Question Of The Day: What Car Do You Want For Your… Last Ride?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
question of the day what car do you want for your last ride

Somewhere between Brigadoon and Bora Bora

Life has been good. Well, let’s just call it a nicer shade of OK with a few interesting surprises along the way.

You get out of your morning cobwebs, and walk up to your driveway knowing that the car in front of you will be your last ride ever.

After this one solitary ride, you will have to pursue other non-automotive things with your life. Reanimating the dead. Playing volleyball with Tahitian bikni models. Bringing back the ukulele and bassoon into prominence. Important things.

What car will you be driving?

Keep in mind that you won’t be damned into the Hades driven domain of public transportation. You can enjoy a motorcycle, boat, hovercraft, pretty much anything other than a car. But once your ride is over in, oh, about twenty miles or so, the clock that is your daily life will continue ticking without the daily adventures that come with four wheels.

What car will represent your personal bridge between your old life and your new life?

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  • Colinpolyps Colinpolyps on Jul 13, 2012

    Well having attained the ripe old age of 70, and my God it did not take all that long, I feel I am ready to aspire or respire to a Lexus ES 350. To me it symbolizes a classy old dude or a dirty old man an I like to feel I have attained both categories.

  • MrWhopee MrWhopee on Jul 13, 2012

    When that happens you either very old, or very sick, no way you would want to ride in something hard-riding, loud, and with hard sport seats like the car pictured. You probably would want to ride in something comfortable like a Cadillac DTS or Lincoln Town Car, or luxury minivans not available in the States with captain seats like first class seats in an airliner, with thigh support that fold out from under like the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire or Nissan Elgrand.

  • Smallenginesmakemesad Smallenginesmakemesad on Jul 14, 2012

    My last ride will be in a Cadillac hearse. It's only fitting. The '59 I wanted was sold to someone over the other side of the country, but there's a '60 not too far away, Hopefully I have a few more years before it's a problem.

  • Caltemus Caltemus on Jul 15, 2012