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Rounding out our day of Top Ten lists, news reaches us that Total Car Score came up with a list of the Top Ten Convertible Cars for 2012.

Total Car Score Top Ten Convertible Cars for 2012























3 Series








1 Series








IS 250/350






Using an undisclosed methodology (the press release says it arrives at “one comprehensive number assigned to a vehicle that represents an overall industry assessment from major automotive authorities.” However, nobody asked us) the site lists the Mercedes-Benz E-Class as the top topless car, the Audio A5 brings up the rear. Ranked third, the Ford Mustang is the only American car on that list of cars that bare all.

We never heard of Total Car Score before, and we guess the list attempts to change that. It would help if the list of first-rate ragtops could easily be found on the site. Even a highly scientific Google search comes up empty. Total Car Score was founded by Karl Brauer, formerly Edmunds online Editor in Chief.


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27 Comments on “Ragtops To Riches: Obscure Website Names America’s Top Topless Cars...”

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    Bill Walker

    No Miata, Z4, Boxter or TT?

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    I always wondered why Karl Brauer left Edmunds to start this site.

    As for the Mustang being the only American car on the list – there really aren`t that many American convertibles. The 200 is the only other one I can think off (I assume the Wrangler doesn`t count!).

    I have been a little surprised with today’s posts of top ten lists that most times Bertel has to spell out when there is “only x American cars on the list”. Is there any need for that? Why not point out that none are from Korea (same goes for the top 5 cars teenagers wanted). It is just not needed.

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      Camaro and Corvette aren’t on the list either, and the Corvette should count as a convertible if the Audi R8 does.

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        CJ – good point, I had forgotten those two and they should count. So that takes us up to 4. The Europeans make many more convertibles than either the US or Japan.

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        Nissan 370Z and Murano, Mitsubishi still lists the Exclipse Spider as a 2012 on their website. BMW has the 6 series and Z4 that didn’t make the list. Volvo apparently still makes a convertible. Smart makes one too, as does Jaguar. Mercedes SL, SLK, and SLS failed to place. One might think practicality played a role on the scores, but that doesn’t explain the R8.

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      America and Americans are still taking cheap shots, even though WWII would have ended quite differently without the good ole’ US of A.

      I think it all comes down to American Exceptionalism. We have stepped away form our principles over the last 40 years and probably deserve some of the criticism.

      But, then again, some people do not like the outcome of WWII. (you never really know someone’s real point of view)

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        American Exceptionalism? I thought you were a progressive.

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        There aren’t any French cars on their either, and Gaulist Grandeur is a pretty close parallel to American Exceptionalism.

        And, honestly, I think that is the source of the tension between the US and France. The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution, and the French insistence on independence and self-reliance very closely mirrors our own nationalism.

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      Getting digs in at American manufacturers is a common theme in Schmitt’s posts, you see it frequently. Thank goodness Jack Baruth and Murilee Martin are still writing for this site.

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    Oren Weizman

    Cooper S convertible is a trippy car

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    Thank God that chick in the picture doesn’t have that red scarf around her neck. Otherwise, we’d have Isadora Duncan all over again…

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    I can tell this is scientific, because the score goes out to 2 decimal places. At last, we have definitive proof that the Mustang convertible is 1.05 somethings better than the Audi R8.

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    I thought Toyota was a full-line manufacturer?

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    Wow, the Volvo C70 continues to be underrated and overlooked. Not the sportiest of the bunch, but it IS fun to drive and does have some “sport” dynamics when pushed, looks great (athletic and sleek without “bling”), has excellent interior quality (with seats as comfy as any other Volvo), and is good enough with the top up to serve as a daily-driver and slog through most weather conditions.

    That being said, I can’t really aruge with any of the cars which did make the list. Any of them would be a pleasure to drive, but I’d probably balk a little at the Eos and Mini due to concerns about the higher risk of getting a “shop queen”. The Eos top mechanism in particular is a little Rube Golbergish; very impressive to watch it in action and marvel at the “engineering” when everything’s working, but likely a bitch to service and probably an ongoing source of frustration as the car ages (VW not exactly renowned for building long-term durability and reliability into complex assemblies).

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      This! After reading Mr. Lang’s review of the C70 here last week, my wife finally found a car to replace her 6 year old EOS. The Polestar version was a perfect replacement for her 3.2 V6 which was only offered in the ’07 EOS. Beautiful car, and she LOVES the ride.
      For the record, the EOS top was never a problem. But the windows, airbag warnings, and other irritants were a concern on an out of warranty VW.

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    Another market dominated by Ze Germans!!! Still gotta admit all those German Convertibles on the list are great cars to drive.

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      True, until the German car has all of its electronics fail, then, a runaway Toyota smashes into it because an American car broke down in front of it, followed by a smug Honda owner passing by, not knowing how terrible his car is compared to the same manufacturer’s car from ten years ago.

      So it goes.

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      Have to wonder about the (undisclosed) criteria. The R8 looks attractive, but why no Porsche Turbo S cabriolet? If price were a factor, then go for the Boxster or Miata.

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      I have to wonder about the (undisclosed) criteria. The R8 looks attractive, but why no Porsche Turbo S cabriolet? If price were a factor, then go for the Boxster or Miata.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Gotta love ‘lists’. The 1 series and Lexus IS is on here but no C70. That’s a joke. Maybe the title of the list was cut off and should read “driven by d-bags”, (excluding the Mustang).

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    Maybe the list is a pipe dream of convertibles people would buy if they could. If the list consisted of convertibles that the masses could afford or in other words offered the most bang for the buck, I suspect you would see the Miata, Camaro, Mustang in the top ten and the likes of the R8 & MB off the list.

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    Wifey and me are going to check out an EOS and a C70 this weekend. New, of course. Most likely stay with our current rides, though. Still, checking out “fantasy land” is still fun…

    Those two are the only convertibles on our “only 2” list.

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    el scotto

    @Zackman, sneak a peak at at C30 too.
    Near as I can tell, this is an industry assessment of what convertibles are the most desirable. I’d like to see a list of the top selling convertibles. I think that list would be a great deal different than this one. Arcane data and subject statistical methods are not a good basis for a survey.

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    PRnewswire obscure? Maybe in your circles, but not in mine ;-)

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    Sorry you’ve never heard of us before – but thanks for publishing our list of Top 10 Convertibles. Total Car Score is offering the car buying public a comprehensive overall score for each vehicle so they can compare cars in an easy, streamlined way. We compile the ratings of authoritative automotive sites and combine them into one all inclusive Total Car Score using simple math. So far the response from both consumers and the automotive industry is encouraging, as we know many consumers just want an overall assessment of a vehicle versus reading thousands of words on dozens of websites. We have been featured in Forbes (they called us “the Rotten Tomatoes of car sites”), Automotive News, the LA Times and on broadcast networks like Bloomberg, MSNBC and Fox Business. Thanks again for your coverage of Total Car Score’s latest vehicle ranking.

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