By on April 3, 2012

That was close.

A truck got stuck on a snow-covered mountain road in Norway. A tow truck is called. A couple that follows truck and tow truck rolls video.

Suddenly, the truck swerves, breaks the barrier, plunges down the mountain and pulls the tow truck with it into the Norwegian abyss.

A tow truck driver with a remarkable presence of mind cheats death by jumping from the cab.

According to media reports, the towed truck driver survived with minor injuries.

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14 Comments on “Towed Truck Kills Tow Truck. Driver Cheats Death...”

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    Unreal… just a second or two to size up the situation, open the door, and jump out. Good thing the driver wasn’t an older guy, or he might not have been quick enough.

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    How much truck can a tow truck tow, if a tow truck could tow trucks?

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    What, no explosion?

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    The situation required that only one person carefully tow the semi away from the guard rails. An experienced tow truck driver would have been ready for this terrible accident, and this guy was.

    In mountain driving in situations like this, everyone not needed has to be as far away from the accident site as reasonably possible.

    Let’s also note that there was no one standing and watching the semi towed away from the barrier. I know of a few folks that would have been interested in seeing the semi towed and standing between it and the hillside it crashed down.

    It should be noted that the people involved in this wreck understood the dangers presented.

    The tow truck driver knew beforehand that this could have been a real disaster, he knew what could have happened so that he was prepared to jump to safety had the semi gone over. It did. He was ready to jump.

    I had a similar situation. Instead of a semi, it was a JEEP. The folks in the tow vehicle, which was a Blazer failed to take into consideration the seriousness of the situation and climbed into the Blazer when the JEEP was about to be towed away from the cliff face. So, when the JEEP went over the cliff, it dragged the Blazer towards the cliff, and the folks in the Blazer realized too late that they would be taken over the cliff as well. Fortunately, the weight difference and the angle saved their lives at the last moment. Everyone looked at the JEEP, now delicately perched hundred of feet above an alpine lake and wondered what to do. I told them to cut the tow rope after chocking the wheels of the JEEP as best as possible. The did, and the JEEP tipped towards the abyss, but stayed. We had to go back into town and hire a catepillar tractor to remove it.

    So, I am pleased that this driver knew what he was doing and recognized the possible fatal hazards.

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    Talk about underwear changing experiences….

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    I used to be a tow truck driver, and this is a total nightmare scenario. Towing a disabled, fully-loaded semi downhill on a snowy mountain road. Glad the guy escaped.

    IMO a much better solution would have been to replace the broken-down tractor with a different one and drive the trailer down. I doubt this accident would have happened if the tow truck had only been towing the bobtail (tractor) only. However, I’m not armchair quarterbacking, I don’t know what the circumstances were… obviously the driver was a pro.

    Norwegians are tough.

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    Global warming hasn’t reached Norway yet, hence the never-ending winters over there.

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    I hate snow.

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    So, if I understand it correctly, the tow truck driver got out all right, but the driver of the stuck semi took a ride down to the bottom? I want to hear HIS story!!

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    They came way too close to the edge of the road and for no apparent reason. I did (almost) the same thing last week on a mountain road only because I was paying more attention to the conversation (in the cab). My front wheel did go off (along with the outside dual) but the suspension caught on a rock and I was able to back out. I got lucky that time but it happens.

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    “This video contains content from R.T.I., who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” Oops . . .

    But seriously, that small of a tow truck had absolutely no business even getting near that size of a truck – you need a HEAVY-DUTY tow truck for that kind of job:

    And even then, if the roads were extremely icy, the largest tow truck ever made could have gone over the edge in the same manner.

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    Video removed? Anyone have a chance to download it?

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