Car Collector's Corner: 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W30 - A Horse Trade Dr. Oldsmobile Would Approve

J Sutherland
by J Sutherland
car collector s corner 1971 oldsmobile 442 w30 a horse trade dr oldsmobile would

Jason Cole acquired this classic Olds muscle car the old fashioned way. He horse-traded for it. In this case, the “horse” was a well-optioned 30-foot travel trailer, but the net result was simple.

Jason became the proud owner of a rare and muscled-out Oldsmobile.

Jason is a self-admitted “diehard 1969 Camaro guy who used to own an 81 Camaro,” but this Olds was a deal that infatuated him from the outset. The former owner was reluctant to sell. In Jason’s words, he said, “I don’t know if I can do a deal”.

One phone call later, the tone of the negotiations changed. The seller was building a house, and the trailer was a far better accommodation than a 71 Olds. The owner told Jason, “let’s do the deal, here’s your new car”. That was the news that Jason had hoped for and he was on his way to pick up a rare 442.

This is a documented, low mileage 47,000 mile 442, and Jason’s first piece of advice in a never-ending supply was “keep the miles down”. It was originally a brown car but the last owner decided to do a ground-up rotisserie restoration and the first decision was to make a color change. The car is still an Olds factory shade (Viking Blue) but the factory brown is history.

Jason’s car was done right because it’s a 3-year factory correct restoration (paint exception) so it has the runs and factory flaws built into the project. Jason pointed out how pristine the Fisher sill plate was and how the holes were left in the front bumper for the optional fog lights. His only regret was that Olds chose to paint the inner fenders red so he’s constantly explaining that fact to less informed car guys.

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