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The new CX-5 SUV is selling so well that Mazda has to expand capacity by 50 percent.

Mazda has received more than 60,000 orders for the CX-5 in four months, says The Nikkei [sub], and Mazda’s lines can’t keep up with the demand. If one orders a Diesel CX-5 in Japan, the wait is  longer than three months. Gasoline models have a one month wait. To keep up, Mazda plans to increase production capacity for the CX-5 to 240,000 units by 2013. Production remains at Mazda’s factory in Hiroshima.

In May, Mazda built 14,840 CX-5 in Japan, along with 28,129 Mazda 3 (Axela) and 10,105 Mazda2 (Demio).  Overseas, the company built 12,141 Mazda6, 6,915 Mazda3, and 6,811 BT-50. With roughly 70 percent of its production in Japan, Mazda is seriously hurt by the strong yen.

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30 Comments on “Mazda Can’t Make Its CX-5 Fast Enough...”

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    Good for them. Hopefully this helps keep them liquid, and exchange rate issues dont hurt them too much. I was one at the post office and it’s quite good-looking in person.

    Had this car existed when we got our 3 hatch, we’d probably have it instead, and based on the opinions of the writers here, it would be the only CUV in existence that wouldn’t make that fact a bad thing.

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    Good for Mazda. I just hope they aren’t in a situation where they are losing more money the more they sell because of the strong yen.

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    Congrats to mazda.

    Looking at their lineup, I am a bit confused:

    Why would you choose a Mazda2 ($14,530) over a mazda3 4-door ($15,200)?

    Why would you choose a cx-7 ($22,190 , upto 26mpg highway) over a cx-5 ($20,695, 35mpg highway) ?

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      Agreed –

      The only advantage the 2 has over a base 3 is about 4 MPG City and 2 MPG highway.

      Makes me wonder why they put the 1.6 in the 2. You could probably get pretty similar mileage out of the 2.0 with the reduced weight of the MZ2.

      I assume that when the next 2 gets SkyActive treatment there will be a big jump in mileage.

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      Mazda agrees with you, at least about the last question. They’re discontinuing the CX-7.

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      Volt 230

      That is why I barely see any Mazda 2 nor Fiestas, yet I see tons of 3’s and Focus

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        We brutally murdered Bambi last weekend with my 2012 Focus, and while awaiting the $12,000 (!!!!!!!!!!) in damages to be repaired over the next 3+ weeks (!!!!!!!!!), they gave us a Fiesta last night as a loaner.

        Great car, tons of nice features, and it was loaded (although it was unfortunately the sedan version) but holy CRAP is it tiny inside.

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      “Why would you choose a Mazda2 ($14,530) over a mazda3 4-door ($15,200)?”

      Because that Mazda3 lacks air conditioning, keyless entry and power locks?

      In all seriousness, I was faced with this exact choice earlier this year and picked the 2. Better body style, almost as fast, and I am killing the EPA estimates (averaging 38.8 mpg with a best tank of 46.9).

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        My last car was a Mazda2 Touring. I’ve owned a 3 as well. They’re very different to drive. I’m not sure which I prefer, but they’re both really neat cars. I was getting about 34-38 in my Mazda2. The loaded 2004 Mazda3 with the 2.5 or whatever the bigger motor was, I got about 29 mpg. It was fun to TOSS that Mazda2 around. Tiny car of DOOOOOOOM.

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    I’m happy for Mazda. I’ve always liked them, and have owned two over the years (a 1992 Protege, and an MX-3…don’t remember the year).

    I test drove the new CX-5 and loved everything except the acceleration. I don’t need a speed demon, but I was left wanting for more. Enough so, that I will no longer consider it for my next car purchase (which will hopefully be in about four months).

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    I hope Mazda quickly sells every one of the CX-5’s they manufacture. May surplus cash rain down from the heavens to supplement Mazda’s coffers so they can continue to build interesting and involving daily transportation.

    Hopefully both Ford and Mazda work on their engine lineup (~1.5L Skyactiv for the Mazda2, 1.6L turbo in the Focus), and beat the Toyota/Honda automotive appliances to a pulp :P

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      I echo those sentiments.

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      Well put.

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      The 1.6 liter EcoBoost is a sweet engine, I’ve been extremely surprised by how much I like it in the new Escape.

      With all of the turbo plumbing it might weigh a bit more than Mazda’s 2.0 I4, but I’d imagine they’d be pretty close, and the nice flat torque curve would do wonders for making the CX-5 feel peppier and more responsive. Ford has been willing to sell engines to ex-partners in the past, like Jaguar and Land Rover, I don’t see why Mazda couldn’t make a deal to buy EB 1.6s.

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    Glad to see Mazda succeeding by doing things their own unique way.

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    I’ve driven the CX-5 and it is an extremely nice car. Owners are reporting really good fuel economy, too. The base vehicle is probably the least expensive in this class, yet is very, very nice.

    Mazda hit this one out of the park.

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    In the past I’ve read that diesel cars are banned from Tokyo. Is that still the case, or have they overturned that law?

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    Imagine that. Build a really good car at a really good price, and look what happens! Good on Mazda for the early success of the CX-5!

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    Now if they could just get rid of the “smiley face” on their other cars, the whole Mazda line might start selling better.

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    When are they going to make the diesel version for the USA?

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      It releases here on February 30.

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        May I ask how you’ve confirmed this date? I’ve been scouring the web and even emailed Mazda USA asking that very question. Their answer was “no announcements have been made at this time”. I received that email earlier this week.

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        Uh, did you look at that date? I doubt that you will be at the door of your Mazda dealer on FEBRUARY 30th.

        Too bad. I would be very interested in a diesel CX-5. My 2004 6 is putting on the miles and I could use something new.

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    Mazda took a big risk focusing on improving the ICE instead of turning to electric or hybrids, and I’m glad to see that it may be paying off.

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    A MazdaSpeed version of this is in order. If dealers don’t want to stock it, at least make it a special order option. That would be great!

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    Good for Mazda – they needed a hit other than the 3.

    The only real negative to the CX-5 (tho I don’t quite like the grill) is that it is lacking a bit in power, Mazda having concentrated on fuel economy – so maybe Mazda will be offering a sportier version later on.

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    Good for Mazda! They knocked this one out of the park. It looks great, they finally got rid of the stupid smiley face, and it’s priced very competitively.

    However, I want an AWD diesel version of the CX-5 sold in the US!! Bring me that, Mazda, and I’ll buy one.

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