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TTAC Commentator SupremeBrougham starts us off:

Hi Sajeev,

I found this jem at my local Ford dealer the other day and I thought I’d share it with you so you can share it with the others. It’s a real one of a kind!!!

Sajeev brings it home:

What’s in a name? Let’s first marinate on the irony of someone named “Supreme Brougham”, one of the most imagery-evoking trim levels in automotive history, pointing out the fallibility of the bland “Limited” trim designation.  Well then!

I was quite thrilled to see both the Taurus and the Taurus Wagon (i.e. X) come back to market, yet that thrill was short lived.  The Taurus’ unique American value (and style, love it or leave it) faded almost the moment Ford installed the typical stick-on floating chrome emblems. First in 2000, then in 2008.  But I will spare you my thoughts on how and why I came to that conclusion. Let’s stick (get it?) with the little chrome bits: new age emblems that are too easy to deviate from the original design.

And there you have it: this hunk of dealer inventory enjoyed a quick re-spray for reasons unknown, complete with incorrect emblem adhesion.  It’s physically impossible for this to happen at the factory, anyone who’s been on a tour of one know what I’m talking about. So why make these badges?  Why not make the ones from yesteryear…over a decade ago?

I personally liked the one piece, somewhat stylish, script writing of the GEN III Taurus, or the original hunk of Taurean goodness.  Badges that can’t be screwed up are important, we need to bring them back. Don’t believe me?  Have a look at the difficult-to-deface Lexus emblem.

Best and Brightest: your thoughts?

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39 Comments on “Vellum Venom Vignette: Ford Taurus X “LITIMED”...”

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    The chrome bits on the left are also wrong.
    It’s really a TAURU SUX

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    I love the script used in the past on cars, and most recently, on the 2000-2005 Impalas. Even I went so far as to have custom mirrorchrome scripts made for my base model 2004, as they MUST BE CHROME and NOT body-color! They can’t be messed up. Applied crooked perhaps, like on the previous generation Camrys, which had me pulling my hair out every time I wound up behind one at a stoplight, but not mixed-up!

    Individual letters and numbers stink for the reason shown, but also for letters/numbers falling/torn off by some mysterious force.

    If I buy a new Impala, I’ll have to buy a couple of sets of letters for the sides of the car, as ALL CARS should be identified from the sides, not just on the back end.

    I suppose I’m the only guy in the universe that cares about such things, but oh, well…

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      GM got the script right for those model years, but that was the only thing. The floaty-boat steering and road feel coupled with an interior crafted with love by Rubber-Maid with the sub-par engine choices made for a very distasteful whip.

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    Can’t happen at the factory? Don’t be too sure of that – BMW managed to put the “i” in 328i upside down on my car. I have a 328!. And it was like that at the delivery center in Munich, I have the pics to prove it. Though I actually never noticed, one of my friends did when the car was a few months old.

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      No way! If you don’t mind, please email me those photos. Even if you don’t want them published, I gotta see this!

      [email protected]

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      word is bond

      Oh – wow. I hope that becomes its own weird little trend.

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      NTI 987

      Sounds like your “friend” took off the emblem and flipped it upside down, then pointed it out to you. I’ve witnessed this before.

      [Edit] nevermind, I just noticed that you had pictures of it like that at the factory. Anyway, I’ve seen people do this to their buddies’ cars before as a joke.

      • 0 avatar

        Once I knew about it I went back throught the pictures from my European delivery. I have a picture taken just outside the delivery center that shows it was that way then. I SUPPOSE they could have managed to knock it off and put it back on in the 3/10s of a mile between the factory and the delivery center, but that seems unlikely.

        I had actually planned to debadge the car, but this is cool enough that I kept the badge on.

        Sajeev, I’ll send you a pic shortly, feel free to publish it if you want to, I already use it as my avatar on e90post.

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      That is a supplier quality issue. The badges come in on templates that go into location tooling. I can believe it.

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      The 328i is a nice car, but it’s no 328!

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    With EVERY Taurus and derivative being a limited its nice to see one that… was a limited for a limited time.

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    Saw a similar effect just last week on an Aveo hatch.
    Letters were rearranged to

    With the typeface, a little sun or headlight glare, and viewing it from another car, it sure looked like it said VEGA.

