Toyota Makes Its 200th Million (Including 39 Million Corollas)

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
toyota makes its 200th million including 39 million corollas

Oddly, it all started with a truck

Car counters, pay attention: Sometime in June (nobody really knows when and where), Toyota made its 200 millionth car.

Starting with the production of the Model G1 truck in August 1935, it took them 76 years and 11 months to reach that milestone. At the end of June, cumulative production in Japan reached 145.21 million vehicles, overseas production reached 55.12 million vehicles – and it’s already 330,000 ahead of the 200 million. This according to a statement by Toyota.

39.08 million made

Toyota’s and arguably the world’s most made car is the Corolla with 39.08 million units officially produced as of the end of June 2012.

Toyota had been the world’s largest automaker, lost the title to GM in 2011, and could regain it this year.

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  • Krhodes1 Krhodes1 on Jul 24, 2012

    I find it a bit disengenous to call the Corolla the best selling "car" ever. Best selling "nameplate" sure, but there is nothing in common between the first Corolla and the last. The Beetle at least stayed true to the original concept from beginning to end, even if all the parts changed George Washingtons axe style.

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    • Dolorean Dolorean on Jul 24, 2012

      @skor Interesting comment. I was going to say the Opel Kadett was sold all over the world for thirty years or so. But according to the Guiness Book of World Records, the title goes to the Toyota Corolla; Do platforms count? Ford's Panther platform has been around since 1979 and was THE fleet vehicle in North America for nearly that entire time as well as selling hundreds of thousands of LTDs, Grand Marquis and Town Cars. Caveat: According to Guiness the next is the Beetle. More than "21 million 'old-style' VW Beetles had been produced by the time production ceased in 2003. Although the car had been improved and changed countless times in its lifetime, the Beetles rolling off the production line in the early 21st century had a great deal in common with the first Beetles, not least of all their unmistakable rounded bodywork".

  • Mbc Mbc on Jul 24, 2012

    Congratulations to Toyota on a job well done! I'm still enjoying my second corolla, which is in its tenth year of ownership now :)

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