i.e. video that begins to play when you bring up the page and you do not click on the video. This has stopped for me. Please comment: Stopped yes or no. And please say where you are, some ads are localized. Thank you.

Please let’s discuss other things, like in picture ads etc. later. Let’s solve this issue now.

We receive A LOT of complaints about the video ads that suddenly pop up. As someone who made a small fortune in advertising so that he can afford to work for TTAC in his old age, I am the last one to be against ads. But we have to draw the line somewhere.

We are in touch with our very capable technical crew, and they are working very hard on squelching the annoying ads. We changed servers the other day (did you notice that the dreaded “error in establishing database connection” thing does not pop up anymore? Let’s keep our fingers crossed) and it looks like during the server change, excrement happened.

I have been assured that this “should be rectified today or Monday at the latest.”

Bear with us – and please turn the audio off if you read TTAC at work!

Thank you!

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  • Old fart Old fart on Aug 05, 2012

    If I sign in it's slow , I use firefox , so mostly I browse you site without signing in

  • MBella MBella on Aug 05, 2012

    I just had one of those automatic start videos start playing.

  • Fiasco Fiasco on Aug 06, 2012

    I just had another auto play just now (about 4:30pm EDT). Really annoying, especially since it's not easy to mute them (the ad "control" buttons seem to be one pixel by one pixel). They're a great way to drive traffic away from the site!

    • Bumpy ii Bumpy ii on Aug 06, 2012

      Yep, I got one too. This one was (accidentally?) diabolical. The actual "video" part didn't load, so what I got was a disembodied voice prattling on about Lime-Away. I had to scroll through all my tab and hunt down the blank space where the offending ghost ad was hiding. Also got one of those scuzzy virus pages this morning.

  • Stoptheautoplay Stoptheautoplay on Aug 13, 2012

    still broken. actually, by this point, I'm guessing it's not broken. it's as intended. let me know when you realize how to fix it...or when it's driven away enough traffic for you to pay serious attention to the issue.