    On the badging layout, I liked the Mercedes style that used a bar across the bottom of the text to hold them all in place. No black background like the first gen Taurus badging, although still tricky to wax around.

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    Alphanumeric names kill this type of creativity. My favorite was a Grand Am I saw at the mall once, with the letters rearranged on the front fender, to GRANDMA.

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      I’ve seen a late model Grand Marquis missing the last 5 letters, spelling out “GRAND MA.” VERY fitting.

      I’ve also seen a rental Impala that had two letters rearranged on the trunk to spell “IMAPLA.” I’m not sure if it was from the factory or if someone did so later. No visible leftover adhesive to show they’d been rearranged post-production.

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        Brian P

        A friend of mine intentionally took off the first couple of letters of the badge on his girlfriends Toyota. It is now, officially, a ‘ROLLA.

      • 0 avatar

        I wonder if IMAPLA is a curse word in another language. Would be pretty clever if so, very subtle.

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        I have a 2005 Town Car that emerged from a car wash as a “TOWN CA.” With apologies to Vanna, I really need to buy a consonant, but every time I look at it I want to pronounce it in a Click and Clack Bostonian accent, so it’s kinda fun.

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      Just makes it more difficult, really. My 240:

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    I don’t care much, as long as the badges are all on with stickers only, and no posts/holes.
    That way I can quickly and easily de-badge my car.

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    I would be surprised that the individual letters of LIMITED would be mixed up from the factory, since the badge itself is probably packaged as one unit, but I suppose nothing should surprise me. When I was working at my family’s Ford dealership in the 70s, I checked in a Ford Granada from the transport truck that had a Granada emblem on the left and a Monarch emblem on the right. We called it a Granarch. And ordered a new emblem.

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      Reminds me of a Honda Fit I see every now and again at Trader Joe’s. It has a “Fit” badge on the left where it should be, and a JDM “Jazz” badge on the right. I think it’s kinda cute because the “i” is dotted with a blue dot, and the “j” is dotted with a red dot, so it evens out.

      Zackman would have a “fit” though because the “Jazz” badge is slightly askew!

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    This one probably wasn’t factory, but in the ’90s I remember seeing a second-gen Caravan with a perfectly color-matched Plymouth Voyager rear hatch. Dodge emblems everywhere else, Voyager script on the back. This was when all Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth vehicles had the clear Pentastar emblem, so the actual emblem matched front to rear, just not the nameplate.

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    I never understood the marketing strategy behind naming a car Tora Sex.

    I remember an old Dodge Dart whose owner re-arranged the letters to read “Drat”.

    When the “Ford” oval fell off the back of my ’96 Contour, I deliberately epoxied it back on upside down as my tribute to Ford’s cost-engineering efforts.

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    Way back when, probably mid-90s, I saw a Nissan Sentra SEX-E.

    It was the first time I recall seeing factory badging that was individual letters, and the first (and best) hack of said letters I’ve seen.

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    Roberto Esponja

    Maybe now that there is more automation in the assembly process there is less likelihood of this happening, but back in the early 1990’s I worked at a Buick dealership and more than once saw fresh-of-the-factory cars that said LeSabre Custom on one side and LeSabre Limited on the other. And one Park Avenue that had BIUCK spelled on the trunklid.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Somebody should have removed all the badges and spelled “Country Squire” on the tailgate.

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    There was a photo of Land Rover a while back. The badges had been rearranged to say “Very Disco”

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    In addition to having a good laugh when I spotted this, it also bothered me how poorly this car was put back together. I had mentioned to Sajeev when I sent him this that the sides of the car had very visible bondo marks on the doors. It just boggles my mind that body shops let this kind of poor workmanship out their doors!

    And to be fair to my local Ford dealer, I had seen this car out and about roughly a year ago and noticed the Litimed thing, so it was traded in to them that way…

    But there is NO WAY I would pay $17995 for it looking like that, Litimed or not!

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    Not only was the person who attached those letters illiterate, but he/she was likely astigmatic, judging by how crookedly they were attached.

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    LITIMED? Is that a law firm that specializes in malpractice cases?

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