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And now for the Italian section of our collection of tasteful tie-up art. Mazda and Fiat not quite tied the knot, but they became engaged. Mazda and Fiat signed “a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and manufacturing of a new roadster for the Mazda and Alfa Romeo marques based on Mazda’s next-generation MX-5 rear-wheel-drive architecture,” Mazda says in a statement.

Using the next-gen MX-5 platform, both knotees will “develop two differentiated, distinctly styled, iconic and brand-specific light weight, roadsters.” Each will “be powered by specific proprietary engines unique to each brand.” However, the plan is that both vehicles will be manufactured at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant where the Alfa should roll off the line some time in 2015. The Final Agreement is expected to be signed in the second-half of 2012.

Of course, jointly producing a low volume roadster won’t be all. According to the statement, “Mazda and Fiat have also agreed to discuss further opportunities for cooperation in Europe.” Mazda told Reuters that “the agreement does not involve any discussions on an equity alliance,” but that doesn’t rule them out.

In the world of tie-ups, Mazda has been tightly watched ever since Ford pulled out. Mazda needs a global partner, and the fit with Fiat and Chrysler would be good.


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23 Comments on “Mazda And Fiat Agree On Tie-up...”

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    I just had a premature ejaculation while phantasizing about an Alfa-badged MX-5.

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    The press release says the Alfa will begin production in 2015. Expect the next Miata sooner than that.

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    Sounds good to me. In Brazil the speculation is on a Fiat – Suzuki tie-up. More specifically, a compact Suzuki SUV/CUV-thingy rebadged as Fiat. If pans out, it’ll be the end of the highly successful Fiat Strada trucklet. It seems that the new Strada would be a developmenton the mini SUV/CUV.

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    Bert, srsly, if you keep posting images cribbed from your bondage fetish sites on the news articles, I’m going to have to stop visiting TTAC during my coffee breaks.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      To borrow from Country Singer Sammy Kershaw; “We fell right in way over our heads but we didn’t go near the water.” ;)

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      Its images like these, with no NSFW warning, that keep me from recommending TTAC to family and friends.

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        Do you send them to Disney instead? Seriously, does this really rank as an over-the-top NSFW picture?

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        -1 It’s images like these that make me recommend TTAC to my friends and family, because I’m not naive to think that they aren’t looking at certain images online already like every one else.

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        >>does this really rank as an over-the-top NSFW picture

        Bertel reminds me of a hypothetical creepy uncle from the old-country that dresses up a Karampus on Christmas.

        I’m torn – I’m very religious, but at the same time, the the world is profane. Sort of like how I don’t get mad when my children swear when the hit their fingers with a hammer, I don’t allow them to be mean to people regardless what words they use.

        Bertel’s previous dlido photo was unnecessary, but this photo is sort of fits. Though I do wonder if the photo tells a nice story – I would imagine that most trussed up women in the woods didn’t get there willingly.

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    Just another example of a historical marque being leveraged as a “brand” and sold to people who don’t know any better. What is it about this new car that makes it an Alfa Romeo? Why not just buy the authentic original Miata for (likely) thousands less? I see what Marchionne is doing, however, and it probably makes good business sense.

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    The inevitable is happening… at a glacial pace. Mazda really needs the Chrysler distribution network, Chrysler sorely needs contemporary engines to be relevant for the future.

    Splitting the Miata platform is interesting… the Miata can keep the Japaneseness and be contemporary, an Alfa Spyder can exist and recall the past. As brilliant as any Miata is, none of them have the charm appeal of the Spyder.

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      Contemporary engines? I would agree with you if this was 2008-2010, however, the current 4 cylinders with multi-air adapted from fiat and turbocharged are world class, the current v-6 pentastar family is state of the art and we’ve only seen the first one (smaller displacement and turbo is coming), the hemi is on it’s third major update and for it’s power, reliability and fuel economy, also state of the art. Their oldest engine, the LA V-10 also just had a major update to the block that significantly improves temperature gradients, not to mention it’s the only engine to use cam-in-cam VVT. They are also rolling out with 8 speed RWD/AWD transmissions that are state of the art and a 9 speed FWD is coming soon. Chrysler needs no help in the powertrain department.

      Things Chrysler still needs to do but unfortunately most likely will not: Ditch cast iron blocks for the hemi family and go all aluminum block/heads. Bring cam-in-cam VVT from the LA V-10 to the hemi family.

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        You beat me to it.

        Besides the only “contemporary ” engine mazda has is the Sky-G and Sky-D lines. Their V6 is a ford unit and they stop making the wankel, which itself was old. It can’t pass soon to be emissions standards

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        > Contemporary engines?

        I stand corrected. Old perceptions stick around when you don’t think when you type. The sooner Multiair makes it across more engines, the better.

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    I hope the alliance works – Mazda makes some interesting products and I would like to see them survive. In some ways, Mazda is like Chrysler in that they have some solid Engineering capabilities, but always seem a day late and a dollar short compared to their larger competitors.

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    Hmmm, sounds like the strategy used by Toyota and Suburu to produce a nice little sports car.

    TTAC readers know better — that the Miata is bought mostly by men and not a chick car — but many guys don’t. Perhaps the Alfa version might appeal to those guys.

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    And it’ll be called the MX-500!

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    As it was mentioned on another site, co-development of the Alfa version will mean that it will not compete head-to-head with the Miata. This is puzzling as they will share underpinnings but have their own engines. I would strongly suspect that the Alfa will be priced much higher than the Miata which would eliminate competition between the two.

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    M.S. Smith

    So this article, with this image, is hanging out just above yet another TTAC piece bemoaning the state of automotive journalism.

    Hilarious. Keep on trolling, guys!

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    Cool article. To bad you covered up the boobie, don’t see what all the fuss is about. I guess too many people think the world is going to hell if their off-spring saw a tit somewhere. As for Mazda & Fiat, I’d sure give it a long look. I’m just 6 numbers short of winning the Powerball, but there’s always a chance, HA!

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    You call that cheesecake??

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