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Here’s to all my American friends and readers; your glorious country is 236 years old, still the land of opportunity, where immigrants from all over the world flock to make their dreams come true. But you must wait an absurdly long time to import clapped-out world-market hot hatches, like this Peugeot 106 GTI. Soviet Canuckistan isn’t so bad now, is it?

The 106 GTI doesn’t have the name recognition of say, a 205 GTI, but it’s regarded as one of the best handling cars of all-time by many European mags. 120 horsepower isn’t too impressive, until you consider that it weighs 2090 lbs, less than a first-generation 1.6L Miata. The one seen above is a Japanese import, which means it was likely well cared for due to the rigorous vehicle inspection process. Only 7500 miles are on the clock, but I’m not brave enough to risk a French hot hatch orphan, as awesome as it is.

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18 Comments on “Celebrate the 4th Of July With A Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey Hot Hatch...”

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    Flimsy, thrashy, noisy, fragile, casual build quality.
    Good luck servicing it in NA/CA, ordering the right part (the nomenclature and EPC arrangement are psychotic at best) or not retiring before the part finally arrives arrives.
    Only good for narrow and twisty roads like the ones in the UK (where all the glowing reviews originate from, I guess) – or Japan, come to that.
    Great all-around visibility though. But that’s about it.

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      Having owned it’s Citroen stablemate (the Saxo), I can vouch for how flimsy these things are. But yes, excellent for narrow, unrestricted (i.e. 60mph limit) twisty back road storming in ye-olde-world countries where such roads exist. Such cars make little sense on North America’s straight, well surfaced roads with low speed limits. The only place I can think where these cars would really shine is perhaps with a set of set of gravel tires on, down old gravel covered logging trails.

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        “well surfaced roads”???

        Is this sarcasm? If not, where do you live?

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        “If not, where do you live?”
        Canada – BC… well, most of them are alright. When I say ‘well surfaced’ I mean the back roads in comparison to some back roads in the UK. I remember once doing a road rally in the middle of the night in my old Fiesta and I hit a pothole that was so deep that the the car bottomed out and the sump hit the road. It was just one of many minor trouser soiling moments.

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      I would agree with some of those sentiments but the Peugeots of that generation were sublime cars. I had a 405 and it was one of my favorite cars ever.

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        405 is an earlier effort from times of better/simpler/more robust engineering and construction. Yet the 405’s rear suspension with needle bearings (if my memory is not AWOL) instead of bushings are a PITA, even if interesting piece of engineering thinking.

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        +1 I owned an ’89 405 Mi16 and it was may favorite car ever. I did, however, have to replace the rear wheel bearings after about 50,000 miles. Always chuckled when I took it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and the grease monkeys were perplexed by an oil drain plug that required an allen wrench.

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      Dunno where you live (flyover state/province?), but here in New England these cars would be right at home. Basically the same thing as a MKI GTI, but with a bunch more go. Delightful, and practical too. In the Internet age, parts are just not a big deal, easily gotten from the UK. I buy Alfa parts from the UK, even with shipping they are usually cheaper and almost always better quality than what I can get from the US suppliers. Of course you would have to be deranged to have something like this as your only car, but as a limited use toy, why not?

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      I used to had a copy of this engine in a 306 N5 (TU5JP4S), they are pretty darn reliable, u shouldn’t be having lil or no problem with this car.

      Just pay attention to the coolant level, never top it up when the engine is hot. and make sure to use only original spare parts, especially on the cooling system. The coolant cap are actually a complex one way valve system that keeps the radiator working, keep an eye on it, don’t loose it, don’t replace it with other than original.

      Once u get air into the radiator system u have to bleed the air out or risk overheating. just like the BMW.

      Watch for oil seeping on the head gasket, nothing to worry about as long as it doesn’t drip. Simple solution check n top up regularly.

      Keep notice on the spark plugs, only iridium for best quality.

      Use fuel with octane number of 94, lower than that it tends to rattle.

      Keep an eye on this and u’ll be good… this car drives like nothing else.

      If miata is the best RWD ever, this car would be its equal in FWD terms

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    How is that car a Japanese import?

    Steering appears to be on the left side.

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    The odo reading is 121 000 km (and change), which does not translate to 7500 miles.

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      The linked ad says 12,000k. Which translates to 7500 miles.

      You have to blow up the attached photo to see that it’s a typo in the ad, and see the correct mileage.

      You went to the trouble of doing that, AND posting here, but couldn’t manage to explain it?

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    I once had a 106 1.4 5-door as rental and it was a terrific car! Ride and handling were extremely good, among the best I have ever tried. Roomy, practical, economical. And a lot of fun! The steering was full of feedback and very, very accurate.

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    Having looked at the ad…
    15-year old, 121Kkm, go-faster-ish mods, MT, probably Grade 3-3.5 max at the auction. Will be surprised the guy paid more than 700-900 CAD. If any accident history at the time of bidding, then 300-500 or less.
    4 Grand max to bring it and legalize in ON.
    Account for (non-)availability of ANY parts (all on order from EU) and problems finding a mechanic familiar with Pugs – and the best the seller could hope for will be around 3K Max, IMO.

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    What’s with the color scheme, hood and fenders being matte black?

    Looks like it’s 2 different cars spliced together.

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