By on July 12, 2012

An anonymous reader sent us these Erlkoenig photos. Apparently, they show a car in full leather get-up.

Since we have no idea what it is, we ask you for help.

  •  What car?
  • Where taken?

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32 Comments on “Erlkoenig Caught In Full Fetish Regalia...”

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    It’s the 2014 S-Class, testing somewhere in the US.

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    New E-Class. Those look like Colorado plates to me…

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      Definitely the E-class. The S-class has already been spy-shot with its real taillights, rather than the prototype ones (plus the b pillars are too fat), and while it looks a LOT like the next generation C-class:

      it can’t be the C-class because why would they just NOW start hiding the c-pillar window kink? Plus, it looks too big.

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    Those rims look like Chevy wheels. I’m guessing the SS Performance or whatever they’re going to call the civilian version of the Caprice PPV.

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    The phone antenna looks Merc to me(also your anonymous photog has the merc tristar). I see mountains in the distance, so maybe Colorado or CA. The leather and snaps say Special Karl Lagerfeld Edition.

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    Damn, forgot to put in my username :P

    Pictures were taken in Denver. I can confirm that the car had the “New” Mercedes front end treatment (think SLS stretched for a sedan) and the front brakes looked smaller than I would have expected for the new S-Klasse. Also, disappointingly small tailpipes, but at least there are 2!

    And my Tri-star is on the front of my 190e Cossie. And you guys do a hell of a job cleaning up my terrible camera phone pics!

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      Fine car, that…. 190E Cossie.
      I wasn’t nearly old enough to drive when that came out, but it’s still (IMO) one of the nicest designs from MB.

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    This may be nitck picky, but don’t feel right about TTAC tags on pictures that another user submitted.

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    A new Mercedes of some sort for sure. Look at the rear drilled rotors and tail lights

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    I think it’s a Chevy Spark wearing a Wonder(car) Bra.

    Don’t you just hate those things? You get a big car but when you get it home you realize it’s actually much smaller than you thought.

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      “Don’t you just hate those things? You get a big car but when you get it home you realize it’s actually much smaller than you thought?”

      Even worse – this looks like car spanx. You think you’re bringing home a new Miata and it turns out to be an Old Panther with about 300k miles.

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    Domestic Hearse

    It is an endurance and quality test of Baruth’s new pants. Clever disguise, making you try to look beyond the pants themselves trying to discern the car underneath. This photo sequence needs to be shared with the top haut couture designers of Europe.

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    I believe it has a S class gps antennae.

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    Its the Gimp.

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    i like how mercedes has stubbornly refused to remove the tri-star hood ornament on sedans. (are you listening Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler?). Also, I noticed that new big Hyundai the other day, dig the huge eagle thing on the hood.

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    Lynn E.

    The car is totally unimportant. The leather pants make the car so hot inside the passengers loose weight.

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    Based on the wheels, the brake rotors, and the general shape of the body/beltline/greenhouse, I think it’s the next E- or S-Class. The A-pillars are too thin to be coming from GM.

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    The curvature of the doors does not resemble the Commodore-Impala-Caprice. But those C-pillars look familiar… I know, it`s the new Oldsmobile Aurora !

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    From the rear 3/4 I wanna say S-class, but the side profile with its fat B-pillar, big tumblehome and tight headspace screams Old Detroit. Impala.

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    I’m going to burst everybody’s bubble and say that it it is the Nissan Altima hybrid that wasn’t introduced with the current design.

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    I know that Infiniti has had no plans as of late for a new Q class v8
    rear wheel drive flagship, but certain shapes and design elements just seem what a new Q should like. Not saying that this a new Q, 99.9999% sure of that this car is way too long into development to be kept under wraps this long. A new Q was just the first thing to come to mind when I saw it.

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    My best guess is the new S class. This is definitely a large sedan and most assuredly rear wheel drive.

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    I’m more interested in knowing what kind of Benz the image was taken *from*

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    Going with an alternative guess to the Mercs: Next Gen Nissan Maxima.

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