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GM-partner PSA has repeatedly stated that shipments of parts to Iran’s carmaker IKCO (a.k.a. Iran Khodro) had stopped in February, and would not resume until September, if at all. The parts are for the 206 and 405 models, and PSA said it stopped shipping them in response to sanctions on Iran. IKCO says it’s not true at all, ships are unloading parts and the lines are running.

A report of just-auto says there are “deeply conflicting views as to whether or not PSA Peugeot Citroen has halted shipments.”

In a call to Teheran, just-auto was told that “there is not any problem in shipments of Peugeot product parts – shipments of Peugeot are continuing here.”

In a call to PSA HQ in Paris, just-auto was given a totally different story: “We have nothing to add to what we have already said – that is shipments are suspended – there is nothing more to say,” a PSA spokesman said.

Meanwhile in the U.S., lobby group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), reports that “IKCO has not yet received any official announcement from Peugeot indicating a halt in their mutual cooperation.” A week ago,Mark D. Wallace, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and CEO of UANI said in an op-ed piece that statements to the effect that Peugeot had stopped shipments of parts to Iran “simply do not jibe with reality,” and that “it is hard not to feel like GM and Peugeot are simply trying to make this controversy go away without making the responsible decision to truly end their business in Iran.”

Wallace and UANI called on Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, to hold GM accountable for whom it partners with. Wallace wrote:

“In light of the taxpayer-funded $50 billion bailout of GM and the U.S. Treasury Department’s current 32 percent stake in GM, it is completely unacceptable for GM to be financially aligned with a company that is doing work with a regime responsible for the deaths of U.S. servicemen. The GM-Peugeot partnership seems to run afoul of U.S. sanctions, and it should be investigated.”

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14 Comments on “Media Reports: Peugeot Violates Iran Sanctions. UANI: Investigate GM!...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Just another chapter in the long history of various companies from various democratic countries doing business with unsavory characters.

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    I see you believe democratic Israel’s party line too.

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    How sure can we really be that IKCO is telling the truth about its shipments and factory and not just giving a line of propoganda? It is not uncommon for sources in semi-closed nations to give rosy pictures of what is happening there… think North Korea and Syria…

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    I checked out -Coles- twitter page. (Just click his name.) It speaks for itself.

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    el scotto

    Either Iran is getting parts from PSA or they’re not. If GM via PSA is supplying Iran with parts, then GM is aiding and abetting the enemy. This ain’t rocket science folks. I think it’s high time to start a “Volts to North Korea” rumor.

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      Right. Either they are or they aren’t. But will you just blithley take the word of either of these parties? I’ll wait to see the results of an investigation (though I am not certain whose investigation I would necessarily believe).

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    Ineedadinnerjacket will never pull off looking awesome in photos of him “inspecting” things like Kim did.

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    Why bother with all this? Seriously? Why are we in the west trying to “punish” the Iranian people by making their car factories shut down – probably one of the most benign industries you can imagine… While the US gives billions in aid to Pakistan, which continues to build more nuclear bombs, and whose intelligence agency and possibly military have strong links to the Taliban?

    The current government of Iran is certainly not a very pleasant government, but they still have much more freedom than Saudi Arabia, and despite the funding of various groups (something nearly every government does, if we were to be honest, and which pales in comparison to the Saudi, Pakistani and American (Charlie Wilson’s War) support that lead to Al Qaeda), the Iranian government has not gone to war with anyone recently. The Iranian people should not be made to suffer because of a government they can hardly get rid of.

    PSA shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone. This whole stupid game makes me sick. Making cars is not making bombs.

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    But buying them Foreign cars is Unamerican and Unpatriotic. I have been blasted by what was likely an Iranian made IED. This if true would eliminate any of my remaining Toyota guilt.

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      Toyota would never do something as bad as what a PSA, a company GM formed a loose alliance with, and do business with Iran, a country that is less extreme in its Islam and treats women better than US allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Oh, wait, check out these Iranian security forces in their shiny new Toyotas:

      And more on Toyota’s involvement:

      IF the IED came from Iran, not US aid recipient and Osama bin Laden protector Pakistan, or close US ally and global state terror and Islamic extremism sponsor Saudi Arabia, and IF any auto parts were involved, that the IED functioned makes me think they were more likely Toyota parts than Peugeot parts.

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    Good to see I was right on that one! I said a few months ago that PSA was not stupid enough to actually stop the production lines of Peugeot in Iran (market leader, remember). Some fog for GM and anti-Iranian lobbies, a new obscure company probably in Turkey to receive parts from France, and tadam! Here are your PSA parts in Iran! Everybody’s happy! Nothing to see here… well that was until the diplomatic move of IKCO actually shouting “hey we have PSA parts” that was maybe not the wisest statement of the year. Apart from that…

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    Adamatari is right. The sanctions are ridiculous. Yes, Iran is ruled by idiots. But they are quite rational, and are NOT going to do anything that will make them lose their perch.

    Even Iran-hating Forbes magazine ran a piece years ago, written by an American visiting Iran, who commented on….Jewish communities! They may not exactly be thriving, but they are..surviving, unlike the fate that awaits them in Saudi and all these other “Arab Spring” theocracies in waiting.

    Making Iranians suffer just makes them more likely to hate us, and easier for the regime to keep power.

    Good for Peugeot!

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